Under Armour Compression Socks Review 2019

Updated January 11, 2019

Under Armour specialize in top quality compression gear for athletes. Their complete range of body coverings speeds up post exercise recovery while also bringing relief from aches and pains. In this article we review the best that Under Armour have to offer. We then compare 3 leading competitor brands.

The Best of Under Armour

Men’s All Sport Performance Over the Calf Socks

Men’s All Sport Performance Over the Calf Socks

The Men’s All Sport Performance Over the Calf sock is a full length compression sock that is ideal for soccer, rugby and virtually every other outdoor winter sport. With a high level of compression centered around the ankle and heel, you will get an enhanced level of blood circulation to fast track healing nutrients and oxygen while removing lactic acid from the area. The sock is made from 83% polyester, 11% cotton, 4% nylon and 2% spandex.

The Men’s All Sport Performance Over the Calf sock features comfort top bands to keep the sock from slipping down or bunching up. This lightweight fabric provides you with enhanced mobility and flexibility, making it a great choice for people playing sport. The sock comes in a red and grey combination. It provides a great level of warmth for outdoor play while still providing moisture wicking ability.


  • Great for outdoor sports
  • Comfort top bands
  • Enhanced mobility and flexibility


  • Tight at the calf

Under Armour Alternatives

In this section we provide you with three alternatives to the Under Armour range; the Blitzu Performance Compression sock, the Physix Gear Sport and the CEP Women’s Progressive+ compression sock.

Blitzu Performance Compression Socks

Blitzu Compression Socks Men and Women

The Blitzu Performance Compression sock is a viable alternative to the Under Armour range as it provides you with 360-degree range of motion. The sock features a kinesiology tape design which provides a tighter, more compressive fit than any Under Armour product. Combined with its graduated compression this provides you with a source of immediate relief to existing pain and enhanced recovery from exercise. This sock is very comfortable which slips on and off very easily.

The Blitzu Performance Compression sock is extremely well ventilated and breathable. This prevents the sock from getting too hot. It is also anti static and anti bacterial. While not quite as warm as the Men’s All Sport Performance Over the Calf sock, it does provide greater flexibility.


  • Kinesiology tape design
  • Extremely comfortable
  • 360-degree range of motion


  • Sizing chart inaccurate

Physix Gear Sport

Physix Gear Sport

The Physix Gear Sport compression sock delivers 20-30 mmHg of graduated compression to provide a good level of instant relief. This boosts the blood circulation to speed up the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Double stitched seams also provide you with an extremely comfortable fit that is irritant free. The Physix Gear sock is very flexible, providing you with a great range of mobility to allow you to play sport without impediment.

The Physix Gear Sport compression sock is a stylish, durable sock that is well fitting and contours well to the skin. It has a high moisture wicking ability and has anti odor properties. Bands at the top of the sock keep them from slipping and bunching up.


  • Double stitched
  • Anti bacterial fabric
  • Very high level of compression


  • A little expensive

Mojo are a very popular compression sock retailer out of New York. See how they compare to other market leaders with our Mojo Compression Socks Review 2019 article feature.

CEP Women’s Progressive+

CEP Women’s Progressive+

The CEP Women’s Progressive+ compression sock delivers you with 20-30 mmHg of graduated compression. This is a good level of compression for a person who has never used compression socks before. It is constructed from 85% lycra and 15% spandex. The compression level is focused around the ankle and heel, which are the high impact areas of the lower body. The sock has an anti vibration quality which reduces pain along the entire length of the lower leg.

The CEP Women’s Progressive+ compression sock conforms to the foot, providing a great level of comfort and support. It is very easy to take on and off. With this sock, you get a 360-degree range of motion. The sock is available in a variety of colors.


  • Graduated compression
  • Reduces vibration
  • Padded zones


  • Hard to get on and off

Pro Compression are a specialist sock compression company operating out of Southern California. Check out the best of their range with our Pro Compression Socks Review 2019 feature article.


Under Armour are a company of athletes who provide top level compression gear to reduce pain. Their top performing product is the Men’s All Sport Performance Over the Calf sock. This is a great winter sports sock that has comfort top bands and enhanced mobility and flexibility.

When it comes to alternatives to Under Armour, our top choice is the Blitzu Performance Compression sock, with its Kinesiology tape design and 360-degree range of motion. We also loved the Physix Gear Sport compression sock, with its double stitching, anti bacterial fabric and very high level of compression.

Rounding out our top 3 Under Armour alternatives is the CEP Women’s Progressive+ compression sock, which provides you with reduced vibration, graduated compression and enhanced padded zones.​

Men’s All Sport Performance Over the Calf Socks

Our #1. Recommendation

​Men’s All Sport Performance Over the Calf Socks

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