7 Reasons You’ve Been Underestimating Cottage Cheese

updated January 1, 2019

Cottage cheese offers many health benefits to those who eat it regularly, the most important of which we have listed below. If you are looking for superfoods to include in your daily diet, this humble dairy product is well worth your consideration.

What Cottage Cheese Can Do for You

Cottage Cheese benefits

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Find out the many ways in which this great tasting product can improve your health and fitness levels.

1. Protein for Lean Muscle

lean protein

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Whether you are trying to build or simply maintain your lean muscle mass, a good, clean source of protein can make all the difference. Every cup of cottage cheese contains around 23 grams of protein, making it a great choice of snack for bodybuilders, dieters and anybody who is trying to lead a healthier life.

2. Calcium for Healthy Bones and Muscles

calcium rich food

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A single cup of cottage cheese contains 18% of the recommended daily intake of calcium. This mineral is essential for strong bones as well as healthy muscle and nerve function.

3. Weight Loss


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By choosing to eat fat-free cottage cheese as part of your regular diet, you can ensure a healthy intake of protein whilst keeping your overall calorie intake to a reasonable level. Fat is not unhealthy in and of itself but can contribute a significant amount to your daily calorie totals.

4. Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

how to prevent Cardiovascular Disease

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The vitamin B12 that is found in cottage cheese is used by the body to convert homocysteine, an amino acid, into other useful substances. An excess of this amino acid in your bloodstream could increase your chances of suffering from cardiovascular disease in the future.

5. Promoting Healthy Chemical Functions

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Your body needs phosphorous to carry out many different chemical functions on a daily basis. A cup of cottage cheese contains nearly half of the recommended daily intake of this mineral. A number of essential enzymes and hormones in the body cannot be activated without the presence of phosphorous in the bloodstream.

6. Reduced Risk of Breast Cancer

breast cancer prevention

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Studies carried out at Harvard have demonstrated a lower risk of breast cancer in participants whose intake of vitamin D and calcium were higher than average. Both of these can be found in significant quantities in ordinary cottage cheese.

7. Lowering Anxiety Levels, Cramps and Risk of Stroke

source of potassium

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Cottage cheese is a valuable source of potassium, which is an important mineral for children and adults of all ages. It can help to relieve feelings of anxiety as well as reducing the risk of stroke by lowering blood pressure. Furthermore, potassium helps to regulate fluid levels in the body and can prevent cramp in the legs.


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As you can see, there are many excellent reasons that you might wish to include cottage cheese in your diet plan, whatever your fitness goals happen to be. If you thought that all dairy products were best avoided when following a new fitness regime, this article will hopefully have shown you that this is not in fact the case.

Cottage Cheese