Best Pedal Exercisers You Can Use At Your Desk

updated January 1, 2019

Finding the time to exercise is a constant challenge, especially when doing cardio work. By combining your workout with your work, however, you are able to conquer the time challenge in the most innovative of ways. Desk cycle pedal exercisers allow you to exactly that. But beware – many of the products out there are simply cheap rubbish. In this article we point you to the 10 best desk cycle pedal exercisers on the 2019 market.

A Quick Overview of the Best Pedal Exercisers

The best desk pedal exerciser that we found is the Desk cycle, with it’s 8 calibrated resistance settings, smooth magnetic resistance and bi-directional pedal motion. We were also impressed by the Platinum Fit Sit Deluxe, which offers Cool Rev overheating technology and comes in a cool color range.

Our third favorite is the Sunny Health and Fitness BF-0418, which provides 8 levels of magnetic resistance in a very solid, stylish design.

To make it easy for you to compare the best desk cycles, we’ve rated the top 10 on the basis on price and durability and then given each one an overall rating out of 10. In the section that follow, we provide a full review of each pedal exerciser.

The Best Bikes In-Depth

#1. Desk Cycle

Desk Cycle

The Desk Cycle pedal exerciser packs a lot of functionality into a small space. Being only 10 inches at its maximum height it can fit under any desk, even ones as low as 27 inches. With 8 calibrated resistance settings, you get twice as much capability as most other pedal exercisers on the market. The magnetic resistance of the Desk Cycle provides smooth fluid pedal operation without the stuttering that is common with pedal exercisers.

The monitor on the Desk Cycle provides a clear display of your vital training data, including speed, distance, time, and calories burned. The pedals have adjustable straps to allow for a secure foot hold. The bidirectional pedal motion allows you to effectively work every muscle group on your lower body.


  • Compact to fit under any desk
  • 8 resistance settings
  • Fluid pedal motion


  • A little noisy

#2. Fit Sit Deluxe

Fit Sit Deluxe Folding Pedal Exerciser

The Platinum Fit Sit Deluxe can be used to strengthen both the legs and arms, for both general fitness and rehabilitation. It has a centrally located LCD monitor that provides you with readouts of your time, distance, calories burned, rpm and speed. Patented Cool Rev technology ensures that the unit doesn’t overheat, which is a common problem with pedal exercisers. The sturdy frame on this unit folds easily for compact storage.

Fit Sit Deluxe uses a magnetic form of resistance to provide a smooth operation. Includes is an anchor strap which will keep the unit securely in place as you are using it. The Fit Sit is available in a range of color options.


  • Cool Rev Overheating technology
  • Anchor strap
  • Range of colors


  • Too high for some desks

#3. Sunny B-0418

Sunny B-0418

The Sunny Health and Fitness B-0418 pedal exerciser is a stylish unit that comes in grey and has a handy carry handle on top. It features 8 levels of micro-tension adjustable resistance by way of a centrally located front knob. Safety pedals have adjustable straps and are ergonomically designed to work with both the hands and feet. The unit is solid and has sturdy feet to keep it level and in place as you pedal.

With a 220 pound max user weight, the Sunny Health and Fitness B-0418 is built to perform. It is easy to assemble and extremely portable. The Sunny pedal exerciser provides a smooth, natural pedaling experience that feels like you’re actually riding a bike.


  • 8 levels of resistance
  • Very solid unit
  • 220 pound max user weight


  • A little noisy until it is ‘broken in’
Ancheer Mini Exercise Bike

#4. Ancheer Mini Exercise Bike

The Ancheer mini exercise bike is a minimalistically designed unit that is very functional and extremely lightweight. It has a tension control on the top of the unit that allows you to quickly adjust the tension setting. The machine comes with a band to allow you to secure it to your desk or table. In addition, is ha non-slip rubber feet to ensure that it doesn’t slide around when you are pedaling.

The Ancheer mini exerciser is the most portable and light weight pedal machine we found, making it ideal to carry with you when you are traveling. It folds down to fit in your carry case and weighs just a few pounds. It is also extremely good value for money.


  • Very lightweight
  • Top mounted tension control
  • Band for extra stability


  • May be too tall for some desks

#5. Stamina In Motion

Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

The Stamina In Motion Elliptical Trainer is an extremely versatile, low impact way to get in your cardio workout wen you’re on the go. The multi resistance tension knob allows you to smoothly adjust the resistance up or down to suit your desired intensity level. A conveniently located multi function fitness monitor keeps track of your calories burned, speed, time and distance, allowing you to scan through these statistics.

The pedals on the Stamina in Motion are textured to provide a firmer grip to your feet. This means you can pedal harder without the fear of your foot slipping. You also get bi-directional pedaling so that you can work every muscle in your legs. This unit is available in three color options.


  • Textured pedals
  • 3 color options
  • Multi resistance


  • Needs lubrication to prevent squeaking

#6. Magne Trainer-ER

Magne Trainer-ER

The Magne Trainer-ER is a sturdy pedal exerciser with a plastic encased base. It provides a very smooth pedaling experience by way of the patented magnetic resistance system. In fact, it offers you up to twice the range of resistance levels that you get from most of the competition. The wide base and legs give this unit an unequalled level of stability, allowing you to go hard without fear of the machine moving around.

Adjustable Velcro straps on the pedals allow secure feet or hands placement as you are exercising. The monitor on top of the unit provides a readout of you vital training data. Magne Trainer-ER is an ideal unit for people who want a serious cardio challenge as well as those requiring physical therapy.


  • Very solid
  • Extensive range of resistance levels
  • Wide base


  • Heavy
  • Too tall for some desks

#7. EVA Medical Pedal Exerciser

The EVA Medical Pedal exerciser has a stylish chrome frame and comes pre assembled. This unit is specifically designed for rehabilitative and physical therapy use and has been medically approved for those purposes. This is a basic unit which is very lightweight. It is just as effective as an arm exerciser as it is for legs. The tension is adjustable by way of a centrally located knob.

The robust chrome frame of the EVA pedal exerciser has been ergonomically designed to provide stability and to give an effective rehabilitative workout. Unlike other pedal exercisers which have multiple parts connected by screws, this is a one piece design that ensures solid, reliable performance.


  • Designed for rehab use
  • Lightweight
  • Solid chrome frame


  • When pedaling hard, the unit may move

#8. Confidence Fitness Motorized

Confidence Fitness Motorized pedal exerciser

The Confidence Fitness Motorized pedal exerciser is a motor assisted unit that is ideal for rehabilitative work as well as general fitness. It features 12 adjustable speed settings to give you the choice you need to exercise at the intensity you desire. When your fitness level increases you can switch the unit to manual setting to remove the electronic assistance. The Confidence exerciser works equally well with legs and arms.

The built-in computer gives you 5 built-in exercise programs, that range from 5 to 30 minutes in length. There is also a manual program for you to set yourself. The monitor provides a rolling display of all of your vital training data. The pedals are non-slip and come with adjustable straps.


  • 12 adjustable speed settings
  • Motor assistance option
  • 6 exercise programs


  • May not have enough max resistance for some users

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#9. Leopold Mini Cycle

Leopold Mini Cycle

The Leopold mini cycle is a compact, solid, yet lightweight, unit that provides a gentle exercise solution for rehab purposes. It can also be used for general fitness, providing a range of resistance levels by way of a centrally located knob. The pedaling motion is low impact and smooth, being free of the jerkiness that is common with many pedal exercisers.

A monitor is featured on the top of the unit, giving your readout of you time distance, calories burned, and speed. The Leopold mini cycle is a stable, robust unit that can be placed under a desk or on a table for use as an arm exerciser. It may not, however, provide enough resistance for seasoned exercisers.​


  • Solid yet lightweight
  • Smooth pedal motion
  • Range of resistance levels


  • Not enough resistance for experienced users

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Here are some of the exercises you can do at your office desk:​

#10. Therapy Trainer Therapy Cycle

Therapy Trainer Therapy Cycle

The Therapy Trainer Therapy cycle is rehabilitative, physical therapy cycle that is used and recommended by fitness professionals all over the world. This unit provides a huge range of resistance levels, from 0 to nearly 170 watts. The magnetic resistance ensures an extremely smooth, jerk free pedaling motion. The wide base and solid componentry of the Therapy Trainer ensure that this unit sits solidly on the floor without wobbling as you are exercising.

The Therapy Trainer features a smaller spindle size on the pedals than you find on most machines. This makes the pedaling motion easier on your joints during rehab training. Even though designed for rehab, this cycle will provide a challenging workout for anyone.


  • Specially designed by medical professionals for rehab
  • Huge resistance range
  • Smaller spindle size easier on the joints


  • Quite expensive

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The best desk exercise bike of 2019 is the Desk Cycle, providing 8 levels of calibrated resistance, n impressively smooth pedaling experience and bi-directional motion to work all of your lower body muscles. Our second favorite is the Platinum Fit Sit Deluxe, with its patented overheating system, smooth functionality and range of color options.

Pour bronze medal winner is the Sunny Health and Fitness BF-0418, offering 8 resistance levels, sturdy design and impressive looks.​

Desk Cycle

Our #1. Recommendation

Desk Cycle

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