Under Armour Compression Sock

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Under Armour Compression Sock Review Facts

The Men’s Global Performance Over the Calf sock is a full-length compression sock that is ideal for soccer, rugby, and virtually every other outdoor winter sport. With a high level of compression centered around the ankle and heel, you will get an enhanced level of blood circulation to fast track healing nutrients and oxygen while removing lactic acid from the area. The sock is made from 83% polyester, 11% cotton, 4% nylon and 2% spandex.

This sock features comfortable top bands that will keep your socks from slipping down or bunching up around your ankles. The lightweight fabric gives you better mobility and flexibility which makes it an effective choice for athletes playing most any sport. The sock comes in a sharp grey and red combination. They provide you with a great amount of warmth during outdoor play while you also have the moisture-wicking ability.

Under Armour specializes in high-quality compression gear for athletes. They have a complete range of body covering which helps speed up post-exercise recovery while also relieving from aches and pains. In this article, we will review Under Armour Compression Socks and you can discover the quality this company has to offer. 

Editor's Pros & Cons

Great protection for outdoor sports and cooler weather

Comfort top bands help keep the socks in place

Provides enhanced mobility and flexibility


They are extra tight at the calf


The Under Armour Compression Socks are designed to keep your feet and lower legs dry and comfortable while you are playing sports or exercising. The material is designed to chase away sweat. The anti-odor technology helps to prevent odor or bacteria from developing around your feet. These socks also have ventilation channels to help with breathability.

About Under Armour

Under Armour is a company that makes footwear, sportswear, footwear, and casual clothing. The main headquarters are set up in Baltimore, Maryland. Other offices in the United States include Austin, Houston, New York City, Pittsburgh, Portland, and San Francisco. They also have offices located in Amsterdam, which is the European headquarters office. There are also offices in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, London, Jakarta, Mexico City, Munich, Panama City which is the headquarters for the international division, Paris, São Paulo, Seoul, Santiago, Shanghai which is the Chinese and nearby area headquarters, as well as in Toronto.

On September 25, 1996, a man named Kevin Plank founded the Under Armour company. At the time he was 24-years-old and a former football team special teams captain for the University of Maryland. Plank started the business in Washington D.C. working out of his grandmother's basement. Then he traveled the East Coast of the United States with only apparel in the trunk of his car. At the end of 1996, he made his first-team sale for $17,000. From the basement, Plank moved his business to Baltimore. Then after a few moves in the city, he landed at his current headquarters in Tide Point.


The Under Armour compression socks have strategic charged cotton cushioning to protect the high-impact areas of your feet. These socks have the right/left technology so they will provide your feet with an anatomical fit. There is embedded arch support which is designed to help reduce foot fatigue. The company’s ArmourDy material works to keep moisture away from your skin, as well as accelerating evaporation.
ArmourBlock technology also helps prevent the growth of any odor-causing bacteria in your sock.
The Under Armour socks have a comfortable spandex upper which keeps your socks firmly and securely in place. You will not have any distracting sagging or bunching while you are on the field. Their signature moisture transport material keeps sweat moisture away from your feet and speeds up evaporation to help even the socks themselves stay dry. The embedded arch support helps relax foot muscles, which helps reduce foot fatigue. These socks are a must, especially with team sports.

Sole Protection

The Under Armour socks pay special attention to giving your feet the comfort and protection they need. The strategic charged cotton in these socks is designed to protect the high-impact areas of your feet. They also include a good anatomical fit with the left/right technology. The socks have Embedded Arch Support to fight against foot fatigue. They also have special material to help keep away moisture and prevent the growth of bacteria and odor.

ArmourBlock Technology

Armourblock Technology is a special material designed and used by the company to keep the sweat away from your skin. It also dries very fast. It is an anti-odor technology that keeps away odor and prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Why Wear Over The Calf Socks

Athletes are discovering more and more that the over the calf socks look good and have health benefits that people often do not realize. This is especially true if you have a medical condition that includes circulatory issues. The over the calf sock is sometimes also known as the “knee sock,” since it covers your calf and reaches up close to your knee. The calf socks are a great fashion choice for an outfit which involves pants and suits because you do not have to worry about it stretching or moving to break up the look of the out. You can rely on them to stay in place while you are on the field as well. Nothing is worse than being on the field and having to pause to pull up your socks.
The over the calf socks provide shin protection so you will not skin your legs when you are sliding into home plate or making that game-winning slide tackle. The durability and height of these socks mean you can slide or play with more confidence. The compression gives you an anti-slip design since your legs are only protected if your socks stay up.

The socks also give you great ankle and arch support. This is so important if you are going to play safe and stay comfortable at the same time. They keep your feet from getting tired and keep your circulation moving.

What Are Over The Calf Socks Used For

These over the calf socks are a fantastic addition to your outfit, whether you are active in different sports or you enjoy running or cycling. They protect your calves and keep them energized while you are working out, as well as keep the muscles warmer if you are exercising outdoors in cooler weather.

They hold up on the track, the field, or the court. The compression will help support your ankles and calves during any workout, inside or outside of the gym. They work great for football practice in the cold weather or the baseball field where you need extra protection when diving for the ball. They are great to energize your legs during aerobics or dance class and of course, they provide extra comfort and protection when you are working out in the cold weather.

What Compression Is Good For

If you have ever been out running, you have probably noticed fellow runners rocking some tight-looking and brightly colored socks. You see them on cyclists and even baseball players, football players, or on the tennis court. These compression socks are getting more and more popular as athletes of all types are recognizing the benefits from the extra-snug gear.

Compression socks are rooted in surgical recovery, but the principle of increasing your blood flow has trickled down into regular workout attire. The compression fabric will support your veins and help your circulation of blood makes its way back to your heart, so you have improved oxygen flow and you can speed up your recovery.

The strength of compression is measured in mmHg or millimeters of mercury. The higher the number, the stronger the level of compression. Many of these socks have graduated compression, with the compression focused toward the bottom of the sock. These socks are more compressed around the ankle area. If nothing else, the comfortable secure fit these socks provide could give you enough incentive to start wearing these over the calf socks.

The Final Word

The Under Armour name is a trusted name in athletic sportswear, especially in compression and form-fitting attire. These socks not only look good but they will be good for your ankles and lower legs. They come in a choice of three colors and in two different sizes. You can trust Armourblock Technology to keep your feet dry and away from the growth of any odor-causing bacteria. It has a strategic cushioning which helps to reduce bulk as well as giving your feet breathability and flexibility.

The Under Armour socks also include a reinforced toe and heel so you have maximum durability in those areas which receive the most pressure. These socks will last longer through even your most intense workout. They have the added benefit of good comfort and fit thanks to the precision Y-heel pocket. Then to top it off, your feet will be energized thanks to the dynamic arch support which will help reduce fatigue.

Under Armour is a company made up of athletes who understand and are able to provide top-level compression gear to reduce pain. They know what athletes are looking for and it is a major goal to provide what you need to make your workout effective, safe, and comfortable. The Men’s All Sport Performance Over the Calf sock is one of the top athletic socks and will go a long way in providing enhanced mobility and flexibility.