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Editor’s Conclusion
The ProForm Cadence WLT is a super affordable treadmill that will help you shed calories while taking it easy on your bank account.

It may be affordable, but this design provides runners with advanced features such as a Reflex Deck that takes it easy on your joints and plenty of pre-programmed workouts to keep your workouts challenging and engaging.
ProForm Cadence WLT Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Includes 30-day iFit membership
Reflex Deck is kind to your joints
Foldable frame clears up floor space as needed
Built-in thumbprint heart rate monitor
Can reach speeds up to 10 MPH
Includes media rack for your smartphone
Affordable price point
Includes pre-programmed HIIT workouts for all fitness levels


iFit requires a monthly subscription fee
Narrow 16-inch belt
Runs noisily even at lower speeds

Key Features


Working out from home can be a bit of a slog, but the ProForm Cadence WLT treadmill may get you excited to lace up those running shoes. It may not be the most advanced treadmill out there on the market, but it gets the job done.

It provides users with 10-speed adjustments that range from walking to an all-out sprint. If you can run a 6-minute mile, the 10-speed design will be more than enough to consistently hit your goals.

While this treadmill machine is quite fast, it’s important to note that it is equally as noisy. So noisy, in fact, that you can’t quite hold a normal conversation or watch television at an average volume.

When it comes to budget-friendly treadmills, the noise will always be an issue. However, there are a few ways to mitigate the noise. First of all, a good pair of headphones will block out the noise, at least for you! Many runners invested in a treadmill mat, which helped with the noise slightly.

At the end of the day, if you want to save money on an affordable treadmill, noise is something that you will need to learn to live with.


Sure, this treadmill has a few issues, but I absolutely love the unique design of this belt. At first glance, it looks as if it is hovering above the floor. The Reflex Deck is made to absorb the impact as you run to take it easy on your joints.

Running on stiff treadmills often places strain on your joints from hard landings, and the Reflex Deck is designed to craft a nice and soft landing that your joints will thank you for.

As you run, the Reflex Deck will virtually bend under your weight. It may look as if the deck will bend or break, but this feature is intentional (and it won’t break as long as you are under the suggested weight limit).

Running on a flexible deck means that the impact that you make on the ground will be much softer. When you run on a softer and more forgiving surface, you will do less damage to your knees and joints.

This reflexive deck also springs back into place at the top of your gait cycle, which crafts a springy and responsive overall ride.

Many runners found that running on this deck was not only more comfortable, but it was also super fun.


When this treadmill arrives at your door, it may seem a bit intimidating to put together. While some users felt that it was fairly easy to assemble, others ran into a few problems. Proform realizes that this machine may prove to be a little difficult for some to assemble, so they offered a bit of extra help.

ProForm provides a downloadable BILT app that takes you through the assembly process step by step using your smartphone or tablet. This app not only walks you very slowly through the assembly process but also provides 3D photos to ensure that you are assembling it the right way.

To ensure that your treadmill holds up over the years of use, it’s super important that it is set up the right way. If one bolt isn’t tightened properly, you run the risk of damaging your machine.

If you simply don’t want to be bothered with spending the better part of an afternoon assembling a machine, you can always pay a little bit extra to hire pros to assemble your treadmill for you.

It comes at a bit of an extra cost (around the same price as a pair of budget-friendly running shoes) but is well worth it for the peace of mind that your machine was assembled by the experts.


Using the iFit app will help you squeeze the most out of your workouts, but the basic dashboard provides more than enough features to be utilized without it. The screen itself is quite small and doesn’t boast a backlight to be read in low light conditions. This simple screen details your calories burned, distance, as well as speed.

What’s most impressive about this affordable treadmill is that the dashboard also provides pre-programmed HIIT workouts and other interval training options that are designed for beginners all the way up to the expert level.

The dashboard also allows users to adjust the speed of the belt with the press of a button. When engaging in a pre-programmed workout, you can override the suggested speed by simply pressing up or down on the speed button.

The display screen also provides a thumbprint heart rate monitor that will display your heart rate on the screen. While it’s not as accurate as a dedicated heart rate monitor, it will provide you a general idea of your heart rate is in the zone as you run.


The treadmill itself is fairly simple (and affordable!), and doesn’t come equipped with many advanced built-in features like higher-end designs.

However, if you want to transform your budget-friendly machine into something more advanced, I suggest investing in the iFit app. When you purchase your treadmill, Proform includes a 30-day free trial of iFit.

This app offers live workout classes, leaderboards, and even scenic virtual running sessions to transport you around the world (no passport needed!).

It’s important to note that this app requires a monthly membership fee which I don’t love but feel that it is well worth the cost.

If you are in the market for a budget-friendly cardio machine, a monthly membership may not be in the cards. The good news is that this machine provides more than enough built-in features for an effective ride without the iFit app.

This app is designed to keep you motivated and engaged, and helps you get excited to lace up those running shoes and hit the virtual road!


This treadmill will take up a bit of room in your home gym, but it is slightly smaller than other treadmills out there on the market. It measures to be 65.9-inches tall, 46.8-inches wide, and 29.4 inches long. It’s also important to add that the size of the belt is a little narrow. The belt measures to be 16 inches wide and 50 inches long.

While this belt is certainly long enough, the width of the belt may prove to be an issue for some runners. If you have a wider frame, it means that your natural gait cycle could potentially clip the sides of the machine.

For some, runners needed to slightly adjust their natural gait cycle to accommodate this narrow belt.

While most treadmills have a max weight capacity of around 250 pounds, this design is built to hold a little bit more than average. It has a max weight capacity of 275 pounds, which makes this machine a little tougher than similar designs.


When fully assembled, this machine demands a good deal of floor space. However, one of the things that I love about this design is that the belt is able to be folded up against the display screen to clear up floor space as needed.

While it doesn’t exactly flor compactly to slip under a bed or in a closet, it will provide a little extra floor space on CrossFit days or when you need a little extra room for yoga or stretching.


Sure, the ProForm Cadence WLT has a few issues in regard to belt size and noise. However, once you consider the super affordable price point of this machine, you may become a little more forgiving of these slight issues.

Overall, this treadmill is one of the more affordable designs out there on the market. With the addition of the unique joint-thanking Reflex Deck and the helpful onboard display, this treadmill is well worth every penny.

Plus, if you want to upgrade this budget-friendly design to the next level, investing in the iFit app is a great way to get excited to go for a run.


If you are on the hunt for a great treadmill that will help you fit in a great workout at home, the ProForm Cadence WLT is worth checking out. While this machine lands in the budget-friendly category is it packed with innovative features to keep your runs lively, comfortable, and engaging.

Another great product we reviewed is the ProForm Carbon T7, so make sure to check it out as well.

The onboard display is pre-programmed with HIIT workouts that range from the beginner to expert levels, and it provides speed settings that are great for walking or hitting that elusive 6-minute mile.

The Reflex Deck bends under your stride to help protect your joints as well as add an extra spring to your step, which runners really love.

If you want to transform your affordable machine into something that can compete with treadmills from expensive brands such as Peloton, I highly suggest investing in the iFit app.

This app requires a monthly membership fee (often more affordable than a gym membership) and provides live classes, leaderboards, and scenic running trails from around the world.

If you are stuck at home (or just hate driving to the gym) the ProForm Cadence WLT with iFit can transform your home workout space into a place where calories come to die.