Umoro One Protein Shaker Bottle Review January 2019

Umoro One Protein Shaker Bottle Review 2019

updated January 1, 2019

Carrying around your water bottle is an essential to keeping hydrated in the gym. But so is having your protein shaker bottle with you. Carrying both of these bottles can be a real hassle. Now, with the Umoro One V3, you don’t have to. The Umoro bottle transforms itself from a standard water bottle to a shaker bottle with the simple push of button, so that you can get your H2O and your protein shaker out of the same bottle. This product, which was featured on Shark Tank, has quickly become a gym favorite.

In this article, we provide an in depth review of the Umoro One V3 shaker protein bottle. We also compare it with 3 alternative protein shakers.

The Umoro V3 Up Close

The Umoro One shaker bottle, now in its third version, is a 3 way unit that provides you with a water bottle, shaker bottle and supplement storage compartment all in one stylish design. The storage compartment is housed in the lid of the bottle, along with your protein powder. The storage capacity is 50cc. Once you have loaded your supplements into the storage compartment, simply lock it tight along with the agitator and you are able to use the bottle as a conventional water bottle.

When you are ready to consume your protein shake, you simply push a button to release the protein powder into the bottle along with the agitator. Give it a good shake and you are ready to drink down your protein.

The Umoro One V3 is a very durable bottle, which is made from odor resistant materials. It is BPA free and has a leak proof design. The ergonomic design fits easily into your hand - and even fits into your car’s cup holder. It comes in a range of lid colors.

The Umoro One V3 will hold up to 600 mls of liquid. The stabilizer rubber base enhances the strength of this bottle, which the Umoro people claim is shatter-proof. However, this is a relatively expensive shaker bottle. Also, quite a few users have a reported strong rubbery odor that persists with this product.


  • Water bottle and shaker bottle
  • Very strong
  • Stabilizer Rubber Baser


  • Expensive
  • Rubbery odor

Umoro V3 Alternatives

FuelShaker Ice Series Shaker Bottle

The FuelShaker Ice Series Shaker Bottle provides you with a similar lid container system as the Umoro One shaker. This allows you to use it as both a water bottle and a protein blender. The design is streamlined and user friendly and all seals are leak proofed for your protection.

The turbine shaped agitator in the FuelShaker gives you a very good mix. In fact, you get less clumpiness with the FuelShaker than you do with the Umoro One. The FuelShaker can be washed in your dishwasher. It is made from resilient PP material which is BPA free. However, it is not quite as rugged as the Umoro One.


  • Turbo shaped agitator
  • Water bottle and shaker bottle in one
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Looks rather flimsy
Fit ‘n Fresh Jaxx Shaker Bottle

The Fit ‘n Fresh Jaxx shaker bottle delivers a very good quality of drink mix by way of its patented heavy agitator. The shape of the bottle also contributes to the mix, ensuring that there is no clumpiness, clogging or residue. The leak proof lid on this bottle gives you peace of mind when it comes to spillages.

The Fit ‘n Fresh Jaxx shaker bottle does not allow for the multi use than the Umoro one bottle does, but it does provide you with a better quality of mix. It also comes with a removable clip, allowing you to hook it onto your gym bag or backpack. It comes in six colors and is BPA free.


  • Patented agitator
  • BPA free
  • Leak proof lid


  • Lid is hard to pop on and off
Gabor Fitness Pro Sports Octomixer

The Gabor Fitness Pro Sports Octomixer gives a superior blend thanks to its powerful blending blade. This enhances the blend and allows you to put pieces of fruit into the mix. You also get extra compartments to house your supplements and protein powder.

The Gabor Fitness Pro has a reliable screw on lid that is guaranteed not to leak. It also features a user friendly lockable flip top. In addition, the Gabor Fitness Pro is BPA free and dishwasher safe. It comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Two storage compartments
  • Patent pending Octomixer
  • Tight screw on lid


  • A little tricky to hand wash


The Umoro One shaker bottle is a uniquely designed multi use bottle that is stylish and functional. It is a little pricey but is very sturdy and reliable. We were also impressed with the FuelShaker Ice Series Shaker Bottle, which provides the same water bottle / shaker bottle mix, but gives you a better blend, thanks to its turbine shaped agitator.

The Umoro V3 Up Close

Our #1. Recommendation

​The Umoro V3 Up Close

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Umoro One Protein Shaker Bottle Review 2019
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