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Rockay Accelerate Compression Socks Reviewed Review Facts

When you run, your feet are bound to become tired. As they repeatedly pound the pavement, the shoes acting as the only barrier between the solid ground and the soft skin, you will feel them call out for help. Compression socks are where it’s at, as they offer the protection your feet crave! The Rockay Accelerate is one of the best compression socks out there, designed perfectly to cater to your needs.  They can be helpful to you when you’re not running as well, and you only have to give them a chance. Read on and discover why we love the Accelerate so much!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Graduated compression that aids in running

Compression arch

Socks stay in place, never slipping into the sneakers

Anti-blister technology

Polygiene keeps bad odors and sweat at bay

Impressive material blend

Lifetime Guarantee

Colorful choices

Padded bottom


A bit pricey


The materials a pair of socks are made out of is a very important aspect that you should never overlook. The material of choice dictates everything, from comfort and breathability to compression and durability, and a poor choice will affect your performance. The Rockay Accelerate is made out of an amazing material blend. The very first material on the list that you will see is merino wool. Don't let that swerve you into thinking that these socks will make you feel too warm and sweaty because that's the exact opposite of what this special wool does! Merino wool makes up 30% of the sock, while 66% is made out polyamide, and the last fourth percentage is elastane. The merino wool will prevent sweat and odor from bothering you while protecting you from blisters and irritation caused by friction. This wool is a great insulator, and even when it becomes wet, either from the rain or your sweat, it will still do its job. Merino wool can absorb up to one-third of its own weight in water, and once that point has been reached, that's when you can actually expect to feel any kind of moisture.

Polyamide is just specialized nylon, while elastane also has plastic roots. Many people are environmentally aware today, which is why plastic may turn you away. But fear not! Rockay has an excellent solution to this problem - they use only recycled materials that come from the ocean or from landfills. The materials created out of these secondary products are not inferior to plastic that is not found this way, in fact, it's even better than that plastic! Rockay really cares about our planet, and their products show that. Polyamide is what gives the socks their moisture-wicking property, while elastane gives the socks some stretch to keep you comfy.


Although we often think about the way our shoes fit us, we rarely think about how our socks fit us, which is actually a big problem. You don't wear your shoes all day long, but your socks definitely stick to your feet as long as you're awake, or even when you go to bed, so why should you settle for an uncomfortable sock? The Rockay Accelerate does fit very nicely around your feet, and the compression arch is the first aspect we have to thank for that. The mighty compression present here will help with plantar fasciitis, while also helping your feet feel rested even after a strenuous run. The compression will feel the strongest here, and it will be weaker throughout the length of the sock. The toes have almost no compression, so don't worry about any discomfort there.

As you already noticed, these socks are a low cut. Many people fear low cut socks, especially if they are used for running because they have a tendency to slip down and bunch up in our shoes. This not only creates discomfort, but it causes us to stop running to adjust the socks, which can ruin the mood. You can't exactly just ignore this problem either, because a blister will definitely form where the sock ends, and you might even feel pain after you take the sock off. The Accelerate has a top band that prevents the sock from moving a single inch, plus it keeps dirt from entering the sock.

The fit is also determined by the size of the sock, and you must choose a size that fits you. Usually, you just have to compare your shoe size to Rockay's handy chart, but if you want to be on the safe side, measure your feet and then calculate your size. Their sizes go from small to extra large, so you'll definitely find what you need. If you're in between sizes, you should go for the bigger one, and remember that there is a left and right sock, so make sure you got the sock on the right foot!


Even if your shoes are completely made out of mesh, if your socks are stuffy, you will be sweaty. As we mentioned before, Rockay Accelerate is made out of excellent materials that keep the moisture away while giving the air the chance to flow through the socks. Polyamide and merino wool are what we have to thank for that. They also keep odors at bay, by preventing the bacteria that cause them from growing in the first place.

This is achieved by zones placed strategically around the surface of the socks. They are thinner than the rest of the sock, providing breathability without sacrificing support. Even where the zones are not present, the sock still breathes and wicks away moisture thanks to polyamide and merino wool. To top it all off, the socks are treated with Polygiene, a specialized tool that helps the socks breathe and dry super fast. Polyamide also helps save the planet. Because the socks dry very fast, you don't really have to wash them as often as you would wash regular socks. You need to air dry them after every use, and the Polyamide keeps bacteria and odors away. By not washing the socks, you conserve energy and keep the socks functional for a longer time!


Compression socks are usually comfortable, but they can feel overly tight. Rockay has dedicated their time to create the ultimate sock, and that means a comfortable sock was created. The spandex will stretch and shift with your feet, providing a natural feeling, unlike any other compression sock. The material blend is also gentle and soft towards your skin, and the anti-blister technology keeps pesky blisters are bay, and we all know how uncomfortable they are. The bottom part of the socks has padding that absorbs the impact when your feet touch the ground. The padding on the heels adds an extra layer between your skin and the shoes, so you won't have any blisters there either.


If you were unsure about how durable these socks are, just look at the guarantee Rockay offers. The socks have a lifetime guarantee, no questions asked! A lifetime guarantee is hard to come upon these days, especially when it comes to products such as socks, which are known to fall apart very fast. Rockay is very confident that their socks will last the mile, no matter how enthusiastic you are about running. The sock is very unlikely to fall apart, but if it does, you will get a replacement as soon as possible. Before Rockay sends you your socks, they test them vigorously. They even put them through tough obstacle courses and marathons, and extreme weather conditions. Customer service is very important to Rockay, and they prove that time and time again. Even if some user does report seams coming undone or holes sprouting out of nowhere, they always make sure to send a new pair, or maybe even two!

Advanced Features

We have all faced blisters before. These annoying sacks filled with fluid tend to form where friction occurs often enough to wear down the skin. Blisters can become super painful, and if they burst they invite infection in. Rockay is well aware of how blisters are formed, which is why they worked very hard on creating a sock that does not allow blisters to form in the first place. The padding and the compression work in unison to stop blisters. The cushions present on the bottom and on the heel minimize friction and create a thicker layer between your skin and the shoe, so even if some friction does occur, it won't be strong enough to reach your skin. The compression around the arches keeps the socks firmly in their place. They will not shift around or slip down into your shoes, which eliminates the possibility of friction in the first place. There are no seams on the Accelerate, which means that there will not be any thicker areas to pinch your skin the wrong way. Excess moisture and sweat can also increase that friction, and since this pair works hard to rid you of excess moisture, you won't face this problem in the first place!

The Final Word

Finding a proper compression sock these days is hard, especially if the sock is meant to survive running. Luckily, Rockay took it upon themselves to create those socks, and they did that masterfully. Although the price of these socks is higher than what you would regularly pay for a pair of socks, it's more than worth it. Rockay is an environmentally conscious firm, and they use only recycled materials to create their pairs. The socks they produce are high-quality and highly unlikely to ever fall apart, which is backed by their lifetime guarantee. So even if you do manage to wreck them somehow, you have a backup pair! The socks have perfect graduated compression which helps you exercise and stand around on your feet all day, plus the material blend used to create them wicks away moisture keeps odors at bay and prevents blisters from knocking on your door. We believe that the Rockay Accelerate is a worthy investment, and everyone should consider using them as their running partner!