NordicTrack GX4.7 R Exercise Bike

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NordicTrack GX4.7 R Exercise Bike Review Facts

The innovator of the exemplary home ski exercise machine, NordicTrack has built up quite the reputation for service and quality over the past two decades. After expanding their product line, the company now offers an offering of skiers, rowers,  incline trainers, indoor cycles, and treadmills.


In this article, we will review NordicTrack’s most popular recumbent bike, the GX4.7 R. Why a recumbent? The reclined position significantly reduces back pain, while providing the same heart rate and endurance benefits of a seated indoor cycle. Those who have never cycled before, too, will find the recumbent a neat way to ease themselves in before trying out a spin class or the like. 


The frame design places the pedals in front of the rider. This gives you an ergonomic advantage and lets you achieve calorie burn with less lost efficiency.


The NordicTrack GX4.7 R is a low impact cycling option that is ideal for people of all ages, especially those who have lower back or knee issues. The padded seat provides a super comfortable chair-like design, with an oversized cushion and added lumbar support. According to reviewers, the seat on the unit is as comfortable supportive as a typical desk chair.


Is the GX4.7 R for you? Let’s do a ride-along and find out.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Great for users with limited mobility, joint pain/inflammation

Enough onboard programs to keep you interested (iFit required for full experience)

Straightforward assembly, stable thanks to parallel floor level bars

Built-in speakers with decent sound, projection

Backlit display for easy reading

Seat has extra padding in lumbar area


Requires a (free) app just to get started

Built-in pulse sensors never accurate (use as a guide)

Tech Specs

We haven’t linked to ut, but a quick Google search brings you to the owner’s manual in PDF format. All specs come from the manual to ensure accurate information.

The weight capacity of the GX 4.7 R is 300 pounds. Recumbents are always a great entry point for people who want to improve their heart health by losing weight.

The iFit app, if you decide to spring for it, gives you programs with Jillian Michaels and several other celebrity trainers. You can supplement your 5K or other road race training, keeping it indoors if it’s nasty outside.

Onboard Google Maps will display street view, so you can explore new cities and trails virtually.

There are also options for competing with friends, mobile progress tracking, and connecting the iFit platform to your social media. iFit offers a library of more than 16,000 individual workouts, so it may be worth the extra money to you.

Extended service plans are available via third-party provider Universal Technical Service. The plans are tiered and range in price from about 90 to about 290 dollars, with plans lasting from one to five years before needing renewal.

There is a handle on the back leveler, for easy transport, and dual casters on the front make moving the bike even easier.

Handlebars are on the side, a more natural position because of the recumbent frame style. There are also short bars on either side of the console. Heart rate comes from sensors in these handles.

The console will be at eye level for most users.

Seat height is fixed, but you can slide the seat back and forth to find the right pedal radius. The padded seat is one of the widest and most supportive we have found on any cardio equipment.

The bike is 4 feet 9 inches long, just over two feet wide, and weighs 141 pounds. Assembly is straightforward, with just 36 nuts, bolts, washers, and screws to tighten down. NordicTrack specifically states that assembly takes two people, so you will want to grab a friend if you do not want to hire a professional assembler.

Assembly requires a Phillips screwdriver and adjustable wrench at a minimum; it will go faster if you have a set of socket wrenches. NordicTrack does not provide any hand tools with purchase.

Pedal strap tightness, console angle, seat position, and leveling feet are all easy to adjust by hand and should not give you any difficulty. Even without iFit, the GX4.7 R console gives you distance, heart rate, resistance setting, speed, and active time as well as calorie burn.

There’s no onboard Bluetooth, so you will need a 3.5 mm male audio cable to plug your device through the speakers. Speaker volume adjusts from the touchscreen.


The onboard computer on the GX4.7 R stands out. It has 22 digital resistance levels, accessed from the quick response one-touch controls, along with 24 workout apps. The programs are divided between 12 calorie and 12-speed workouts. The 5-inch backlit display provides a legible screen that allows you to keep tabs on your vital training data. You can also see your riding progress on a virtual racetrack, similar to gym bikes.​

A 15-pound inertia enhanced flywheel provides a lifelike cycling motion. Other perks include an auto breeze workout fan, integrated tablet holder, built-in handlebar heart rate monitor, water bottle holder, and a user-friendly step-through design.

The bike is also iFit compatible, though you have to purchase a subscription for long term use. Built-in speakers pair with your mobile device, eliminating the need for earbuds. The bike is quiet during operation, so it is ideal for roommate or family situations and late-night workouts.

Toe straps on the pedals keep your feet in place and keep you in the seat, even during sprints and fast-paced HIIT workouts. A warranty rounds out the features NordicTrack built into the GX4.7 R recumbent bike.

Company Background

NordicTrack is one of those companies who used long-form infomercials, mail order, and motivational speaker-ish endorsements, including before and after pictures, for many years. Infomercials can be cheesy, but after watching enough of them, we can say they aren’t all hyperbole and sales tactics. In more recent years, NordicTrack units have become more widely available and not exclusively available via mail order. NordicTrack also greatly expanded its product line since the beginning of the 21st century.

We said all that to say that, today, NordicTrack enjoys success and a clean online reputation. If you have any issues with performance or parts, company agents will work hard to resolve them. Consumer reviews praise the performance and reliability of the GX4.7 R and other machines, with most agreeing they are worth the price and give consistent performance over time.

What People Are Saying

We found and analyzed 1402 reviews for NordicTrack on the Consumer Affairs website, which is not a retail establishment. From September 2018 to September 2019, 504 reviewers (at the time of this writing) aggregated an average of 3 out of 5 stars for the company. Negative reviews focused on the difficulty of waiting for a repair person, the fact that the computer can take a few moments to boot up, and a few isolated equipment failures upon initial use. We have included this information to guide your purchase decision, and you can find the Consumer Affairs site via Google although we have not linked to it.


Stationary bikes, of any kind, are effective when used consistently. Most of today’s models have adjustable seating, height adjustments, and variable resistance, making them easier and safer to use. A half-hour or so on a bike, five times a week, will lead to a lower resting pulse rate, greater energy throughout the day, and even modest weight loss after just a few weeks. As always, of course, the gear only works if you use it and if it is part of overall fitness and healthy eating plan.

The NordicTrack GX4.7R offers you all these cardio and strength benefits in a package that reduces strain on your body, and that is ideal for beginners, the elderly, and anyone with chronic pain.

The pass-through frame and bucket-like seat, too, will make the bike accessible to many people with limited mobility. While the GX4.7R is not rated for commercial use, and won’t show up in any physical therapy office, the recumbent style is even a plus for those recovering from injury.

Being directly behind the pedals, and being able to recline, are what can keep people moving even during recuperation.
The bike is effective for almost any user or group that we could name and represents a good value at the price point.

Stick With It Factor

A recumbent bike, placed in a room where you will see it often, practically implores you to take it for a spin. It can and should make you sweat, and you will reach your target heart rate, but the GX4.7 R will never put pressure on your joints and spine. The convenience features make the bike appealing and even fun. You can listen to music, or wheel the bike in front of the TV. A few small features would have gone a long way; these include Bluetooth connectivity and a free lite version or alternative to iFit. But those are minor inconveniences, not deal-breakers, and we are confident in saying you will want to use this machine often and will be happy with the results.

The Final Word

The NordicTrack GX4.7 R recumbent bike will keep you comfortable while helping you maintain or improve your fitness level and meet your goals. It is durable, comfortable, and carries a few advanced features. The footprint is rather large, especially since NordicTrack recommends leaving two feet of clearance on the front, back, and sides.

While the bike does not fold for transport, it does have wheels and a handle. The adjustable rear level bar keeps the unit stable, even on a floor that isn’t quite perfect. For best results, you will want to install the bike on a concrete or hardwood floor, with a thick mat under all the contact surfaces to protect the floor.

Although some of the features come up short, we can recommend the bike as a first cardio machine or first recumbent for anyone who is interested and will benefit from this low impact form of cardio training.