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Precor EFX 546 Reviewed and Rated Review Facts

An elliptical machine is the best way to do some full-body cardio. They will engage both your upper and lower body, pushing you to the limits. The Precor EFX 546 is an excellent elliptical machine, sturdy enough to survive multiple years of use. It’s commercial-grade, meaning it’s meant to withstand being used by people of all shapes and sizes, so you can expect it to last for ages! Read on to discover what we think about the EFX 456 and whether it deserves to be in your home gym!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Adjustable cross ramp technology

Very sturdy steel frame

Wide and comfortable non-slip pedals

Ten preset programs

Oversized and intuitive console

Twenty resistance levels

Supports users up to 350 pounds

Equipped with transportation wheels


Fixed handlebars

Very pricey

Build Quality

The EFX 546 is easy to use. As it was designed for commercial gyms, it must be relatively simple to understand. The movement and stride it creates will feel natural and smooth thanks to the adjustable cross-ramp design. With the adjustable cross-ramp, you will easily focus on your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. The fluid motion helps deliver intense cardio sessions. The rear of this elliptical trainer is fitted with transportation wheels. Although the elliptical is big, the wheels make moving it around much easier. This elliptical has a super sturdy steel frame. The frame is protected by two layers of coats - the first one is rust-resistant, making it much more durable, while the top layer protects it from scratches and cuts, and gives it a good look. The wheels are made out of polyurethane, with large axles and sealed bearings. The tracks are precision made out of aluminum, balancing the machine perfectly. The ramp is covered with an injection-molded ABS, keeping it cleaner and damage-proof. The frame can support users up to 350 pounds, accommodating people of all shapes and sizes.


The elliptical relies on resistance to challenge you with increasing difficulty. The resistance system is powered by a six-phase generator system. This system has no contracting parts, meaning it's going to be steady and smooth no matter how often you use it. The system will also create minimal friction, making the EFX 456 completely noiseless. It's surprising to find such a large machine that makes almost no sound! You will be able to change through 20 different resistance levels, ranging from 18 watts to 720 watts. This means that you'll steadily progress as your endurance rises. This elliptical trainer can challenge both beginners and seasoned athletes, which is what Precor intended, as the elliptical is made for commercial use.


The very first feature we feel we should mention is the console. The display of this elliptical offers a large LCD which is easy to read even in bright conditions. The buttons on the console are large and intuitive, so you won't lose time trying to understand which button does what. The quick-start button makes the machine instantly start, allowing you to just pedal at your leisure. The console is equipped with tactile-dome keys and tap control. The console's main language is English, but it can be changed to German, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, French, or Italian. You can connect the EFX 456 to an iPhone or an iPad, but it's not compatible with android devices. The desk stand is underneath the display, and it has a tray, which can easily hold a water bottle, multiple different devices, or even books if you wish to read.

The pedals of this elliptical are made out of polypropylene, so they will be sturdy and comfortable. The surface of the pedals has multiple ridges that prevent your feet from slipping, giving you constant support, which is especially important if you have poor balance. The space between the pedals can be adjusted, and the minimal space is 2.4 inches. The height can be changed as well, and the minimum height is 8 inches. The stride is almost 25 inches long, enough for even the tallest of users. The elliptical has a biofeedback system located on the handlebars, measuring your heart rate and calories burned accurately. The handlebars of the EFX are fixed, meaning that you cannot engage your upper body along with the lower body, and we consider this to be the only real drawback of the machine. But they do have a rubberized surface which prevents your hands from slipping when you become sweaty. The EFX 546 does not require an outlet, as it relies on batteries. This means that you won't have to struggle to find enough room near an outlet for it. If you wish, you can install a personal viewing screen on the tray, where you can watch videos of your choice. There is no cooling fan present on the console, so make sure you're near a window or a fan if you wish to be safe from overheating!


As we mentioned above, you can connect the elliptical with an Apple device, as it does not support Android devices. This creates a problem for the people who favor Android, but we're sure that the elliptical itself has enough programs to provide you with. The machine has ten preset programs. These programs are designed for beginners and advanced users alike, giving you plenty of choices. If you don't like the program which you selected, the machine allows you to exit before finishing the exercise, so you can select what you want. You don't have to search through the menu to find which program you want, as there are keys designated for this purpose. There is a manual mode where you can adjust the settings to your liking. You can adjust the incline as well to create an even more challenging session.


The EFX 546 is a big elliptical, but it does have a surprisingly small footprint considering what it can do for you. The elliptical is 80" x 32". As we said, it is large, and you will need to find an adequate room for it, with some extra room around for extra safety. The elliptical is almost six feet tall. Again, it is shorter than most ellipticals, but the pedals sit eight inches from the floor at their lowest setting, so if you are over six feet tall, you will need to find a room with a ceiling high enough to prevent you from banging your head on it. The elliptical weighs 144 pounds, making it hard to move by yourself. Luckily, this elliptical does have transportation wheels, so if you need to clean around it or just relocate, you'll be able to do it hassle-free.

Setup & Maintenance

The EFX 546 is a huge machine. It's heavy and rugged, so the assembly will last for a while. Thankfully, it comes with a manual that is straightforward and easy to understand. This elliptical is commercial grade, so Precor recommends you get professionals to do the job for you. The machine will arrive almost fully assembled, as the frame is made out of one large piece. This can become a problem, especially if you do not live on the ground floor! You will need the assistance of multiple people, plus you will need to calculate whether the elliptical can fit through the door and around the stairs. If you're certain that it can fit, then you can safely order it. Once you do so, you will need to place it in the room where it's going to be - because it's so clunky, moving it around can be problematic. Follow what the manual says, and it shouldn't take you more than 45 minutes to fully assemble it. If you're good with tools, you won't struggle with the setup at all, but if you're new to this, we recommend that you find help from someone more experienced!

The maintenance is a breeze. You will need to wipe down the surfaces from any sweat residue to keep the machine functional for a long time. Lubricating the handlebars and pedals is not required, but if you feel that the ride is not as smooth as it was before, you can do that. |check periodically for loose screws and bolts, and fix them if you see any issues!


The one thing most users will check first is the price. The machine can be the best model in existence, but if the price is too high, most people will look over it. Elliptical machines are usually pricey, going for more than a thousand dollars. The EFX 546 is one of the pricier elliptical found on the market today. A new machine costs about five thousand dollars, which means that if you want the Precor elliptical, you will need to save up for it, or you can just buy a used machine. It is a commercial-grade machine, so it's built to withstand repeated abuse. The frame has a seven-year warranty, the parts have a two-year warranty, the display has a five-year warranty, while it has a one-year warranty on labor. This should tell you just how much it can survive, and that it's a product worth investing in!

The Final Word

The Precor EFX 546 is one of the best elliptical machines out there. It's extremely sturdy, with a solid steel frame that can support users up to 350 pounds. The stride is long, and the unique cross-ramp system is adjustable, accommodating users of all shapes and sizes. The console is large with plenty of functions, and the handlebars have a built-in biometrics tracker that measures your heart rate and calories burned accurately. With that being said, the handlebars are fixed, meaning you won't be able to engage your upper body. The EFX 546 is pricey too, so it's up to you to decide whether it's worth your money!