Best Exercise Ball for Yoga and Pilates Review 2019

updated January 1, 2019

Yoga and Pilates are two of the most popular and successful methods of exercise that you can do at home. An exercise ball can take your Yoga and Pilates workouts to the next level by improving your balance, core activation, and stability on every move. Choosing the right ball is a crucial part of getting the most from your sessions. In this article, we present the 10 best fitness balls for Yoga and Pilates. Be sure to check out all the great information about the best yoga and pilates ball we have here for you!

The Best Yoga and Pilates Balls at a Glance

The best yoga ball is the Gaiam Yoga Ball, which is low impact, very sturdy and comes with a fantastic training DVD. Our second favorite is the Stott Pilates Mini Stability Ball, with its ideal size for all yoga applications and lightweight, portability.

Rounding out the top 3 is the Everlast Pilates stability ball, which has a rugged PVC outer, retains a good level of inflation and comes with a 12-month warranty.

To make it easy for you to compare and contrast the 10 best exercise balls for Yoga and Pilates, we’ve rated them based on price and durability. We then give each one an overall rating out of 5. In the following section, we provide in-depth reviews of each product.

ProductProduct NamePriceDurabilityOverallProduct Link
Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball#1. Gaiam Yoga Ball4.75/54.75/54.75/5
Stott Pilates Mini Stability Ball#2. Stott Pilates Mini Stability Ball4.5/54.75/54.5/5
Everlast Burst-resistant Fitness Ball#3. Everlast Pilates Inflatable Ball4.5/54.5/54.5/5
TheraBand Exercise and Stability Ball#4. Theraband Pilates Ball4.25/54.5/54.25/5
Black Mountain 2000lbs Static Strength Exercise Stability Ball#5. Black Mountain Stability Ball4.25/54.25/54.25/5
Exercise Ball (Multiple Sizes)#6. URBNFit Yoga Ball4.25/54/54/5
UR Superior Fitness#7. Superior Fitness Yoga Ball4.25/54.25/54.25/5
ProBody Pilates Mini Yoga Ball#8. ProBody Pilates Mini Yoga Ball4.25/54/54/5
Tone Fitness Stability Ball#9. Tone Fitness Stability Ball4/54/54/5
Athren Exercise Ball with Foot Pump#10. Athren Exercise Ball with Foot Pump4.25/54/54/5

The Top 10 Up Close

#1. Gaiam Yoga Ball

Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball

The Gaiam Yoga Ball is a high-quality anti-burst balance ball that comes in small, medium, and large sizes. With a weight capacity of 300 pounds, this ball is an ideal choice for all of your pilates and yoga requirements. Your kit includes a balance ball, easy inflation pump, and total body workout DVD.

The Gaiam yoga ball is made from flexible rubber. It inflates quickly with the pump supplied, giving you a firm surface to work from. The DVD that comes with this ball feature celebrity trainer Tanja Djelevic, who take you through a complete head to toe workout. This low impact ball is designed for all skill levels. The Gaiam pilates ball comes with a 12-month warranty.


  • Anti-burst
  • Inflation pump
  • Training DVD


  • Gives off a chemical odor

Stott Pilates Mini Stability Ball

#2. Stott Pilates Mini Stability Ball

The Stott Pilates Mini Stability Ball is a nontoxic PVC ball that is anti-burst and moisture resistant. It is available in 3 sizes; 7.5, 10 and 12 inches. These smaller sizes make this yoga ball ideal for many intricate pilates and yoga moves for which a standard sized ball would be inappropriate. This pilates ball is incredibly lightweight and portable, allowing you to take it anywhere.

The Stott Pilates Mini Stability Ball comes with a straw to allow for more natural inflation. The tough, PVC exterior has a comfortable grip surface. This pilates ball holds its air well and will retain its shape for a long time. It is an excellent choice for doing stabilized crunches with the ball between your knees.


  • Mini size gives more versatility
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 3 size options


  • No training DVD

#3. Everlast Pilates Inflatable Ball

Everlast Burst-resistant Fitness Ball

The Everlast Pilates Inflatable Ball is a burst resistant ball that allows you to perform your pilates and yoga workouts exceptionally effectively. If punctured, the ball will slowly deflate, providing a safety measure for you. It is a very durable ball. It has a PVC outer that is quite rugged, withstanding minor sharp edges. The pilates ball inflates well and retains it’s air well.

The Everlast Pilates Inflatable Yoga Ball is ideal for working your core. It has a good level of grip and is easy to handle. Fusion workouts that combine Pilates, yoga, and circuit training are an excellent fit for this ball. This pilates ball comes with a 12-month warranty.


  • Burst resistant
  • Rugged PVC Outer
  • 12-month warranty


  • No pump or DVD included

TheraBand Exercise and Stability Ball

#4. Theraband Pilates Ball

The Theraband pilates ball is an anti-burst ball that slowly deflates if it gets a hole. It protects you from injury while training. The ball is ribbed to allow you to get a good grip and handle it more easily. It is also ergonomically designed to improve stability at key contact points with the body. It makes the Theraband a great choice if you have any pain.

The Theraband pilates ball is very easy to clean. It comes deflated, along with a pair of plugs, and an inflation adaptor. You also get a large full-color exercise chart to show you how to perform key exercises. The ball is 55cm (22 inches) in diameter, being suitable for people between 5’ 1” and 5’6”.


  • Anti-burst
  • Ribbed outer
  • Exercise chart


  • Not for tall people

#5. Black Mountain Stability Ball

Black Mountain 2000lbs Static Strength Exercise Stability Ball

The Black Mountain Stability Ball is a heavy duty, pro-rated ball. It is rugged enough for your toughest yoga or pilates session, being rated to 2000 pounds. The tough outer core means that this ball will retain both its inflation level and its shape over the long term. The solid walls of this unit are built for ultimate durability and support.

When you buy the Black Mountain Stability Ball, you also get easy to use foot pump which allows you to inflate your ball quicker and more efficiently. You also get a great starter guide that will answer all your questions and get you started on your training program. It also comes with a 12-month warranty.


  • Rated to 2000 pounds
  • Dense outer walls
  • Includes foot pump


  • Has a strong odor

#6. URBNFit Yoga Ball

Exercise Ball (Multiple Sizes)

The URBNFit Yoga Ball is constructed from professional quality PVC. It provides you with a very heavy walled ball that is burst resistant. It will deflate slowly to protect you if it deflates while you’re using it. This ball is rated to 2000 pounds. It will easily handle the toughest pilates or yoga workout that you can throw at it.

The URBNFit Yoga Ball is high grip and has a nonslip surface that makes it easy for you to use it. This makes it ideal for exercises that involve gripping the ball with your feet or legs. Your purchase includes a workout guide, extra plugs for inflation, and a pump. This ball comes in 6 color options.


  • Quality PVC construction
  • 2000 pound rating
  • 6 color options


  • Ball can deflate over time

#7. Superior Fitness Yoga Ball

UR Superior Fitness

The Superior Fitness Yoga Ball is a heavy duty exercise ball with an inflatable stability base and resistance bands attached. It makes it an excellent complement for your pilates or yoga workout. The resistance bands can be adjusted to your required length, enabling you to keep constant tension on the working muscle group. They are also detachable, so can be used on their own.

The Superior Fitness pilates ball with resistance tubing is rated to 600 pounds. It is anti-burst, providing you with total safety while you are working out. The outer surface is also non-sticky, meaning that it won’t attract hair and other debris. The resistance bands have cushioned handles for extra comfort, and the stability ring keeps the ball firmly in place.


  • Resistance bands
  • Stability Ring
  • 600-pound rating


  • Strong odor

#8. ProBody Pilates Mini Yoga Ball

ProBody Pilates Mini Yoga Ball

The ProBody Pilates Miniball has been specifically designed to be used with your pilates, yoga, and core training workout. It is made from a soft PVC material that doesn’t contain any of the harmful chemicals that you find in lesser models. That makes this ball entirely environmentally friendly and safe to use around children. This weighted pilates ball is burst resistant, giving you total confidence that it won’t suddenly deflate on you.

The ProBody Pilates Miniball is just the right size for performing exercises involving the legs and the ball.

An anti-burst stability ball is essential if your ball is to last the distance. Our Best Anti-Burst Exercise Balls 2019 will help you to choose the best anti-burst ball on the market.

#9. Tone Fitness Stability Ball

Tone Fitness Stability Ball

The Tone Fitness Stability Ball is a fun, functional fitness ball that is perfect for yoga, pilates, and fusion workouts. It is an anti-burst ball, making it entirely safe for use as you work out. A durable outer shell gives you confidence that minor sharp objects won’t cause a hole in the ball. The strength of the walls ensures that air will not escape and that the ball retains its inflation level.

The Tone Fitness Stability Ball comes with a quality pump to help you to inflate it quickly. You have a choice of six colors. This ball is ideal for weight training as well as yoga and pilates. It comes with a 12-month warranty.


  • Anti-burst
  • 12-month warranty
  • Durable outer shell


  • Strong odor

Find the best overall stability balls on the market with our Best Exercise Balls Review 2019 – we’ve rated them all for your convenience.

#10. Athren Exercise Ball with Foot Pump

Athren Exercise Ball with Foot Pump

The Athreen exercise ball is a heavy-duty stability trainer that comes with a 2000 pound rating. Constructed from high-grade PVC, this ball will provide you with the strength and durability that you need. It has been anti-burst tested, with each ball hand tested as to quality. Athreen stability balls are recommended by physiotherapists, athletes, and fitness specialists around the world.

The Athreen exercise ball comes with a high-quality foot pump that allows you to fill your ball a quickly as you can. The surface is very grip-friendly and non-slippery, making it very easy to hold on with either hand or feet. Athreen provides a no questions asked, 100% replacement guarantee.


  • 2000 pound rating
  • Anti-burst
  • Foot pump provided


  • A little too firm

Now that you’ve got your Yoga and Pilates ball discover how to get the most out of it with this workout clip below.


Our favorite yoga and pilates ball is the Gaiam Yoga ball, with its strong construction, excellent grip ability, and training DVD. We also loved the Stott Pilates Mini Ball, which is just the right size for pilates and yoga applications.

Our third best pilates ball is the Everlast pilates ball, which provides a strong outer wall, can retain its inflation and comes with a 12-month warranty. Click here to read the review about 10 best medicine balls on the 2019 market.

Gaiam Yoga Ball

Our #1. Recommendation

Gaiam Yoga Ball

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