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updated January 1, 2019

When it comes to cardio training, your choice of equipment is endless. There are steppers, cross trainers, rowing machines and countless other devices all vying for your attention. Yet, there is one machine that has been receiving a lot of positive attention due to its ability to dramatically improve your cardio fitness AND your strength and muscle tone.

It’s called the MaxiClimber.

In this article we take a close up look at the MaxiClimber to discover if it’s a wise fitness investment for you. We’ll also compare it with a few alternative model vertical climbers.

What is the MaxiClimber?

Home Gym Vertical Climber Review

The MaxiClimber is a vertical training device that simulates the actions taken by rock climbers. In doing so, it engages all of the muscles used in climbing, giving you a complete workout from head to toe.

This unique exercise machine accommodates all levels of fitness and age groups because it allows you to either walk, jog, run or sprint vertically with various stride lengths and speeds.

Climbing vertically against a resistance burns more calories and fat than any other type of exercise.​

To begin using the MaxiClimber place your hands in the stationary side handles. Always step on the lowest pedal fist. Step up onto the other pedal and bring the feet to an even level position. Now set the handle bars at shoulder level. This is the starting point. You are now in complete control of your step speed, height and length.​

What Comes with Your Purchase?

When you purchase the MaxiClimber you get the following:

  • The MaxiClimber Training System
  • Digital Counter
  • User Manual
  • Maxi Diet and exercise plan

MaxiClimber Pros

  • Versatility

The stride length adjustment of the MaxiClimber allows you to target specific muscle groups. If you want to hammer the glutes shorten your stride length. To really go for the quads and calves lengthen the stride out. The same concept applies to the upper body. To put more emphasis on the lats and deltoids, lengthen the arm stride so that every stride simulates a single arm pull up.

The MaxiClimber is an amazingly functional machine. It works both your upper and lower body at the same time. The MaxiClimber movement is very natural one that engages your core, boosts your heart rate and allows you to get the most from the time and energy that you invest. Because you are moving in a vertical motion, your heart is having to work that little bit harder to supply the blood to your arms.​

  • Joint Friendly

Not only does the MaxiClimber provide you with a great cardiovascular workout, it does so without any pounding on your joints. You are actually suspended in space so your feet don’t come into contact with the ground at all. That’s good news for your ankles and knees.

  • Calorie Burn

​The MaxiClimber burns a whole lot of calories. Research reveals that a 20-minute session on it can burn 206% more calories than the same length of time on a treadmill. In fact, the VersaClimber is like having three cardio machines in one. You can use it as a stair stepper where the total focus is on the legs, as an upper body ladder climber or as a multifunction total body trainer.

  • Rehabilitation​

It is an ideal rehabilitative machine. The natural fluidity of the action, coupled with it’s non impact nature, means that there’s nothing better for people coming back from injury or illness.

  • Rehabilitation​

It is solidly designed and uses high spec steel framing. It is lightweight and easy to put together. The machine actually arrives partially pre-assembled so you can easily put it together by yourself in a matter of minutes. The MaxiClimber is also very compact, making it an ideal option for people who have limited space available to house their home fitness equipment. No additional equipment is needed to construct the MaxiClimber.

  • Ergonomic Design

It has been ergonomically designed to allow you to train with the best anatomical body alignment. The isometric non-stick grips have been ideally angled for the best upper body positioning.

  • Foldable Design

It has a foldable design that means that it can easily be stored away in a cupboard or under a bed when not in use. The MaxiClimber weighs just 33 pounds, without the packaging.​

  • Cost Effective

It provides you with an awesome workout at a very impressive price point. In fact, it is less than half the price of many competing home cardio trainers.

  • Adjustable Height Settings

It provides you with 5 adjustable height settings. This allows you to customise the machine to fit your precise requirements.

  • Very Quiet Operation

When compared to other home cardio options such as a treadmill or an elliptical machine, is is incredibly quiet to operate. That means that you can work out right alongside someone who is watching TV.​

  • Warranty

Your purchase of the MaxiClimber comes with a 12-month warranty.​

MaxiClimber Cons

  • ​Need Shoes: When you train on the MaxiClimber you need to be wearing shoes. That’s because the pedals feature studded indentations which will feel very uncomfortable in bare feet.​
  • Head Clearance: Although it is a very compact unit with a conservative foot print, you will need a minimum of eight feet of head clearance. That may be difficult for people in small apartments or who have their gym in the basement.​
  • Limited User Weight: The maximum user weight is 240 pounds. That means that larger bodybuilders will not be able to use it to strip off body fat.
  • Timer Function: It does provide you with a built-in timer. However, you can only check the timer before or after your workout.
  • May Wobble: If you use it properly, the it is very stable and rigid. However, if you use bad form or posture on the machine, it is likely to wobble slightly.​
  • No Added Resistance Levels: With the MaxiClimber, there is no provision for adding resistance levels to your workout. That means that, once you attain to a certain fitness level, you are unable to further increase the intensity of the workout. It will still provide you with a great workout, but you won’t be able to keep getting incrementally fitter.​

MaxiClimber FAQ

Vertical Climber Review

Is the MaxiClimber Safe?

Yes. it uses your body weight in a non-impact motion that puts no stress on your joints. This makes it far safer than most other home cardio options.

I’m not into intense exercise - will the MaxiClimber be too much for me?

No. The MaxiClimber is suited for all fitness and ability levels. The level of exertion is dependent upon how hard you choose to work on the machine, so you are always in control.

Where should the MaxiClimber be positioned?

Put it on a flat, stable surface. Do not use it on a rug or piece of carpet that may move around while the machine is in action.

How should I position myself on the MaxiClimber?

Be sure to always maintain an upright position when using the MaxiClimber. Never lean back on the machine as this may cause it to wobble.

MaxiClimber Alternatives

With the huge popularity of the MaxiClimber, it’s not surprising that there have been a number of similar products enter the market over the last couple of years. Let’s take a look at two of them.

Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper Review

Sunny Folding Stepper

The Sunny Folding Climber Stepper is a vertical stepper that comes with two adjustable cylinders, allowing you to adjust your training resistance level. However the resulting movement is not as natural as what you get on the MaxiClimber. This results in what is sometimes a staggered, jerky motion.

On the positive side, the Sunny Folding Climber Stepper provides you with a better display unit than that on the MaxiClimber. It gives you with an ongoing readout of your calories, general scan, count and stopwatch with timer. Overall, however, we prefer the MaxiClimber due to its more natural mountain climbing action and smooth, seamless range of motion.

'Relife Rebuild Your Life' Vertical Climber

Vertical Climber Review

The Relife Rebuild Your Life Vertical Climber is a more modest vertical climber than the MaxiClimber. This is a budget model that features heavy duty construction and makes use of the Eddy Current Brake resistance system that translates to a very natural exercise motion.

You also get a basic console that gives you the key training diagnostics that you need (however, there is no heart rate monitor). It also has 5 levels of resistance.

Merax Vertical Climber Review

Home Gym Climber Review

The Merax Vertical Climber is a compact, folding climbing machine that allows you to vary the intensity of your workout by varying the height and length of each reach and stride. The square steel tube design ensures stability when you train. The LCD digital workout timer monitors time, speed, distance and calories burned.

The 5-step adjustable height with isometric non-stick grips means that this machine can be used by all body types. The user weight capacity of the Merax Vertical Climber is 350 pounds.

Feierdun Vertical Climber

Climbing Machine Review

The Feierdun Vertical Climber is a slimline but solid vertical climber made from durable square steel tubing. The durable frame construction can take up to 40 pounds of user weight. The 5 level adjustment height with isometric non-stick grips is suitable for all body-types.The folding design is convenient and easy to store.

Your purchase comes with a 30-day guarantee and a 2-year warranty. It arrives 90 percent pre-assembled, so you can use it in minutes.

Your Body Deserves the MaxiClimber

You’ve only got one life and you’ve only got so much time. When you’re ready to give your physique the type of serious, results producing training that it deserves, it’s time to step it up to the MaxiClimber. Your body will never look back.

Maxi Climber

Our #1. Recommendation

Maxi Climber

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