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TomTom Spark 3 Reviewed and Rated Review Facts

A fitness tracker can help you achieve your goals faster. It will measure a lot of variables, such as your heart rate, your sleep quality, the number of steps you’ve taken, and so on. Some fitness machines can track all of these numbers by themselves, but we know that they are not so accurate, so it’s better to rely on a wrist tracker. They also function as regular watches, showing you the date and time. You can connect them to your device and receive notifications from your phone so you’re connected even when you exercise. The TomTom Spark 3 can do all of that and more, so scroll down to see what it has to offer!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Lightweight and comfortable

Built-in heart rate monitor


Simple and intuitive navigation

Multisport mode

Sleep tracking

Water-resistant up to 130 feet

Two different sizes

Can store music


Cannot show smart notifications

Trouble syncing with devices

Menu system can feel complicated


Let's first see which features the Spark 3 offers you. Spark 3 has 24/7 activity tracking. This means that no matter where you are, be it indoors or outdoors, the tracker will know you are active and start measuring the most important variables. When you're indoor, the tracker will recognize if you're on the treadmill, of you're doing yoga, or if you're doing regular strength training. This fitness tracker has a multisport mode, where users can run, walk, bike, or even swim, as the tracker is waterproof up to 130 feet underwater. If you decide to wear this tracker to bed, it will automatically record your sleep and show you your sleeping patterns. The most basic features of the TomTom Spark 3 are the GPS and pedometer functions. It will track the distance, the time, and your pace, no matter which activity you're currently participating in.

Spark 3 has a built-in heart rate monitor. Wearing a chest strap heart rate monitor is not necessary if you've got this tracker strapped to your wrist! The changes in your heart rate will make every other number the tracker shows more accurate. The GPS makes tracking the distance precisely, plus it has a neat Route Exploration mode where it shows you new ways to reach your final destination when you jog. The interval training feature allows the user to adjust their workouts and rest times, while the Race mode lets you battle your biggest enemy- yourself! You can also store some tunes on the tracker to make working out more interesting.


Many users reported that TomTom Spark 3 is a very accurate fitness watch. The heart rate monitor is flawed in many trackers, as it fails to notice the little changes which make the difference. The Spark 3, however, does catch these subtle changes, allowing it to precisely show you the calories you've burned, how well you've slept, or it just shows you your overall health. Instead of tracking your heart rate all the time, this tracker does so in regulated intervals, conserving battery life. The GPS is also quite accurate, showing exact routes along with the distance and the number of steps you've taken.

Apps & Connectivity

This fitness tracker does have some slight issues with connectivity. As we said, the device uses GPS to track routes and distance, and a Bluetooth connection is needed to upload the data to your device. However, users reported that the GPS can take up to 10 minutes to establish a signal, while the syncing is slow and drawn out, meaning you will have to wait for a while until the tracker even connects to your phone. The tracker has an app called TomTom Sports. The app is compatible with Apple devices if they have iOS 8 or above, but it's not compatible with all Android devices which have Android 4.4 or above. The app does allow you to create an account on your phone, tablet, or computer, even if you cannot connect it to a phone. You can see your stats, your goals, and the progress you've made. The data is sprawled across colorful graphs and straightforward statistics, plus you get to see what each activity looked like.


The TomTom Spark 3 has a slim and streamlined design. The display is a square with rounded corners, held together by a comfortable band. The display is intuitive and easy to understand, although some may feel that it has a robust look and an outdated watch face. The display on the face has good resolution, although nothing compared to the newest models. The display is large and easy to read. It does not have any color, nor does it look cool and hip, but it's still worthy of your time. A backlight allows you to see what you're doing when visibility becomes low. You can see multiple numbers on the screen without it looking too busy. One thing that is unique to this specific tracker, at least when we compare it to flagship fitness trackers today, is that it does not have a touchscreen. This might disappoint some wearers, but we promise that you do not need a touchscreen to navigate the menu. There is just one, simple button that is used for every feature, making it very easy to understand and use. You cannot see smart notifications on the screen though, which can be a good thing, as no calls or messages will bother you when you get to exercising!

Comfort & Size

The Spark 3 is just about half an inch thick, making it slim and comfortable. It weighs just 47 grams, so wearers won't even notice they have it wrapped around their wrists! The band comes in two sizes, small or large, with holes on it for adjustability. The band can be easily replaced if it falls apart or if you want to change the appearance. The strap is very thin, soft, and flexible, giving you freedom of movement and unparalleled comfort. Remember to tighten the band up if you want accurate heart rate data, but don't tighten it so much that it constricts your circulation!

Ease of Use

As we mentioned above, this fitness tracker has just one button that does everything and no touchscreen. The button is easy to use, although some wearers suggest that TomTom could improve the menu design as it can feel too complicated and maze-like at times. As the display is a bit outdated, it's easy to see what you're doing during the day, but once the night comes you will need to use the backlight to illuminate the watch face, and that drains the battery faster. You can easily connect it to a phone, but you won't be able to see any messages or calls, you'll only be able to upload your data to the app. And the connection itself, be it Bluetooth or GPS, can be meticulous, taking up to 10 minutes.

Battery Life

This tracker is rechargeable, sporting a lithium-ion battery. It's quick to charge up, and it lasts about twelve hours if the features that drain the battery the fastest are turned off. If you keep the GPS turned on at all times, the battery will last eleven hours. If you listen to music or measure your heart rate all the time, and turn the GPS on, the battery life will be five hours. If you just turn the simple activity tracker on, the battery can last up to three weeks! One feature that drains the battery very fast is the backlight, so we suggest you avoid using the tracker during the night!


You can't find a lot of fitness trackers that come with extra accessories today, but the Spark 3 is one of them. If you wish, you can order Bluetooth headphones along with the tracker to listen to the music you put on the watch. Users report that the sound quality is just okay, but it saves time going out and finding a pair on your own, plus they are quite comfortable. The headphones have a contoured ear hook that straps your ears comfortably and prevents the headphones from falling out of your ears while you exercise. The charging cable is included with the order, and we suggest you use it to charge the device instead of using any other cable you already have as it will work the best. And of course, you can always order multiple bands which you can replace any time you wish!


The TomTom Spark 3 is a sturdy fitness tracker. The battery can last up to 11 hours, giving you almost one full day with it, plus it charges very quickly. The button and the screen work for multiple years, as there is no touchscreen to start malfunctioning, which is why we like the button navigation system. The band might not last a full year, but you can easily take the display out and replace the band whenever you feel like it!


Considering everything this fitness tracker has to offer, it comes at a great price. If you compare it to other, newer fitness tracker models, you will see that the price is very reasonable and that the Spark 3 is worth having. You can save some money by not going for the Spark 3 that has the heart rate tracker option, but if you want the heart rate tracking and the Bluetooth headphones we mentioned, it will cost only 40 dollars more!

The Final Word

The Spark 3 is a great fitness tracker for all kinds of audiences, although it's simply made for runners. The GPS feature will keep you safe and show you new routes, while the heart rate tracking will inform you of your progress. You can also track your cycling, walking, swimming, and regular gym work with the fitness watch. The device is very lightweight and the band is soft and comfortable. The only drawback is the connectivity, as the Bluetooth and GPS take more than five minutes to establish a signal. Some users wish the tracker had an improved design and a touchscreen, although we believe that's what makes the Spark 3 more charming. All in all, if you want a simple tracker to do your bidding, the Spark 3 is the one you're looking for!