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Editor’s Conclusion
Rogue power racks are great, but they can take up quite a bit of room in your home gym. The great thing about the Rogue RML-3WC is that it folds back into your wall to clear up some valuable floor space as needed. Personally, I love that it mounts to your wall (as opposed to freestanding racks) that provides an added layer of stability and confidence when engaging in heavy compound lifts such as squats.

It takes a little bit of time and effort to secure it properly, but the extra effort is well worth it in the long run. It boasts classic West Coast J-hook spacing, and a simple pull-up bar along the top for added bodyweight exercises. You can also select from a variety of bright rig color options to add a pop of flair to your home workout space.

Below, I wanted to dive into all of the details of this power rack that makes it a great addition to your home workout space.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Mounts to your wall for added stability
Bright color options available
West Coast ped spacing
Pull up bar included
Includes plastic caps to protect your floor
Easy to adjust


Slightly expensive
Difficult to set up

Key Features


In true Rogue fashion, this design is composed of some pretty tough materials that are made to stand the test of time. The entire rig is composed of US steel that is manufactured in the United States. The central frame is made from 3x3-inch 11 gauge steel with a sleek matte finish that is resistant to rust when used in humid climates. The hardware to assemble the frame is included with purchase and is SAE grade 5 bolt hardware that is insanely strong and secure when mounted properly.

I also love that the West Coast spacing is laser cut for a perfect fit, and this set comes with Strong J-Cups that are able to accommodate quite a bit of weight. This basic model is also compatible with most Rogue rack accessories, so be sure to check out all of the add-ons before you load up your cart!


What makes this rack stand out from other racks out there on the market is that it is able to be completely folded. It comes with a few different size base bars that allow you to adjust how far your rack sits out from the wall. These bars pop out easily with a pair of pins and stay securely in place as you train.

When you need to clear up floor space, the entire frame folds up flush with the wall. Simply pull out the bright orange stabilization pins, and push the rig inwards and back up against your wall. These adjustments are incredibly quick and allow users to fold it in completely in a matter of minutes.

Unlike other foldable workout gear, this rack is just as strong and secure as other static floor models. You won’t have to worry about sacrificing convenience with stability when opting for the Rogue RML-3WC!


It may be small, but it is made for all of the same lifts and exercises as all of the full-size racks in the Rogue store. It boasts a set of West Coast holes that run from the top of the rig all the way to the bottom. Pimply pace your J-hooks on the proper spot to find a height that is perfect for your lift. It is ideal not only for squats and ben presses, but the bottom catch-bar can also be used for deadlifts as well!

A power rack would also be incomplete without the addition of a pull-up bar along the top. This pull-up bar included with this power rack is fairly simple and straightforward without a lot of extra bells and whistles. It has a narrow grip that is ideal for all users and doesn’t include extra knurling. As someone that is vertically challenged, I love that I can also adjust the height of the pull-up bar so that I don’t have to jump up to grab it love other racks!


Things get a little more complicated when it comes to putting it together. While it comes with a set of hardware and easy-to-follow instructions, it can prove to be a little difficult. Unlike free-standing models, this design needs to be anchored to the wall. Rogue recommends consulting a contractor to ensure that the studs on your wall are up to the task of holding some pretty heavyweights. However, I found that many users skipped this step and ran into a few problems.

If you feel that you are a little unskilled when it comes to a toolbox, I recommend employing the pros to properly mount your rack. It is super important that the rack be assembled correctly to prevent it from breaking, or failing on you in the middle of a squat!


The best feature of this design is that it boasts a super small footprint, folded or unfolded. If you are working with limited floor space in your home gym, this is one of your very best options. When unfolded, it still takes up far less room than standard freestanding power racks. It comes with various base arms that measure to be 9, 21, and 41 inches. If you want to stick close to the wall, the 9-inch arm is your best option.

If you need to pull it farther from the wall, the 41-inch arm is a great choice, and also serves as a good catch bar in the event of fail out.


Performance and functionality is king when talking about workout equipment, but it’s hard not to be wooed by the sleek style of this machine. The matte black design of many of the Rogue machines looks sharp in any home gym, but the addition of custom color options really caught my eye. You can select from a wide variety of paint options that include anything from bright blue, green, red, orange, white, and gray.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a cheap cosmetic paint job. Users that have beat up their equipment over the years found little signs of chipping and wear and tear even under pretty extreme circumstances. The best part? This paint job doesn’t cost extra!


As with any piece of Rogue workout equipment, this rack doesn’t come cheap. However, when you compare the price tag of this rack to other freestanding models on their website, it is surprisingly affordable. In fact, this is one of the more affordable options available from Rogue, and it is still able to tackle some of the higher weight capacity as the more expensive designs. If you are really looking to save a couple of hundred bucks, the Rogue RML-90Slim rack is the most affordable Rogue option, but it isn’t built nearly as tough as the RML-3WC.

Comparison to Previous Versions

The naming system for these racks has much to be desired. The odd naming makes it a little difficult to distinguish between different designs based upon name alone. To break it down, RML stands for Rack Monster Lite. This is the foldable version of the RM-3 and RM-4 (Rack Monster 3 and Rack Monster 4). The Rack monsters have all of the same design features and West Coast peg spacing, but they are a full-sized floor model, which means they will take up quite a bit of room. Plus, these designs aren’t foldable like the RML-3WC.

It is also important to note that the RM-3 and RM-4 are also twice as expensive as the RML-3WC. These frames are a little more versatile when compared to the RML-3WC, which means that you can engage in more styles of lifts with the full-size floor unit. However, if you need something strong and sturdy for squats that don’t take up as much floor space (and won’t drain your checking account) the RML-3WC is a great choice.


If you are running low on room in your home gym but you still need a strong and effective power rack for squats, deads, and pull-ups, this design from Rogue is one of your best options. I love that it is made of the same strong and sturdy steel frame as the full-size models, but it is able to be quickly folded up against your wall to clear up a good deal of floor space. While it boasts a more budget-friendly price tag compared to the RM-4, it still provides custom colors, West Coast spacing, and heavy-duty J-cups just like its more beefy and expensive counterparts.

It’s important to note, however, that the overall weight capacity depends upon the strength of the studs on your wall. Rogue recommends asking your contractor how much weight the studs in your home can actually hold. If you aren’t looking to break any powerlifting world records, or if you just want to for casual high-rep lifts, it shouldn’t be an issue.