Rogue R4 Power Rack Review 2019

updated January 1, 2019

If you’re going to dedicate space in your home for a gym, then you need to set the proper foundation. That foundation is undoubtedly the power rack. A quality power rack will allow you the ability to perform brutal workouts safely and efficiently, while offering an impressive array of movement options to hit your entire body.

When it comes to power racks, the range of home fitness options runs the gamut from shoddy to superb. When it came time for me to go shopping for my own rack, I hedged my bets by focusing on a supplier with an international reputation for superb home training equipment; Rogue Fitness. I quickly zeroed in in the Rogue 4. Now, a few months down the track it’s time to assess whether I made a wise choice.

rogue r4 power rack

Power Rack Buying Considerations

One of the major benefits of a power rack is that it allows you to train safely in your own home without a spotter. Therefore, it is vital that your rack has the features to keep you safe when you’re under the heavy iron. Here’s what you need to look out for:

  • Solid Construction – you need a rack that is built like a tank. When you’ve got a unit that is virtually bomb-proof, you will be able to train in total confidence.
  • Hole Spacing – in many power racks the holes are just too wide apart. You might be able to get away with two inch spacings for squats, but when you’re benching you need them to be half that distance apart.
  • Overall Size – the overall footprint of the rack has got to be practical for your space. You don’t want it too narrow or you won’t be able to work inside it with a bench and dumbbells. But neither can it be too big or it will crowd out the rest of your gear. Make sure that it is not too high for the room (remember that you need space above the unit for doing pull up movements).
  • Innovative Extras – A rack that includes more than one pull up bar, features pins for bands and straps and has dipping bars will enhance the usability of the unit no end.

The Rogue R4 Power Rack Up Close

The Rogue Infinity range of power racks feature the R3, R4 and R6 models. Check out our R3 review here. The R4 is their mid range model and is ideally suited for a home gym application. The R3, while a solid unit, is a little narrow at just 24 inches between the two ends. On the other hand, the R6 takes up too much space and will dominate the room at the expense of the rest of your gear. The R4 is the happy place in between with 43 inches between the front and back of the unit.

Let’s take a look at the product specs for the R4:

  • Constructed from 2” x 3” 11 gauge steel
  • 5/8” inch bolts and fasteners
  • Westside hole pattern
  • Single Pull-up Bar in Front
  • Fat/Skinny Pull-up Bar at Back
  • Comes with J-Cups, Pin safeties and band pegs

Rogue R4 Power Rack Pros and Cons​


  • Westside Hole Pattern – throughout the bench press and clean range the rack provides one inch hole spacing. Above and below that range it widens to 2 inch spacings. This is ideal for the movements within those ranges.
  • Width – the 43 inch inner working space allows you to comfortably work inside the unit with a bench and dumbbells without feeling constricted. You will also be able to do Sumo squats.
  • Solid Construction – this unit is as sturdy as anything you’ll find in a commercial gym, giving you total peace of mind when you’re moving the heavy iron.
  • Extras and Accessories – from the two pull up bars to the optional dip station and the multi-grip cross-member chin up bar there are plenty of extras to extend your workout.


  • No Spotter arms – the R4 features the conventional pipe and pin safety system. This is a hassle to set up. You can purchase a pair of spotter arms to replace them but it would be nice if they came as standard issue.
  • The uprights may not be high enough to enable a tall guy (over 6’ 3”) to do pull ups.
  • The holes are not numbered, which would make life just a little easier when quickly changing positions.
  • The unit needs to be bolted in place to attain maximum rigidity.

Features and Benefits

  • Hole Spacing – The correct hole spacing allows you to set the exact starting position for your lift. This is vital to properly hitting the target muscle. The Westside system provides for intricate adjustment on exercises involving the torso. It then widens out to two inches on the squat and deadlift ranges of the rack. This is sensible and practical.
  • Fat/Skinny Bar – The Fat/skinny bar allows you to perform a variety of pull up movements with a variety of grips. This is a fantastic way to develop strength and mass in the forearms.
  • Band Pegs – The rack features holes and pins for attachment of bands at both the top and the bottom of the rack. This allows you to do band assisted work from every angle.
  • Solid Steel Construction – The 2” x 3” 11 gauge solid steel construction which is common to the Rogue Infinity Range makes for a power rack that looks and feels bomb proof! It will handle up to 1000 pounds of weight, so there are no fears of this unit buckling under the pressure. When bolted to the floor it is as solid as a tank.
  • Laser Cutting – The holes on the entire Infinity range are laser cut for precision. This means that you will have hassles in lining up the holes or fitting the pins and j-cups.
  • Assembly – The R4 can be set up in about half an hour. All it requires is the attachment of four bolts to set the power rack up. To bolt it to the floor will take another few minutes and then it’s done.

Price Point

The R4 Infinity Power Rack is available from Rogue Fitness.


There are a whole lot of racks out there in the $500 – $900 range that lack the rigidity and features of the Rogue Infinity range. We have, however, found three models that can confidently stand alongside the R4. Here are your alternative options . . .

American Barbell Powerhouse Rack 48

With 3” x 3” 11 gauge steel framing, the Powerhouse Rack by American Barbell is a solid beast of a machine. It comes in a modular design, which makes it easy to fit together and to add on to. The rack include a pull up bar but, unlike the R4, doesn’t offer the fat/skinny bar option. The unit stands 7.5 ‘ tall, which may make it a little tricky for tall guys to get a full extension on their pull ups. It is 48 inches deep with the same width, allowing for plenty of movement in the action zone.

The Powerhouse Rack 48 is available from American Barbell.

Fringe Sport Power Cage / Squat Rack


The Power Cage from Fringe Sport has been designed for the Cross fit enthusiast who wants to get a heavy power workout in as well as a great kipping / pull up session.

The footprint of the unit is 45” deep by 47” wide, giving you plenty of room to work inside the frame. It is constructed of heavy-duty steel and is a very sturdy, rigid unit. It is best used bolted to the floor, but does come with feet that you can add sandbags to.

The unit comes with two sets of j-hooks, allowing for two squat positions.

Unlike the R4, this unit does not feature the Westside hole spacing, meaning that you might not be able to get the exact fit you need when benching.

It comes with safety arms, which feature a pin and sleeve mechanism to provide enhanced stability when doing squats and bench presses.

The Power Cage / Squat Rack from Fringe Sport is available from Fringe Sport.

Cap Barbell Ultimate Power Cage with Performance Rack

Cap Barbell Ultimate Power Cage

The latest power rack from fitness pioneer CAP Fitness comes in a functional, sturdy design that fuses traditional free weight technology with some very innovative new features. The assembled dimensions are 73.6” x 60” x 89.9”.

It features an extra wide sumo style base that provides greater interior workout space. The rubber lined safety spotters have 26 marked adjustment options, while the adjustable bar catches allow you 24 adjustment options. The adjustable ABS inserts glide in effortlessly and all of the structural uprights are double gusseted to reinforce the durability and stability.

The Cap Rack features such extras as a heavy bag hanger, muscle band posts, adjustable dips bars and an adjustable jump platform along with plate and bar holders.


A power rack is the one piece of training equipment that you definitely do not what to skimp on when setting up your home gym. The R4 from Infinity is a sturdier, bigger brother to the R3, allowing for more workout space in the performance zone.

A major advantage that the Infinity range have over their competition is the Westside hole spacing, which allows you to customize your bar placement more precisely.

Investing in an R4 will provide you with the foundation for a home gym with the strength and integrity to last you a lifetime.

Rogue R4 Power Rack

Our #1. Recommendation

​Rogue R4 Power Rack

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