The Benefits of the Reverse Hyper

The reverse hyperextension is one of those exercise that divides people. The current thinking seems to be that it is a ’bad’ exercise that will wreak havoc on your spine. Still, there are many people, experienced trainers and athletes included, who swear by it and include it as a key part of their lower body and back training routine.

In this article we get to the truth of the reverse hyper. We then discover the best home use machines on the market to allow you to do the move in your own home gym.

Should You Do the Reverse Hyper?

The reverse hyper exercise involves lying face down on a flat surface while your grabbing the sides to brace yourself. Your hips should be at the edge of the surface and your legs hanging down free.

The movement involves raising up the legs until they are parallel to the body my using the muscles of your posterior chain. You then reverse the motion under control until the legs are back where they started from.

reverse hyper exercise

This exercise was invented by Louis Simmons of Westside Barbell while he was recovering from a broken vertebrae. The move will directly strengthen your posterior chain and glutes. Weakness in these two areas are the main reason that so many people suffer from lower back pain.

Reverse hypers build hamstring and hip flexor flexibility, anti-flexion core stability and glute strength. In comparison to squats and deadlifts they provide a more specific direction loading pattern of horizontal versus vertical. As a result, people who regularly perform the reverse hyper are less likely to suffer from rounded back, their glutes will be strong and their hamstrings and hip flexors loose and flexible.

The reverse hyper has been seen to be quite therapeutic for some people as it rotates the sacrum and has the effect of pumping fluid into the intervertebral discs.

In summary, performing the reverse hyper, along with back extensions, will enhance your overall back health, strengthen and make more flexible your glutes and hamstrings and make you stronger and more effective on such heavy compound moves as deadlifts and squats.

Reverse Hyper Reviews

#1. Rogue RH2 Reverse Hyper


The Rogue RH2 Reverse Hyper is a commercial gym quality unit that is also perfectly suited for home gym settings. The construction materials used here are second to none, with 2 x 3 inch steel tubing for the legs and swing arm and 2 x 2 inch steel for the base of the unit. On the legs you will also see a welded on step to assist you to get into position for the exercise.

A thick 3-inch pad protects your middle region as you lie on the bench. The padding has a cornered style edge so that your hips do not come into contact with any sharp edges. The handles on this unit are made from one-inch solid round steel and are covered in six-inch rubber grips. They also come with multi hand holds to allow you to get just the right height.

The plate holder on the RH2 can take Olympic weight plates of any size. You get a generous 10.5 inches of plate loading capacity on each side.

Your Rogue RH2 will come ready assembled straight out of the box. You will even get a pair of HG collars and a Spud Inc. Hyper Strap. For an additional cost you can also add a roller attachment.

The RH2 Reverse Hyper is the standard setter in the industry. If you want the best, then you’ve just found it!

#2. Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair

Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair

While not being a dedicated reverse hyper machine, the Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair will allow you to perform the reverse hyper movement, along with back extensions and the Roman Chair exercise.

This is a solid unit that is designed to last. It is constructed from 2 x 2 inch heavy frame tubing which is very sturdy. The comfortable high density deluxe boxed upholstery will allow you to position yourself for the exercise without any discomfort through your mid region. The handles are adjustable and feature a foam grip for extra comfort.

The ankle support for performing back extensions is adjustable so you can get the ideal body positioning to keep the focus on your posterior chain.

#3. Cap Strength Roman Chair

CAP Strength Roman Chair

The Cap Strength Roman Chair is a workable budget option for performing the reverse hyper exercise in your home gym. This machine is designed for the conventional hyperextension back movement, with 5 vertical adjustment positions to allow you to get the right height positioning and angling to target the posterior chain.

The framing is as solid as you would expect for a budget priced model and is able to support a bodyweight of 300 pounds. There is a generous amount of padding on the area where you lie, providing comfort and protection for the middle area. The handles on this unit extend out slightly from the base, which would allow you to use this machine to do dips for the chest and triceps as well as your posterior chain and ab work.

While you will be able to do the reverse hyper exercise on this machine there is no facility to add weight to the movement.

Rogue RH2 Reverse Hyper

Our #1. Recommendation

​Rogue RH2 Reverse Hyper

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