Breg Ultra Ankle Braces Review 2017

Breg have been delivering innovative bodily support products since 1989. Over that time they have developed more than 30 patents. Breg have a small but specialized and high quality range of ankle support and protection products. In this article, we take a close look at the best of the Breg range. We also consider two alternatives to the Breg product line.

The Best of Breg Ultra

Breg Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace

Breg Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace

The Breg Ultra Zoom Ankle brace is a lightweight, low profile ankle brace which provides a high level of heel and ankle support. Billed as the most advanced ankle brace on the market, it makes use of Breg’s patented Performathane shell technology to provide a customized form fit. The super low profile makes this an extremely unobtrusive brace. It works seamlessly with all types of sock and shoe wear, while delivering the ideal balance between comfort and support.

The Breg Ultra Zoom Ankle brace is the ideal product for sub-acute ankle sprains, chronic ankle stabilities and prophylactic use. At the same time it delivers a high level of flexibility and range of movement. This brace gives you a similar level of protection and support to ankle wraps and straps but with more durability. This makes it a great choice for all sports, especially volleyball and basketball. It can be used on either foot and by both genders.


  • Performathane shell technology
  • High level of flexibility
  • Super low profile

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Breg Ultra Alternatives

Active Ankle T2

Active Ankle T2

The Active Ankle T2 brace is constructed from a single layer of neoprene padding to provide an excellent level of flexibility and movement. The single strap design holds firm while being quick to strap on and release. This brace has anti-wicking properties that removes sweat and prevents over-heating. It also has anti moisture properties.

The Active T2 does a great job of delivering lateral / medial support when you are active. This makes it a smart choice for those playing through an ankle injury. The bi-lateral design makes it usable on either foot. Comfort padding has been built into the padding to absorb the shock of foot impact as well as placing protective support around the ankle.


  • Performance hinge design
  • Built in EVA Padding
  • Allows for complete range of motion


  • A little clunky to wear

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Protec Athletics Ankle Wrap

Protec Athletics  Ankle Wrap

The Protec Athletics Ankle Wrap provides a higher level of compression than anything in the Breg Ultra range. This is largely due to its Figure 8 strapping system, reinforced with white elastic straps which provide that extra level of adjustable tension. The result is a superior level of compression to remove lactic acid and speed up nutrient supply. The surprising thing is that this high level of tension is applied without loss of freedom of movement.

The neoprene fabric material has a 4 way stretch design and is extremely lightweight. This allows it to be very responsive, moving easily in response to your foot movement. This brace also has effective odor reducing and sweat removal technology.


  • Lightweight neoprene sleeve
  • High level of compression
  • 4 Way Stretch material


  • Sizing is incorrect

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Our favorite Breg ankle brace is the Breg Ultra Zoom Ankle brace, which provides you with Breg’s patented Performathane shell technology, along with a high level of flexibility and a super low profile. In terms of Breg Ultra alternatives, the Active Ankle T2 brace is a great choice. It delivers a Performance hinge design which is on par with Breg’s Performathane shell technology, along with in-built EVA padding for superior comfort and support.

The Protec Athletics Ankle Wrap offers extra elastic strapping to support a Figure 8 strapping system, along with 4 way stretch material to provide a high level of mobility.