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Blender Bottle Shaker Bottle Review Review Facts

One of the most important keys to muscle growth is making sure that you’re getting protein into your body throughout your entire workout regimen. This doesn’t just mean during your exercise routine, but before and after too. It will fast track amino acids directly into the muscle cell, putting you into an anabolic, muscle-building state. Blender bottles make it so you can mix, carry, and consume the proteins your body needs right at the gym. Advanced blender bottle technology now allows you to blend up your shake as effectively as if you were using an electric blender.

In this article, we take a close look at the popular Blender Bottle shaker bottle.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Available in three different sizes

Different models with different, excellent features

Very colorful and bright, with pop-culture logos and cute pictures

BlenderBall featured with every model, allows for smooth mixing

Stain and Odor-resistant

Dishwasher safe, giving you a quick and simple way to clean it

Limited lifetime warranty

Very affordable


The top may become leaky if used as a water bottle

Lid can be a bit difficult to wash

Measurements on the sides are a bit difficult to read


This bottle is a loop top shaker bottle that comes in three sizes: 28, 30 and 32 oz. The size of the bottle you choose may not seem like such an important detail, but it does matter if we're talking about the quantity of liquid you can fit in them. It also matters when you want to take your bottle with you to the gym, or to your vacation, or just outdoors. A big bottle will not fit into every bag out there, and if you get a big bottle you probably won't be able to take it with you. Then again, if you take a large dose of supplements, or if you just enjoy drinking plenty of fluid, a small bottle might not be a good fit for you. Luckily, Blender Bottle gives you the choice, and you can even get all three if you end up liking the bottles that much!


The blender bottle comes with one very, very important accessory, and that is the BlenderBall! The patented mixing system makes use of a high quality 316 surgical grade stainless steel blender ball that is unique to the Blender Bottle brand. And they really hit the nail on the head with this invention! Often, when mixing up various supplement powders with milk, water, juice, or whatever you like to mix your supplements with, you are left with a residue that sticks to your teeth and leaves a weird taste on your tongue. And let's not forget the clumps either! The BlenderBalls unique design means that the ball will simply fly through the liquid and disperse any bit of clumps there, mixing them well with the rest of the drink, and the residue will be minimal, giving you a very tasty drink! But the BlenderBall may struggle a bit when it comes to the notoriously hard to mix protein powders. It will do it, but not without a good amount of elbow grease.

The BlenderBottle comes with a brush which allows you to easily clean each crevice the bottle has, and it's also dishwasher safe so both the ball and the bottle will be squeaky clean every time!


Blender bottles come in a lot of different designs. The basic design is called the Classic. An upgraded version of the classic is the ProSeries. There's also the Radian, the Mantra, licensed Classic bottles, Special editions, Color of the Month editions, and Hydration bottles, which come without the blender ball.

Let's cover some basic features every bottle has. The ergonomically designed flip cap makes it easy to work with and the tapered spout is extremely pour friendly. The lid also has a SpoutGuard, which keeps your dirty fingers away from it, and it features a carry loop for easy transportation. The base of the bottle is rounded (but the edges taper down so don't worry about the bottle flipping over). This means that the BlenderBall will be able to get every last bit of powder mixed in properly, even if you add the liquid first! Every bottle has at least one colorful option for you to choose, and every month they feature new colors to suit your individual preferences.

The ProSeries have an updated lid which has a much wider carry loop, while the flip cap is ergonomic. The Radian has a spout that sits in the center of the lid. The carry loop can be removed if it bothers you, and the seal is super secure. The SportMixer has a rubber mold at the center which envelops it completely, giving you a solid grip. This mold enhances the grip even if it becomes wet, so don't worry about dropping the bottle. The lid is screw-on, making it very secure.

Every blender bottle is odor-resistant thanks to the materials it is made out of but more on that later. Also, every series of bottles have unique designs and colors. You can choose Marvel designs, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Zodiac Signs, just some silly cute designs, and everything else in between. This makes the blender bottles very user-friendly, and you can show your bottle to the world with pride.


The BlenderBall is made out of stainless steel, which remains the same with every bottle model. But the materials chosen for the bottles vary from model to model, and they all bring unique sets of features. The classic bottles, the pro series bottles, and some of the Radian bottles are made out of a special kind of plastic, called Eastman Tritan plastic. This plastic is highly durable, and completely odor-free, even when you use it over and over again.

Some Radian bottles are made out of plastic, some are made out of stainless steel, and some are glass. The stainless steel creates a double-vacuum with the plastic, which keeps your drink cool or hot (but not too hot), depending on the starting temps. The bottle also won't have any condensation. The glass bottle is just that - glass. It has a silicone sleeve though that gives you a secure way to hold it without dropping it down on the ground.


Truth be told, people have had issues with the durability of Blender Bottles. But the bottles themselves do last a really long time, thanks to the excellent material choices. The lids are where the problems lie! They are prone to leaking because they wear down and split, so you might not have the option to use it as a water bottle as time goes by. The bottles do have a limited lifetime warranty though. They also have a LeakProof warranty. This means that if they determine that the bottle leaks during normal use, they will replace your bottle with one that is the same.


The BlenderBottle brand was made popular thanks to its unique steel ball whisk. Steve Sorensen took just one simple piece of wire and formed the unique shape we all know and love today, and voila, the brand was born! His wife then saw the true potential for the ball, and they together formed the brand we're familiar with. Their products can be found all around the world, and they collaborated with many well-known brands that put their logo and designs on the bottles, like Disney.


Portability is a very important aspect of every bottle, simply because they are meant to be used outdoors, not indoors. You will probably want to take your brand new bottle to the gym, or to your run, or even when you hike, and you won't be able to do that if the bottle is big and chunky. BlenderBottles come in three sizes, as mentioned before, and you can choose which size fits you the best. Their lids sport a handy carry loop, which you can attach to your bag and then never worry about losing the bottle. Some bottles allow you to either remove the loop or fold it down, so you can easily fit them in a smaller space.


You would expect that a brand which has a unique feature will make their bottles pricey, but that is simply not true. BlenderBottles are actually incredibly affordable! They are as cheap as 10 dollars or so, and with the lifetime warranty that makes them a real bargain! The Radian bottles are a bit pricier because of the materials used to create them, but they are still really affordable. Even if you struggle with your budget it's likely that you will be able to afford them, and we do believe that the bottles are a worthy investment!


Using a bottle is pretty straightforward, right? Just pour the liquid in, shake everything up and that's it! But it's not as simple as that, and there are some extra precautions you need to take if you want your bottle to last a long time. First, remember that all parts of the bottle are dishwasher safe, but lace them on the top rack only. After you're done using the bottles, rinse them with warm water to prevent odors. Do not ever microwave, boil, or freeze the bottles! They are not freezer safe. Also, do not pour any hot liquids in. Avoid using carbonated drinks as well. Liquids such as these can cause the internal pressure to rise, popping the lid open and spraying the liquid all around, which is the last thing you need.


One thing that the BlenderBottles do well is color! The materials they are made out of are very color friendly, and you can find bottles in every color of the rainbow. Even the steel varieties have a bit of color to them. There is a myriad of brands and logos to choose from, and you can express your likes with the bottles with ease.

The Final Word

BlenderBottles are so popular for good reasons. One, they are reasonably priced, and they can be afforded by almost everyone. Two, they have a (limited) lifetime guarantee, so even if you do get a defective bottle, or it starts leaking, you can simply replace it and get a new one whenever you see fit. The bottles are odor and stain-resistant, and they are BPA and phthalate-free. They are dishwasher safe, so you have no excuse in not keeping them clean! They are colorful and bright and made out of different materials which suit your needs. And most importantly, they all feature the Blender ball, which allows you to mix your drinks evenly and with ease.

With that being said, the bottles do have some issues with the lids being leaky, and the numbers on the sides may be a bit difficult to read at times, but these issues are nothing compared to the pros of the bottles, and if you're looking for your next bottle, we do believe that the BlenderBottle should be at the top of your list!