Breg Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace

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Breg Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace Review Facts

The Breg has been delivering innovative bodily support Breg ankle brace products since 1989. Over that time they have developed more than 30 patents. The Breg has a small but specialized and high-quality range of Breg ankle brace support and protection products. In this article, we take a closer look at the Breg Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace and all of its perks and benefits.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Made with patented Performathane shell technology

Is an extremely flexible and will not restrict motion

It is a super low profile


They squeak when they are new


The Breg Ultra ankle brace is a lightweight, low profile Breg ankle brace which provides a high level of heel and ankle support. Billed as the most advanced ultra ankle braces on the market, it makes use of Breg’s patented Performathane shell technology to provide a customized form fit. The super low profile makes this an extremely unobtrusive Breg ankle brace. It works seamlessly with all types of sock and shoe wear while delivering the ideal balance between comfort and support.

The Breg Ultra Zoom Ankle brace is the ideal product for sub-acute ankle sprains, chronic ankle stabilities, and prophylactic use. At the same time, it delivers a high level of flexibility and range of movement. This Breg ankle brace gives you a similar level of protection and support to ankle wraps and straps but with more durability. This makes it a great choice for all sports, especially volleyball and basketball. It can be used on either foot and by both genders.

This brace is made with lightweight and flexible Performathane material which will give you superior support with a low profile design. The shell is flexible enough to fit well around either a narrow foot or wide feet. It has a padded liner and forefoot pad to make sure it is a comfortable fit for your injured foot. You can wear this brace in dress shoes or athletic shoes easily. It also has a hinged design which lets you have unrestricted ankle mobility while at the same time restricting twisting and rotation. This brace is handy to have because it will fit on your left or right foot.


The Breg Ultra brace offers excellent support for ankle injuries, keeping it immobilized so you have time to heal. This brace is helpful for sub-acute ankle sprains, chronic ankle instabilities, and prophylactic use. It features a low profile with a flexible material that forms to your ankle for better comfort and protection. It is the perfect balance between support and comfort.
The Ultra brace is a Custom Treatment System that will change from an acute ankle brace to a low profile activity brace and back again. The new removable upright makes treatment and rehabilitation much easier. You can attach the upright when you have an acute ankle injury and detach it when you are ready to return to more activity. The Comfortable Performathane technology helps to custom form to your injured ankle and then constantly reform as the swelling goes down.

This brace will help give you a convenient transition from wearing a walking boot to an ankle-foot brace that extends well above your ankle to give you greater support than traditional ankle braces. The hinged-cuff technology cuts down on excessive inversion and rotation. The PerformaFit upright can be detached when you are ready to return to more activity on your feet. This is a heat-moldable footplate which can be worn on either foot.


They say your ankle does not have to get fit into an Ultra Ankle brace. The brace fits into you. It works to mold and gives you a form fit that makes your brace fit snugly around your ankle. It only takes a moment to put it around your ankle and it stays in place so you do not have to think about it again.

Given its Preformathane technology, its low profile, and the fact that it is flexible, you are not only getting the maximum level of comfort with this brace, you are also getting the perfect amount of stability. How can you go wrong with this brace?

Limitless Protection

When you bind up your ankle in a brace, you limit that ankle’s natural range of motion. This type of support might be great for healing, especially a serious injury, but it can negatively impact your performance in fitness or sports. When you wear an Ultra Zoom brace, you can move in all the natural ways. This brace will only restrict any excessive movement which could lead to injury. You can play better and more, and you will lose less time due to injuries.


The Breg Ultra will support your ankle no matter what you are planning to put it through on a daily basis, whether you are just walking down the street or playing in a big game. You will be able to rely on our brace as if your body depends on it. The Performathane soft shell helps to provide quality support for multiple seasons. It never cracks, breaks, or tears.

Who Uses Breg Ultra

The Breg Ultra ankle brace provides help for a lot of different types of people, users who are on their feet and need a little extra support. There are athletes who play certain sports that have a common incidence of ankle injuries. It may be handy if you play volleyball, football, basketball, soccer, field hockey, and others. Many athletes do not like the old fashioned lace-up style of ankle braces which restrict your ankle’s range of motion and they also loosen and lose support quickly. They will also be helpful for users who need a little more ankle support during the day to day activities because of weak ankles.

Usage Goals

The biggest goal of Breg with these braces is to help you comfortably be able to increase your activity levels even while your ankle is healing. It also strives to give you a maximum amount of protection at just the right angle so you have a range of motion but at the same time your ankle is supported and comfortable so it can heal that much faster.

Hopefully, you get enough support with this brace that you will not have to rely on pain medication and will be able to keep your head clear and go about your daily life. This brace should be able to help improve your joint function in the case of people who have weak ankles. It will also come in handy if you are transitioning from wearing a walker boot, helping your ankle to gain strength as it heals.

Correct Way To Get The Brace On

Putting on an ankle brace is a fairly easy process. Just make sure you follow the instructions on the packaging. We recommend you wear an athletic sock underneath your brace. Doing this will give you more comfort and protection for your ankle. It will prevent rubbing on your skin. Put the brace on loosely so it will not feel too uncomfortable. Doing so will make the process smoother.

Slowly and carefully start strapping it up. Make sure that the pieces of the brace come together at the right angle so your ankle will be comfortable. Watch to see if it overlaps too much or too little to make sure the size is right. Once you have it on, you want to check the fit. Start at the bottom and gently pull it up one more time to make sure you have a snug fit. That is the general tips for putting an ankle brace on.

Tips For Using An Ankle Brace

If you want to extend the lifespan of your ankle brace, try washing it by hand when it needs to be cleaned. Get a large plastic container or tub and fill it with warm water. Add a little mild laundry soap and then let it air dry after you have finished scrubbing. This will help to avoid the wear and tear that would happen if you just threw it in the wash.

Most of the ankle brace sizes correspond to shoe sizes. If you usually wear size and a half, you will want to go down to the size below when you are choosing the size of the ankle brace you need. No matter what brand of ankle brace you are looking for, if you are shopping on a budget and not sure of the size you need, be sure you check the return policy before you actually purchase the brace.

The Final Word

Our favorite Breg ankle brace is the Breg Ultra Zoom Ankle brace, which provides you with Breg’s patented Performathane shell technology, along with a high level of flexibility and a super low profile. In terms of Breg Ultra ankle braces alternatives, the Active Ankle T2 brace is a great choice. The Breg ankle brace delivers a Performance hinge design that is on par with Breg’s Performathane shell technology, along with in-built EVA padding for superior comfort and support.