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The Assault Bike Reviewed Review Facts

The air bike is the oldest version of the home exercise cycle. In recent years, however, the air bike has had a makeover, becoming more efficient streamlined and comfortable. The Assault Air Bike claims to take that innovation to a new level.

In this article, we take an in-depth look at what is an assault bike, the assault bike to see whether it is truly the best mid-priced air bike on the market. We’ll also compare the Assault with three of its main competitors in this assault bike review.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Commercial-grade materials make it hardy and very durable

Very versatile, the resistance is changed with the pedaling speed

Easy assembly, minimum tool requirement

Relatively large console with plenty of features

Super adjustable, the seat height and distance from handlebars are easily changed

Low-impact exercises that can still be quite intense


The console is not backlit, making it hard to read in some cases

No heart rate strap for easy heart rate tracking

No toe baskets or straps on pedals to keep you safely locked down


The console on the Assault Air Bike features a set of large buttons along with quick access keys to give you a very user-friendly experience. You will get immediate and ongoing feedback on all of your important training diagnostics, including your time, speed, distance, RPM, watts, heart rate, and calories burned.

The sole method of pedaling resistance on the Assault Air Bike is provided by way of the 27-inch fan wheel at the front of the bike. The faster you pedal the harder the resistance becomes. The assault exercise bike generally does not come with a damper, such as you get on an air rowing machine to allow you to control the resistance level. One downside of this type of resistance is that you are not able to simulate the hill training that you can do on training bikes that use different resistance methods. The direction of the air that is blown from the fan is mostly out and to the sides.

The drive mechanism on this air bike is a chain drive which is similar to what you would be used to on an outdoor bicycle. Just as with an outdoor bike, the chain moves over sprockets, producing a slight noise as it does so. Most non-air resistance home exercise bikes use a quieter belt drive. Occasionally you will be required to do some minor maintenance on the chain drive. This will involve tightening and lubricating the chain.

The pedals on the Assault Air Bike do not come with straps or toe baskets. However, they do give you a pretty solid amount of grip. The pedals, handlebars and fan wheel on this bike are all connected so movement in one means movement in all three. The handlebars on this bike pivot from down low to provide for full extension through the latissimus dorsi on each pull through. This provides you with an upper-body as well as a lower body and cardio challenge. If you want to focus exclusively on working the upper body, there are footrests to place your feet upon.


The assault bike is designed to last for many years of faithful workout service. That’s why it’s manufacturers have put sealed cartridge bearings into every pivot and moving part. That adds up to a total of twenty sealed bearings. That means that these super durable bearings are in the flywheel, pedals and linkage arms along with every other moving part. That gives you the confidence that these parts will not wear out no matter how regularly you make use of them.

The handlebars are made from 12-gauge steel and the frame is built from high tensile steel. The fan wheel blades are made from metal and the whole thing feels very solid. You won’t experience any wobbling on this bike, even when you’re pushing your workout to the limit. You can even push hard while standing upon the pedals without any lack of stability.

If anything, you may notice a little bit of movement in the seat fitting but this can easily be addressed by tightening the nuts in that area.

The assault bike comes with four stabilizers which are positioned under the feet of the bike. This allows you to evenly balance out the bike regardless of how uneven your exercise surface happens to be.

The frame warranty on this assault bike is for five years.

Size & Portability

The footprint of the bike measures 50.9 by 24.5 inches. It is compact enough to be stored in a closet when not in use. However, this assault bike is quite attractive in its design so you may wish to keep it on display when it is not in use. It is a large unit, but it can be folded easily, allowing you to store it away when you need room to do other exercises.

The unit has a total weight of 98.1 pounds. However, transportation is easy due to the built-in wheels. Your assault bike will arrive partly assembled. All tools to complete the job will be included in the package and you should be able to put it all together in about half an hour. You can easily assemble the bike all by yourself, but you can always ask for help if you're struggling, or if you never did anything like that before.


Exercise bikes are usually not that pricey, to begin with. Their price ranges from a mere hundred dollars to over a thousand, and the pricier the bike is the more features it will have, and the better the construction it will be. The Assault air bike is one of the best air bikes out there, and the price tag of the bike is in the higher range.

But the price point of the bike shouldn't drive you away. Every feature it has to offer, plus the quality of its build makes up for the price! It will last longer than conventional air bikes, so you'll save money in the long run. With that being said, you will need to save up a bit before you actually buy it. There are cheaper alternatives out there that offer almost the same quality as the Assault air bike, but their warranty is not that great, nor will they last so long.


Air bikes, in general, have the same benefits that make people come back to them time and time again. This is all thanks to that giant wheel producing air resistance. That kind of resistance gives you a very intense routine, even pushing you into the HIIT area, without affecting your joints at all. The Assault air bike is just perfect for folks that have hip, knee, ankle, or other joint issues that prevent them from doing other kinds of cardio.

This, in turn, prevents injuries. As you pedal, you will be able to adjust the difficulty to your needs just by pedaling faster or slower. No need to turn any knobs or dials! The handles of the bike will move as you pedal, giving both your lower and upper body an intense session. This will build up your endurance, strength, and flexibility while toning up your muscles and increasing their size. The Air Bike is a great tool that's fit for both beginners and advanced users all the same, simply because of the adaptable resistance levels.


The Assault air bike will last for years, even decades. But this is only true if you look after it with great care - if you just neglect it and leave it to collect dust when you're not using, it will not last as much as they advertise it will! With that being said, it's relatively easy to maintain the bike.

There are a few steps you will need to follow when it comes to the daily maintenance of the bike. You will, of course, need to clean it, and you will do so with a damp rag, with just a drop of mild detergent. The bike frame and fan cover will need to be cleaned from sweat and dust every day. Do not allow any sweat to dry up, to prevent it from entering deeper into the frame and seat. Wipe down the seat cover and post just in case. If you use chalk, remove any residue you see, as it will attract moisture. Remove chalk and sweat from the handles as well. Inspect the bike to see if there are any loose bolts, and tighten the pins if need be.

You should see if the bike pedals smoothly, and if the console receives the signal well every week or so. Remember to tighten the crank and the bolts as well, and check how tight the bearings are. And do not forget the handlebars either - check whether the pivot nut is tight enough. And last but not least, remember to lubricate the chain every month or two months! This will make the pedaling smooth and quiet.


Using an exercise bike is rather simple, right? You just have to sit on it and pedal away! But, The Assault air bike is slightly different there, simply because it's a specialized tool for exercising, and there are a few tips and tricks that will make exercising on it easy to understand, yet quite exhausting to actually do, because it was made to make you feel the burn, after all!

One thing to remember is to stop using your hands to propel the bike. Do not push the handles, and do not rely on your hands too much! As you pedal, the handlebars will move by themselves and force your hands to move whether you like it or not, and there's no need to make that even harder. If you need a less strenuous session, you can take your hands off the handles. Focus on your legs, and keep your upper body still and firm. Prevent your knees from flaring out! When they do flare out, this prevents you from using full force when you pedal down. Also, it might seem logical to place your whole foot on the pedal, but you can try placing just the balls of your feet on them. This prevents you from bending your knees too much. And lastly, keep your head in a neutral position. Do not look downwards constantly, because you won't be able to breathe properly. Just keep looking ahead and observe the monitor with your eyes only, not by moving your whole head!

The Final Word

The Assault Air Bike is one of the best bikes out there for a reason. It's easy to use and understand. The frame, seat, and every other part is exceptionally sturdy, the warranty is excellent, and the bike is quite easy to maintain. It also offers you plenty of features, like the simple, user-friendly console that shows you every piece of information vital to your progress. Most importantly, it's a low impact exercise made both for athletes and beginners, and for older people as well. The ride is smooth, the resistance is easy to adjust (you just have to pedal faster) and the handlebars keep your whole body engaged.

The Assault air bike is relatively pricey, but it's worth the investment! The console is not backlit, so it might be a bit difficult to read for some people. And the pedals have no straps, which may be a safety hazard for some people. Also, the bike has almost no directions that tell you what you need to be doing, so a beginner may be feeling a little lost at first. With that being said, it's still one of the best bikes out there and we fully recommend it!