Valor Athletics BD-7 Power Rack

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Valor Athletics BD-7 Power Rack Review Facts

Being a member of a workout gym is expensive. Sure, you only need to pay about $50 a month for unlimited access to the gym’s facilities. The problem is that people today are so into healthy living that most gyms are crowded. This means that your “unlimited access” will be reduced to using very few types of equipment.

This is why a lot of people are opting to have their own personal gym at home. They get to save money and improve the result. If you find something like this interesting and want to give it a shot, you should rest easy knowing that you need much less equipment than the standard gym comes with. The single most important piece of equipment that you need to have at home is a power rack. With it, the sky is your limit as you can do a number of different exercises and get the best possible results!

When it comes to power racks, there are a number of brands that are worth checking out. Among these brands is Valor Athletics. Here is our product review of Valor Athletic BD-7 Power Rack.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Very sturdy 12-gauge square steel frame

Has three different workout stations

Strong pulley and cable system

17 different positions for the catch and safety bars

The rack can support more than 500 pounds

Foam rollers included

Easy to assemble and little maintenance required


May not have enough room for a bench

Pulleys can be stiff at first

No Olympic weight plate holders


The frame of the BD-7 is constructed out of 12-gauge square steel tubes. This should tell you how safe the machine is, and although some may believe that 12-inch tubes are a bit too thick, we believe that it only creates an extra safe environment. Usually, when it comes to power racks, you need to bolt the unit down to the floor if you want it to remain stable. The BD-7 is, however, quite heavy (135 pounds), and so there's no need to do so unless you really feel up to the task - there are holes for bolting down the unit present on the base. The base has rubber caps on the ends to give the product some extra grip, keeping it very stable on the ground, plus it saves your floor from unsightly scratches and bumps. The frame has a metallic finish that looks good and keeps corrosion and abrasions away.

The vertical bars can be adjusted into 17 different positions, and the distance between each hole is about 1", so you'll get plenty of room to experiment. Four catch bars are included in the order, and you can place those both inside and outside of the cage. Two safety bars are included as well. If you've got extra weight plates just laying around, the four storage pegs the BD-7 comes with will surely be of help to you. These pegs are one inch in diameter, perfect for standard weight plates. Some users report that they were able to store their Olympic plates there as well. Yes, they will be loose and they will rattle, but if you use a collar or a spring to secure them, you shouldn't have any issues. The cable has a weight bar attached which also has one-inch sleeves. There's another kind of bar featured in the set, and this one has foam leg rollers attached. This bar is meant to go with the safety bars. These leg holders prevent you from flailing about when you lay down and attempt to lift heavy weight - by securing your legs under the rollers, you anchor yourself down and have zero wiggle room. This power cage has a pulley system that has cables made out of nylon, not steel. This is not optimal, but plenty of people report that they are just as sturdy and last anywhere between 2 or 3 years. The sealed ball bearings definitely help them last longer! The only things this very versatile power cage does not include are weight plates and a weight bar, so you will have to supply your own. You do get a lat bar and a short bar though! Plus, you can insert a bar for pull-ups at the top.


This power cage is a rather large one. BD-7’s 2”x2” frame is made up of 12-gauge steel. It offers a good in cage working space with 23.5” from the front to back and 43.5” from side to side. Moreover, the total length of the rack frame is 55”. This enables the user to have enough mobility in the cage to maximize his workout. The footprint this unit creates is 47" wide and 59" long, so you'll have to think twice about settling down on the room you want to place it in. The total width of the machine is about 63" if you include the pegs, and you must also include the extra room it needs to have around it if you want to exercises effectively. The cage is seven foot tall, so make sure you've got a room with a ceiling that is at least eight feet tall or more, especially if you desire to do pull-ups. And finally, the unit weighs 135 pounds, so if you think about moving it to a different spot, you will need some serious help!


Having to install the fitness machine you just got has to be the worst part about not going to the gym and having the machines instantly ready to go. Luckily, the BD-7 Power Rack comes with a very straight forward installation process. This means that you can easily put it together without having to bother asking for professional assistance. The product also comes with detailed instructions and diagrams so there is no way you can get it wrong. But the tools you'll need to assemble the rack are not included, so you'll have to supply them on your own - you will need just two adjustable wrenches. The assembly itself shouldn't last any longer than two hours. Maintaining the BD-7 is a breeze though, and you'll only need to lubricate the pulley system once in a while, or when it starts to squeak, and you'll need to check the bolts and nuts to see if everything is where it's meant to be.


This power rack is built with safety in mind at all times. It was designed with 2 safety catch bars that can be easily adjusted to assist the user during workouts especially squats and bench press. Moreover, solid steel bars are also anchored through the frame with twist adjustment and travel through the depth of the frame. This means that if by any chance you are having difficulty returning the bar to the top position, you can simply drop the bar on the safety bar catch and step out of the cage. Valor Athletic have designed the safety bar catches to absorb the force of a dropped heavy bar. The power rack is also quite heavy, so you should not worry about it toppling over when you start exercising. There are two holes on the base for bolting the unit down, but it's not necessary since the rack does a pretty good job of keeping itself upright.


This rack offers 4 plate storage pegs at the back and another two on each side. These pegs are standard sizes but can easily cater 2” Olympic plates with the pegs measuring 8”. This simply means that you have an option to use standard plates as well as Olympic plates depending on your preferences and level of workout intensity. This power cage has three work stations that are more than enough to give your full body a good routine. The first station is the one with high pulleys and a lat pulldown bar, where you can strengthen your back, shoulder, and arms. The straight T bar coupled with the low pulley is the second station, where you can squat, work on your triceps, and more. And of course, the last one is the pull-up station, which is pretty much self-explanatory. Also, you can always add a bench under the frame and expand the number of exercises you can do even more.

Some of the best workouts out there can be done with a power rack. Couple it with barbells and a good bench and you are well on your way to experiencing complete training that has been proven by countless athletes all over the world to work wonders. The BD-7 Power Rack will be one of the best investments you can have for your home gym and your fitness.


Let's face the facts here - you can like any product with ease, but liking its price is a bit more difficult, especially if it's over the top. The BD-7 is not so pricey though, and you'll be able to make an easier choice. At only about 450 dollars, the BD-7 is one of the cheaper power racks out there. It does offer plenty of room for exercise, and a lot of ways to incorporate even more, so you'll be getting more than your money's worth. You might need to save up just a little bit when you get it, which is nothing compared with having to pay over a thousand dollars for some of the more high-end power racks!

The Final Word

The BD-7 is a power rack any fitness junkie should be proud to have in their gym. Although it does come with some minor flaws, like potentially not having enough room for a bench, or pulley systems that are a bit too stiff at the beginning, it does have redeeming qualities that make it worth your time. The BD-7 is super versatile, very roomy, and it offers you over 30 different exercises you can do it. The frame is rather sturdy, and the whole rack is extremely safe so you'll never have to worry about getting pinned under all of that weight. We believe that you should really consider adding the BD-7 into your gym!