Rehband Knee Sleeves Review 2019

updated January 1, 2019

Rehband is a Scandinavian fitness company that has established itself as the world’s most popular knee sleeve. The distinctive blue neoprene band offers both reliability and performance, allowing you to provide maximum power while protecting and supporting your knees. Rehband provide a full range of bands, including the Rehband 7751 knee support and knee sleeves just for women. In this article we will review their flagship product, the original 7051 7mm band.

Quick Review of the Rehband 7051

Rehband 7051

The Rehband 7051 is the company’s original 7mm sleeve. It is designed to provide warmth and compression to the entire knee area. This provides a better flow, reducing swelling and post exercise soreness. The 7051 does a good job of keeping your knees warm. It provides a molded 3-D design that will hug your lower thigh and upper calf to keep the joint well compressed.

The Rehband 7051 is constructed from 100% neoprene fabric. It is 7mm thick, which is the maximum allowable for lifting competition. This thickness provides a very good level of stability to align the knee while also offering the mobility to move naturally. Heavy duty double cross stitching ensures that this band will see you through years of heavy iron pumping.

While the Rehband 7051 provides you with a quality product, you can get more for less by investing in an Emerge sleeve. Emerge sleeves provide you with better compression, more flexibility and the same level of thickness - and they are nearly half the price. See below for a full review of the Emerge sleeve.


  • Very durable construction
  • Anatomical form fitting design
  • Comfortable, tight fit
  • Ideal for CrossFit


  • Sweat build up within the sleeve 
  • Expensive 
  • Rapidly absorbs odor

Overall, we rated the Rehband 7 at 9/10. We’ve also provided you with 3 alternative products below, that outperform the Rehband in specific areas.

Rehband Alternatives

For a cost effective alternative, we love the Emerge band, which offers the same look and feel as the 7051, at nearly half the price. If you’re a lifter who regularly goes over 80% of their one rep max, you’d be better off with the Workt band, which provides more rigidity. People who are training after a patellar injury would benefit more from the extra warmth and compression of the Tommy Kono fitness band.

Emerge Fitness Sleeve Review

Emerge Knee Sleeve

The Emerge Fitness sleeve is a durable, form fitting leg brace that combines warmth and compression. It is a piece of cake to slip on and off and sits reliably in place, with no back of the knee bunching problems. Seam stitching is high quality and the 7mm neoprene fabric will last the distance. The neoprene also does a good job of absorbing the sweat around your patellar joint.

The Emerge Fitness band’s great strength is it’s price point. You can get a pair of Emerge sleeves for little more than what you’d pay for a single Rehband 7051. And, unlike many other low priced bands on the market, the Emerge confidently stacks up alongside the Rehband in terms of features. It may not have the brand recognition but it is a serious knee band that will do the business at a great price.


  • Extremely durable with reinforced cross stitching
  • Elasticity will improve your squat poundage
  • Double inay cross stitching
  • Cost effective


  • The interior lining may cause slight rubbing to the back of the knee in extreme heat.

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Workt Band Review

Workt 5mm Knee Sleeves

The Workt Knee band differs from the competition due to its construction material. Rather than neoprene, Workt use a patented fabric called Ecoprene. This has a much more close knit and uniform cellular structure. That makes it a lot stronger than neoprene. It is also more malleable, providing the maximum compression and alignment that heavy lifters need. It allows you to feel safer when you are doing maximum weight lifts.

The interior lining of the Workt Ecoprene fabric provides an exceptionally comfortable fit. It has great gripping ability and provides a very good level of heat insulation. The tight cellular structure of the Ecoprene fabric, along with top quality double cross stitching along the seam make this a very durable knee band. We recommend the Workt over the Rehband for low rep, max weight lifts.


  • Excellent insulation
  • Water proof
  • Eco friendly
  • Strong yet lightweight


  • No sweat removal system

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Tommy Kono Band Review

Tommy Kono

The Tommy Kono knee band is a throwback to the original 1960’s style knee band. Rather than the modern neoprene, this band is made from all rubber. That makes it do two things; fit tighter and retain more heat. The tighter fit of the TK band will give you more compression on the patellar to keep it tracking in proper alignment on heavy lifts.

The biggest advantage of the Tommy Kono is its ability to retain heat around the knee joint. This allows for smooth fluid movement through the synovial joint. That makes this band the best choice for anyone who has any pre-existing knee problems.

Being made of rubber, the Tommy Kono band is difficult to get on and off. Once you’ve managed it, however, they are there to stay. You will have no problems with slippage or bunching behind the knee with this sleeve.


  • Superior level of knee warmth
  • Constructed from Rubber
  • Tight fit providing excellent compression


  • Hard to get on and off

Once you got your pair of Rehband 7051, you need to know how to take care of them. Check out this short video on how to wash your Rehband 7051’s.


Rehband’s original 7mm sleeve, the 7051, is a good multi purpose band that provides strength, compression and durability. High quality double cross stitching on the seams combines with the 3-D molding and the sweat wicking neoprene fabric to make it the 7051 a winner. Still, we prefer the Emerge knee band. In terms of value for money, the Emerge sleeve is simply unbeatable, matching Rehband feature for feature, but slashing the price.

​When it comes to straight out weightlifting power, the Workt 7mm sleeve will give you better performance than the Rehband. That’s because it gives you a more rigid fit with greater compression and less flexibility. The Tommy Kono Band is the best choice if you’re nursing an injury, as it provides the greatest level of heat insulation of any band out there.

 Rehband 7051

Our #1. Recommendation

​ Rehband 7051

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