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The Maxi Climber Fully Reviewed – Garage Gym Builder Review Facts

When it comes to cardio training, your choice of equipment is endless. There are steppers, cross trainers, rowing machines and countless other devices all vying for your attention. Yet, there is one machine that has been receiving a lot of positive attention due to its ability to dramatically improve your cardio fitness AND your strength and muscle tone. It is called MaxiClimber. In this article, we will show you a close up look at the MaxiClimber so you can decide if it is a wise fitness investment for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons

It includes a users manual, maxi diet, and exercise plan

It offers a low impact on your knees and ankles so it is good for users with joint issues

It has isometric non-stick grips for hands and textured foot pedals


The resistance cannot be adjusted


The MaxiClimber happens to be the original vertical climber and is still one of the best pieces of equipment to give you an effective, full-body workout. This training system takes up very little space and is made of stainless steel for durability. Since it is vertical, the footprint is limited. This machine has textured pedals to keep your feet in place and textured, foam handlebars to keep your hands secure and comfortable. The digital counter helps you keep track of how you are doing. This training system comes with a users manual and a maxi diet and exercise plan.


You can adjust the stride length of the MaxiClimber which allows you to target specific muscle groups. If you are looking to hammer the glutes shorten your stride length. To really go for the quads and calves lengthen the stride out. The same concept applies to the upper body. To put more emphasis on the lats and deltoids, lengthen the arm stride so that every stride simulates a single arm pull up.

The MaxiClimber is an amazingly functional machine. It works your upper and lower body at the same time so you truly get a full-body workout. The MaxiClimber movement is very natural one that engages your core, boosts your heart rate and allows you to get the most from the time and energy that you invest. Because you are moving in a vertical motion, your heart is having to work that little bit harder to keep a blood supply to your arms.​


One of the huge benefits of this equipment is that it is joint-friendly, giving you a good cardio workout without pounding on your joints. The machine suspends you in space so your feet do not come in contact with the ground. That really saves on your ankles and knees. This vertical climber also burns plenty of calories every time you exercise. Research has revealed that doing a 20-minute session on it burns twice as many as calories as the same length of time on a treadmill.


The MaxiClimber has been ergonomically designed which will let you train with the perfect anatomical body alignment. The isometric non-stick grips are ideally angled as well for the best upper body positioning.

The makers of this exercise equipment made sure that each piece of this equipment has been constructed and calculated so precisely that it will provide the ultimate level of comfort throughout your workout. It comes with isometric grips that are non-stick to help make your workouts more comfortable. It will also reduce the pain and calluses your hands might otherwise experience. This climber is sturdy and can hold a weight of 240 pounds. It will provide you with 5 adjustable height settings. This allows you to customize the machine to fit your precise requirements.

Easy To Use

It is solidly designed and uses high spec steel framing. It is lightweight and easy to put together. The machine actually arrives partially pre-assembled so you can easily put it together by yourself in a matter of minutes. The MaxiClimber is also very compact, making it an ideal option for people who have limited space available to house their home fitness equipment. It also folds up so you can easily store it in a closet or under your bed when it's not in use. No additional equipment is needed to construct the MaxiClimber. It comes almost completely pre-assembled so you can very easily put it together.

It offers adjustable height, so you have the ability to choose 1 of the 5 different height settings, which means that you can find the height that works best for you, making it that much easier to reach those fitness goals you have. With this kind of option, this piece of exercise equipment is universal and can be used by just pretty much anybody regardless of their height or size.


It is important to have a durable vertical climber like the MaxiClimber since this sleek piece of equipment is going to be holding your entire body weight and you want confidence it is going to hold you steadily and securely. This climber is made of high spec stainless steel framing. It will support up to 240 pounds. It is light yet durable.

Full Body Workout

The MaxiClimber helps your coordination and agility, working for different muscle groups at the same time. It works on your cardio and strength training while working on several joints and muscle groups in your upper body, core, and lower body. The alternating leg movement works on your glutes, quads, hamstrings and lower abdomen. Your body stability is maintained by core muscles. Your arms, chest, and shoulders will also get a workout from the movements.

Automatic Timer

The MaxiClimber comes equipped with a workout timer that can help you track your overall progress and status throughout your entire workout. This timer is accurate and will help you by displaying not only the overall amount of time you spent working out, but it will also track how many calories you burned and exactly how many steps you took during your workout. The timer can be such a helpful feature that will help you keep track of your fitness progress. It will give you the motivation to work even harder during every session so you can reach those fitness goals in no time at all.

The timer turns on immediately when you start your workout session, so there is no need to worry about hassling with manual dials. You will not have to worry that you will forget to turn on the timer before you start workout out or during your exercise on the MaxiClimber.


This product includes a courtesy training DVD. It will show you all of the various workouts you will be able to execute with this versatile exercise tool. You will also receive guidance about the workouts which are the best ones for your weight loss or fitness goals. The company also gives you a helpful meal plan that comes with a tracking chart, which will help make setting and tracking your weight loss that much easier. If you are focused on trying to lose weight with this workout, you will find the diet plan is especially helpful.

Fitness App

The MaxiClimber also has a designated and motivating mobile app that can be downloaded for free for both iOS and for Android users. The app has a unique 21-day challenge program which is designed to help you stay motivated and engaged in your training. You can also receive advice from fitness coaches to help you along your way. Equipped with a meal plan for the 21 days as well and containing over 80 different recipes, this will help you get into shape in no time at all. This mobile app was designed to help you keep track of your progress in reaching your fitness and weight loss goals.


A natural question you ask when trying to choose the right kind of fitness equipment is if it really works. We found plenty of reviews, blogs, and articles written by people who actually purchased the MaxiClimber and who are satisfied with the results that they saw. Most people brag about the weight they lost thanks to this exercise tool, as well as overall strength and muscle gain.

As with any type of exercise routine or any exercise equipment, you should pay attention to what you are eating and try your best to be as consistent as possible when it comes to your workouts. If you find yourself struggling following the training DVD and adhering to the included meal plan can go a long way into helping you reach new fitness levels. There is also a downloadable Fitness App that can help you keep on track as well. It has an option for taking part in a 21-day diet and workout challenge. It makes things much easier and keeps you motivated.

The Final Word

MaxiClimber is the original and patented vertical climber, so you want to opt for the original right? It is lightweight, but durable enough to hold your entire body weight and give you a full-body workout. Including the app and the DVD, you have everything you need to easily reach your fitness goals. If for some reason you find you are not satisfied with the experience or results, you can return it and get your money refunded thanks to the 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

The MaxiClimber does not require you to use any heavy weights or other equipment. The only thing that you need is your own bodyweight for working out. This makes it is safer than other fitness gear. It also means you do not have to worry about the impact on your joints which poses less risk of strains and injuries.

If you happen to be vigilant and use the MaxiClimber regularly, we are convinced you will find yourself losing weight consistently. Your body will also become much more toned and strong. If you are looking for an effective, compact workout for your entire body, consider going with the original, The MaxiClimber.