Rogue Beater Bar Review 2019

updated January 1, 2019

Rogue Beater Bar Review

When you hear the name “Rogue” in weightlifting circles, you know that you are dealing with a top-quality kind of bar. Therefore, you will appreciate the features of the Rogue beater bar as well. Most users of the Rogue beater bar cannot help but rave about the bar’s features and workout benefits. What makes it even more attractive for the weightlifter is the fact that it is inexpensive when you compare it with other bars even in the Rogue line-up. It is the ideal exercise barbell to include in any garage gym training routine or Cross Fit regimen. For a comprehensive look at the best barbells on the market check out this article.

A Bar that Lies Up to Its Beater Bar Status

The beater bar lives up to its name as it is guaranteed against falling collars or bending for up to a year. The 33 mm bar, which has no center knurling, features powerlifting marks. Both the sleeves and shaft are coated with zinc with the shaft colored in black.

Not Designed for Olympic Lifting

If you are new to weightlifting, be forewarned – the Rogue beater bar is not designed for Olympic type lifts. The bar is meant to stand up to a high-repetition beating, thereby making the diameter of the barbell’s shaft non-essential in this case. The sleeve assembly features a pin design. The beater bar is also a great bar for women. Find out why at that link.

A Highly Touted Piece of Exercise Equipment

When you review customer testimonials and reviews online, most of the users give the Rogue beater bar a 5 star out of 5 stars review. Customers comment they are satisfied with Rogue’s handling of customer service, shipping and processing of the order. Some of the customers commented that they would pay twice the amount they paid for their bar, which was well under $200.

An Affordable and Quality Barbell

One of the reviewers commented that he had been using his Rogue beater bar for almost a year and could not issue even a small complaint about the weightlifting piece of equipment. He said that the bargain price of the bar was not indicative of the bar’s quality, which surpasses many bars on the market.


One of the users said he had owned his bar for two years and he still gave the weightlifting bar a 5 star out of 5 stars rating. He said the only challenge for him when using the bar was the bar’s diameter, which is larger than many bars featured on the market. Other than that, he said the bar was, in one word – “awesome.”

Both Veterans and Newbies Like Using the Bar

If you regularly weightlift and you are budget-conscious, then the Rogue beater bar is an exemplary product. Based on the product’s design and manufacture and the comments of users, the bar is the ideal accessory for either a new or veteran weightlifting enthusiast.

Still Undecided? Rogue is a Trusted Brand in Weightlifting Circles

Most people who are new to weightlifting generally do not switch brands when they have experienced using a Rogue brand bar. The Rogue beater bar is a one-of-a-kind bar that frequently receives accolades. In addition, the bar is lower priced. Therefore, you really cannot go wrong if you are in the market for a barbell and are unsure about the selection.

The Approximate Price of the Rogue Beater Bar

The barbell is priced at around $160 – give or take a few odd dollars and cents. As noted, some of the reviewers and users said they would pay twice that price to use the Rogue Bar. Therefore, even if you budget is tight, this bar won’t set you back too much if you decide it is not the barbell for you.

One Barbell that Cannot be Overlooked

Rogue has several barbells featured in its line. Therefore, look at all the bars before making a firm decision. Think about how you will be using the bar as well as the frequency. If your itinerary calls for a frequent schedule of weightlifting activities or you perform a sizable number of repetitions during each session, then this bar was probably made for you. Again, look at your options first. Then, make a decision. If you are a committed weightlifter, then the Rogue beater bar simply cannot be overlooked.

Rogue Beater Bar Review
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