NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical Trainer

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NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical Trainer Review Facts

NordicTrack inspired the indoor skiing craze 25 years ago. The NordicTrack flair for design and innovation has been applied to the home fitness market, providing top quality, compact training gear at affordable prices. The range for these ellipticals is ergonomically designed for a workout that makes you feel like you’re walking on air. In this article, we take an in-depth look into the NordicTrack C 7.5 and everything that it has to offer.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Has a 20-pound flywheel which offers smooth, solid resistance

Cushioned footplates to keep your feet comfortable

Ramp adjusts from 0-20 degree to increase the difficulty as your fitness levels increase


It is difficult to assemble


The Nordic Track C 7.5 is a customizable front-drive elliptical. At the touch of a button, you’re able to adjust your stride length, incline, and resistance. The C 7.5 has a vibrant iFit enabled display which allows you to connect your tablet to your machine, virtually opening up the world in your living room. You can use Google maps to choose any training location on the planet.

The tablet holder attached to the display module allows you to safely watch your favorite show as you’re working out. Dual 2 inch speakers also allow you to pump out your favorite sounds. Plush foot pedal cushioning lowers the impact of your workout. The 0-20 degree adjustable ramp allows you to tailor the workout to your intensity needs. The stride length of 20 inches gives you a full range of motion.

The C 7.5 features 26 professionally designed workout apps to meet all of your exercise needs. A sturdy 20-pound flywheel gives stability to your stride, ensuring a smooth fluid range of motion. The durable frame supports up to 325 pounds. You’re able to get ultra-precise heart rate information with the wireless chest strap, as well as the EKG sensor grips which are built into the handles. Your purchase of the NordicTrack C 7.5 is protected with a 2-year part and one-year labor warranty.​


The NordicTrack is designed to be comfortable while you are working out. It has oversized pedals designed to fit any foot. They are cushioned as well and the longer stride length will feel more comfortable to most users. It does not have the jerky stopping motions the shorter strides do. It will help you work your lower body muscles as well.

The multi-positional handlebars use Softtouch for their grips to help you keep from straining your arms when you are doing an intense workout. You will not have to worry about hand cramping and instead can get a good full-body workout.

This elliptical also comes with an AutoBreeze workout fan which has one-touch controls that are quickly responsive and adjust to the resistance and incline you are using at just the touch of a button. You can focus on your workout instead of spending time scrolling through options.

The nicest thing about elliptical training is that it is low impact. So if you have issues with your joints, you can count on getting a good workout with this machine while taking care not to be injured worse.


The NordicTrack C7.5 is equipped to give you an excellent workout. It features a 20-pound flywheel to give you healthy resistance levels. It is engineered to give you a smooth performance. The flywheel is inertia-enhanced to give you a more natural, even ride. It has a 325-pound weight capacity. This is a front-drive elliptical which puts the drive mechanism in the front of the machine so it maintains an adjustable stride and inclines while keeping a small footprint.

The stride length is set at 20 inches. This bike is not as adjustable in a few ways as some of the more expensive ellipticals, but you can adjust the incline level with the 0 to 20-degree power adjustable ramp which will help you intensify your workout, and it is marked with specific muscle groups you can target.

There are 22 levels of resistance to choose from as well so you can keep building on your fitness level. By switching up your resistance and how much incline you use, you can make your exercise routine so that you are toning your body and burning calories for a total low impact body workout.

Computer Features

The console on this machine is not as fancy as some of the other Nordictrack consoles. You will find it gets the job done though. It is backlit and bright with a scrolling message that walks you easily through the steps of your workout. It has a 5-inch display and will keep your stats right in front of you. Above the console, there is a bracket which is sturdy enough to hold your tablet so you can watch a video while you are working out. Since it does not cover the console, you can still keep an eye on your stats at the same time.

This console is iFit Bluetooth enabled so you are provided with limitless workouts which are designed by certified personal trainers. It will give you global Google Maps ™ routes, as well as complete fitness tracking and a fantastic workout library. It includes 26 workout apps including workouts to burn calories and performance workouts. The console will help you keep track of the distance you are going, the resistance you are using, and how fast you are going. It also tracks your pulse rate and the calories you burn.


Above the console, there is a bracket which is sturdy enough to hold your tablet so you can watch a video while you are working out. Since it does not cover the console, you can still keep an eye on your stats at the same time. On the side of the console, you will find one-touch incline and resistance controls so you can easily make quick changes without missing a beat.

You also get a built-in multi-speed fan which adjusts with your speed and resistance. There is an iPod dock, compatible with other mp3 players as well, which has Intermix Acoustics 2 inch speakers so you can enjoy listening to your favorite workout music. They included a heart rate monitor, transport wheels so you can move it easily and even a holder for your water bottle so you can stay hydrated.

Who Is It For

It is possible to invest a huge amount on an elliptical machine. Fitness centers do it all the time, but the high-end machines are just too much for a home gym, way more than you need. It is definitely possible to spend less than $1000 and get a quality machine that will offer you a solid workout for years. NordicTrack C7.5 fills the gap. It has a quality finish, the durability you need, a stylish design, and a whole range of features packed into this unit for a great price.

On top of the basic features, you get with this machine which you get for a very economical price, you also receive a load of Jillian Michaels workout programs. You will have Google Maps accessibility and iFit-enabled technology which will help you monitor your fitness progress.

Assembly and Maintenance

The C7.5 does come with some assembly required. Some of the tools come with the machine, but you will also need a Phillips head screwdriver and a rubber mallet so you can get the parts in place exactly how they fit. A copy of the owner’s manual comes with the equipment which leads you through putting it together. Assembling this machine is not difficult. You put the frame onto the bases, add the mast for the console, put on the arms and legs, mount the console and attach the wires. It should only take about an hour at most.

Taking care of maintenance mostly focuses on the machine’s rails which you should wipe down every time you work out. This helps to prevent any damage from dirt or sand which may accumulate on it and help to protect the rollers or rails. You may also find it helpful to put a little grease on the joints of the arms or legs, especially if they start to squeak. Make sure you activate your warranty by registering your product with NordicTrackService, as soon as possible after you get it.

The Final Word

The NordicTrack C7.5 elliptical trainer is a great value and has plenty to offer for its price. It is actually a piece of fitness equipment that has a great price/quality ratio. It is a great machine for building your stamina, performing interval training, helping in weight loss, and of course, enhancing your cardio training. This is a fitness machine made for athletes at all levels of fitness. It features durable construction and a sleek, low-impact pedaling movement. If you have an iFit account, you can use it to participate in a limitless array of workouts, and that is not counting ones which are provided with the console. The NordicTrack is definitely a great value for the price. So when you are looking for the perfect elliptical trainer which is going to give you the workout you need to reach your goals without breaking your budget, this is one you should definitely consider.