NordicTrack Exercise Bikes Review

updated January 1, 2019

The originator of the iconic home skier, NordicTrack have built a reputation of quality and service over 25 years. Having expanded into the entire home fitness market, they now offer a full complement of rowers, skiers, treadmills, incline trainers and Nordictrack exercise bikes.

In this article, we focus on the NordicTrack home cycle stable, providing an in depth review of their best bike. We also offer 3 NordicTrack alternatives.

The Best NordicTrack Exercise Bikes

NordicTrack cover the entire home exercise market with their extensive stable of bikes. With an emphasis on style, performance and affordability, there are many standouts in their range, including the Nordictrack GX 7.0 pro recumbent bike, with it’s high end back support and dashboard. The NordicTrack spin bike, the GX 5.5 Sport, which is the only spinner we’ve seen that comes with it’s own chest strap for precision pulse monitoring is outstanding.

The showcase NordicTrack IFIT bike, the Grand Tour Pro, is a commercial grade exercycle that has everything you could wish for, but at a home gym price. For people who are after a light commercial bike, the NordicTrack VR Pro exercise bike series is ideal, along with the NordicTrack Audiorider U300.​

In this article, we will review NordickTrack’s most popular recumbent bike, the GX4.7.

NordicTrack GX4.7 Recumbent

NordicTrack GX4.7 Recumbent

The NordicTrack GX4.7 recumbent bike is a low impact cycling option that is ideal for people of all ages, especially those who have lower back or knee issues. The generously padded seat offers a super comfortable chair-like design with an oversized cushioned seat a high back lumbar support. Side handle rails give added support.

The recumbent frame features a unique design that puts the recumbent pedals right in front of the rider. This puts you in the best ergonomic riding position, while relieving lower back stress.

The onboard computer on the GX4.7 NordicTrack stationary bike is a standout feature. You get 22 digital resistance levels via the quick response one touch controls, along with 24 workout apps. The programs are divided between 12 calorie and 12 speed workouts. The 5 inch backlit display provides a wide viewing display that allows you to keep tabs in your vital training data. You can also see your riding progress on a virtual racetrack in this NordicTrack fitness bike.​

A 15 pound inertia enhanced flywheel provides for a smooth, natural cycling motion. This bike is packed with extra features, including an autobreeze workout fan, an integrated tablet holder, built-in heart rate monitor on the handle bars, water bottle holder and a handy step thru design. This NordicTrack easy entry recumbent bike is also IFIT compatible, though you have to purchase IFIT - a powerful computer program - as an extra feature. Overall, the GX 4.7 NordicTrack cycle is a fantastic quality recumbent, packed with unexpected features, that you can get for a very impressive price.​


  • Great lumbar support
  • 22 resistance levels
  • 24 workout apps
  • IFIT enabled


  • Flywheel is only 15 pounds

NordicTrack Alternatives

The NordicTrack GX 4.7 is an outstanding recumbent cycle. However, it does have some serious competition. Below we review 3 alternatives. The ProGear 190 is not as feature packed as the GX 4.7, but offers a very good recumbent experience at a budget price. The Schwinn 270 matches the GX 4.7’s computer specs, and then some, while the Velocity CHB-R2101 from CAP Barbell provides a smoother cycling motion.

The NordicTrack IFIT brings ‘smart fitness’ to your home workout. Check out what it offers with this demonstration video . . .​


Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

The Schwinn 270 is an impressive looking recumbent cycle that provides a huge array of workout options suitable for all family members. The high tech computer console offers a staggering 29 workout apps at all levels. These even include a couple of fitness tests and a recovery app. Split screen technology means that you can view 13 workout stats at the same time.

The Schwinn 270 features very good back support, which is on a par with the NordicTrack GX4.7. The ventilated contoured back support allows for breathability as it provides total spine comfort. The seat is generously padded and is completely adjustable to achieve the right positioning.

The 25 level eddy current resistance provides for continuous progressive resistance and smooth operation. The frame of the 270 is very solid and stylish. This is a top of the line model that offers better computer specs than anything else we’ve found.​


  • 29 workout apps
  • 25 resistance levels
  • 10 year frame warranty


  • Seat backing not adjustable

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Progear 190 Recumbent Bike

Progear 190 Recumbent Bike

The ProGear 190 recumbent bike Is a no frills model that comes in at a very sharp price point. It may not offer all of the bells and whistles that you get with the NordicTrack GX4.7, but if you’re after a quality cardio session while protecting your back, this unit will give it to you. It has a high back seat that provides comfort to your entire spine.

The pedals on the ProGear 190 are placed in just the right anatomical position to effect the ideal body position while cycling. The pedals themselves are larger than most and come with adjustable straps so that you can get the most secure lower body fitting. Hand pulse sensors are a nice addition, as are the 8 levels of adjustable magnetic tension.

This is a foldable bike, so you’re able to store it away after use. The max user weight is 275 pounds.​


  • Foldable
  • High back
  • Well priced


  • Top resistance not powerful enough

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With it’s two crank braking system, and two way flywheel the Velocity CHB R2101 provides one of the smoothest rides we’ve come across in a recumbent bike. It outdoes the NordicTrack GX4.7 in terms of natural cycling capability. While not as stylish or plush as the NordicTrack or Schwinn models, it provides a decent level of back support. It features raised side handle bars for better ergonomic body positioning.

The foot pedals are padded for extra comfort and come with large adjustable straps. You get 8 levels of magnetic resistance, allowing to choose the intensity level appropriate to your level. You also get a no frills console which is bright and easy to read, allowing you to track your vital training data.

The frame on the CHB R2101 is solid, allowing for maximum user weight of 250 pounds. The bike is finished in a stylish grey and white powder coat.​


  • Two crank braking system
  • Two way flywheel
  • Padded foot pedals


  • Not designed for short people

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NordicTrack offer a range of high end exercise bikes that are available at a range of prices. They are particularly strong when it comes to Recumbent bikes, with their GX4.7 being a standout. This bike offers one of the best levels of lumbar support we’ve ever come across, along with a whole range of extra features, all packed into a very reasonable asking price.

As alternatives to the NordicTrack GX4.7, we like the Schwinn 270 Recumbent, with it’s 29 workout apps and 25 resistance levels. A great budget alternative to the GX4.7 is the ProGear 190 foldable, which comes with hand pulse sensors and 8 levels of magnetic resistance. The Velocity CRB2101 offers a more fluid riding experience than the NordicTrack recumbent bike.

NordicTrack GX4.7 Recumbent

Our #1. Recommendation

​NordicTrack GX4.7 Recumbent

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