Sumo Deadlift Benefits



#1 – The Bar Has a Shorter Distance to Travel Which Allows the Powerlifter to Lift More Weight

sumo dead lift

One of the perceived sumo deadlift benefits is that you are able to lift more weight. For the powerlifter, this is one of the benefits of Sumo deadlift powerlifting as the bar travels a short distance down to the ground. Therefore, you can bench press or perform a powerlifting squat with greater ease.

However, even if that is one of the Sumo deadlift benefits, you also have to keep in mind that the Sumo deadlift requires a more accurate set-up. If your lifting style is more “casual,” you may wish to choose the conventional deadlift instead. You can also learn more about the Jefferson deadlift.

#2 – If You Wish to Build Up Your Hip Strength, then the Sumo Deadlift is a Good Method to Follow


While using a conventional deadlift provides the most in the way of carryover for building up strength, you may have a particular weakness that the Sumo deadlift can remedy. Powerlifters who use the Sumo deadlift often strengthen their hips when using this approach. As hip strength assists movement, the Sumo deadlift is a preferred technique if you need to build up your glutes.

If you are interested in learning about different variations, read the article where we compare sumo with conventional deadlifting.

#3 – The Sumo Deadlift Allows Your Back to Rest While You are Staying in Shape for Powerlifting Events


While the Sumo deadlift is not allowed in competitive powerlifting events, it is designed to keep a competitive athlete in shape between events. Sumo deadlifting allows strongmen to continue to practice powerlifting between competitive contests. Not only does the exercise give the backrest, but it is also switched emphasis on the hamstrings and hips, all which results in a different kind of carryover for the powerlifting enthusiast.

#4 – The Sumo Deadlift is Compatible to Powerlifters Who Display a Longer Torso


While conventional deadlifting is designed for powerlifters whose torsos are shorter, Sumo deadlifting benefits favor torsos that are longer overall.

#5 – The Sumo Deadlift is Designed to Strengthen the Hips


While a conventional deadlift is used to reduce lower back pain and enhance general posterior chain strengthening, its counterpart, the Sumo, aids in conditioning and strengthening of the hips.

When you look at Sumo deadlift benefits, your choice of deadlift will hinge on your individual style, history of injury and the deadlift setup. To deadlift, you are going to need a barbell and in some cases a power rack. You can check out our power rack guide here.

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