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Assault AirBike by Assault Fitness

The air bike is the oldest version of the home exercise cycle. In recent years, however, the air bike has had a makeover, becoming more efficient streamlined and comfortable. The Assault Air Bike claims to take that innovation to a new level.

In this article we take an in-depth look at the Assault Air Bike to see whether it is truly the best mid- priced air bike on the market. We’ll also compare the Assault with three of its main competitors.

Assault Air Bike Pros

  • Very solid
  • 20 sealed cartridge bearings
  • 8 programmable workouts
  • Custom fit for all heights
  • Works upper and lower body

Assault Air Bike Cons

  • Console not backlit
  • No manual adjustment of resistance
  • No toe baskets or straps on pedals

The Assault Air Bike Features

Built in Durability

The Assault Air Bike is designed to last for many years of faithful workout service. That’s why it's manufacturers have put sealed cartridge bearings into every pivot and moving part. That adds up to a total of twenty sealed bearings. That means that these super durable bearings are in the flywheel, pedals and linkage arms along with every other moving part. That gives you the confidence that these parts will not wear out no matter how regularly you make use of them.

Custom Fit

The effectiveness of your workout is heavily reliant on the ability to achieve custom seating and foot positioning. The seat can be positioned up and down which is standard, but it also adds fore and aft positioning, which is not. This allows you to get your seat position, and therefore, your pedaling angle, just right for you. It also allows you to get the ideal reach and grip on the handle bars.

The bike allows for adjustability in heights from 4’ 10” to 6’ 10”, so it will cater to the vast majority of people. To change from a very short user to a very tall one would take less than 30 seconds.

User Friendly Console

Assault Air Bike Console

The console on the Assault Air Bike features a set of large buttons along with quick access keys to give you a very user-friendly experience. You will get immediate and ongoing feedback on all of your important training diagnostics, including your time, speed, distance, RPM, watts, heart rate and calories burned.

Solid Build

The Assault Air Bike is a sturdy looking unit that appears to be able to handle whatever you can throw at it. It is used by the military which, in itself, attests to its durability. It is also used by elite athletes and in commercial gym settings. You can be assured, then, that it will more than hold its own in a home gym situation.

Assault Air Bike

The handlebars are made from 12-gauge steel and the frame is built from high tensile steel. The fan wheel blades are made from metal and the whole thing feels very solid. You won’ experience any wobbling on this bike, even when you’re pushing your workout to the limit. You can even push hard while standing upon the pedals without any lack of stability.

If anything, you may notice a little bit of movement in the seat fitting but this can easily be addressed by tightening the nuts in that area.

The bike comes with four stabilizers which are positioned under the feet of the bike. This allows you to evenly balance out the bike regardless of how uneven your exercise surface happens to be.

The frame warranty on this bike is for five years.


The sole method of pedaling resistance on the Assault Air Bike is provided by way of the 27-inch fan wheel at the front of the bike. The faster you pedal the harder the resistance becomes. Air bikes generally do not come with a damper, such as you get on an air rowing machine to allow you to control the resistance level.

One downside of this type of resistance is that you are not able to simulate the hill training that you can do on training bikes that use different resistance methods. The direction of the air that is blown from the fan is mostly out and to the sides.

Drive Mechanism

The drive mechanism on this air bike is a chain drive which is similar to what you would be used to on an outdoor bicycle. Just as with an outdoor bike, the chain moves over sprockets, producing a slight noise as it does so. Most non-air resistance home exercise bikes use a quieter belt drive.

Occasionally you will be required to do some minor maintenance on the chain drive. This will involve tightening and lubricating the chain.

Pedals & Handles

Assault Air Bike

The pedals on the Assault Air Bike do not come with straps or toe baskets. However, they do give you a pretty solid amount of grip. The pedals, handlebars and fan wheel on this bike are all connected so movement in one means movement in all three.

The handlebars on this bike pivot from down low to provide for full extension through the latissimus dorsi on each pull through. This provides you with an upper body as well as a lower body and cardio challenge. If you want to focus exclusively on working the upper body, there are foot rests to place your feet upon.


The footprint of the bike measures 50.9 by 24.5 inches. It is compact enough to be stored in a closet when not in use. However, this bike is quite attractive in its design so you may wish to keep it on display when it is not in use.

The unit has a total weight of 98.1 pounds. However, transportation is easy due to the built-in wheels.


Your Assault Air Bike will arrive partly assembled. All tools to complete the job will be included in the package and you should be able to put it all together in about half an hour.


The Assault Air Bike is a very solid home use bike that will provide you with years of dependability and will be able to handle even the toughest of workouts. It provides you with an intense full body workout, as you can work your upper body through the handlebar movement.

Being an air bike, you will have to contend with the noise and dust factor, but that is not a problem specific to this model. Overall, this is a great home exercise bike that will not disappoint.

Assault Air Bike Competitors

Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike

The Schwinn AD6 Airdyne exercise bike makes use of wind resistance technology to provide an intense full body workout to rival that offered by the Assault Air bike.

It’s point of difference is that, rather than using a chain drive, it provides you with a dual stage torque belt drive. This eliminates the need for chain maintenance is quieter than the chain drive used on the Assault bike. However, the chain drive more closely simulates the feel of riding outdoors. In addition, both bikes will generate decent amount of noise when the fan wheel is operating, so the lessened noise is not really an issue.

This bike provides you with foot pedal straps, which the Assault bike does not. The LCD display on the Airdyne gives you a readout of your training data which is similar to the Assault but it also adds a RevMeter RPM gauge that is ideal for interval training.
The console on the Airdyne bike is also powered to pair with a telemetry strap so you can more accurately measure your training pulse rate. The Assault bike does not have those features.

This bike does add some small features that are absent in the Assault bike. In the long run, however, the greater stability, sturdiness and more natural feel of the Assault puts it ahead in our book.

Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan Bike

The BodyRider Upright Fan Bike is a low-cost alternative to the Assault bike. It features a similar full arm action design to work both your upper and lower body, along with an ergonomic design and elliptical ability to work your cardiovascular system.

While nowhere near as solid as the Assault bike, the BodyRider is still rugged enough for most home use applications. It features an adjustment knob so you can have some control over the resistance apart from your pedaling action. However, this produces a rather stilted, unnatural pedaling action.

The BodyRider uses a belt rather than a chain drive. This does not produce as realistic a pedaling action as what you get on the chain driven Assault Air Bike. This bike weighs about half as much as the Assault bike, which gives you a good idea of the comparative strength and solidness of the two models.

The BodyRider Fan Bike is a great budget model that will be suitable for many users. However, if you are after a truly serious air-based workout, you’ll want to step up to the Assault Air Bike.

Assault Air Bike

Our #1. Recommendation

Assault Air Bike

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