Best Macro Diet Calculator for Weight Loss 2019

updated January 1, 2019

When it comes to losing weight, you need to keep a close eye on the make-up of your food. While the total number of calories you consume through the day is important, it is the macronutrient constituency of that food that really counts. Getting your protein, fat and carbohydrate intake right is the key to fat loss. In this article, we review the 6 best macro diet calculators on the 2019 market.

A Quick Look at the Top 6

The best macro calculator for weight loss is the Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale, which provides you with a database of over 1000 foods, and has the ability to calculate your macros, in addition to fiber, sodium and cholesterol. The second best macro calculator is the Wasserstein Nutritional Scale, which measures macros and micros, and has an accuracy to 0.1 oz / 1 gram.

The third best macro diet calculator is the Perfect Portions Digital Scale, which has a database of 2000 foods, is very stylish and comes with a 2 year warranty.

To make it easier for you to compare and contrast the best macro diet calculators, we have rated the top 10 on the basis of price and effectiveness. Then, we’ve given each one an overall rating out of 5. In the next section, we review each product in depth.

The Top 6 Up Close

#1. Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale

Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale

The Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale is a blend between a scale and a calculator. As well as very accurately calculating the portion weight of your food, it will provide you with all of the nutritional information that you would see on a nutritional label. You get a breakdown of your calories, proteins, fats, carbs, fiber sodium cholesterol and sugars, all at a glance.

Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale also allows you to store your nutritional information for up to 99 food products. The built-in database includes more than 1000 types of foods. The measuring plate is large enough to hold all types of food without covering the display screen. This scale is the ultimate solution to counting the macros of everything that goes into your mouth.


  • Database of over 1000 foods
  • Counts macros plus fiber, sodium and cholesterol
  • You can add 99 foods


  • No backlight

#2. Wasserstein Nutritional Scale

Wasserstein Nutritional Scale

The Wasserstein Nutritional Scale is a stylish digital scale with the ability to measure your macronutrient levels, as well as fiber, sugars, cholesterol and sodium. There are four high precision sensors on the scale, making it able to measure the weight of your food with an accuracy to 0.1 oz/1 gm.

After measuring your food item, you are able to look up the food’s code in the accompanying manual and enter it into the scale. You’ll then get an instant readout of the food’s macro and micro nutrient details. You’re able to seamlessly switch from pounds and ounces to kilos and grams. You can also save the nutritional facts for each food item to allow you to work out the total macros of your meal.


  • Measures macros and micros
  • Accuracy to 0.1 oz / 1 gm
  • Stores your data


  • You must manually input your food code

#3. Perfect Portions Digital Scale

Perfect Portions Digital Scale

The Perfect Portions Digital Scale is a upmarket slimline scale that allows you to measure full nutritional information for over 2000 food items. You can also add your own custom entries. As well as the proteins, fat and carb make-up of your food item, it also tracks the fiber, cholesterol, sodium, and sugars. The tempered glass top is extremely durable and is easy to clean, while looking great.

The Perfect Portions Digital Scale has the ability to shut off and calibrate automatically. You can weigh items up to 11 pound (5 kg) on this scale. The hand tare function means that you can measure messy items in a bowl. It also is non-scratch and has slip-resistant feet. This product carries a 2 year warranty.


  • 2000 food items in database
  • Very stylish
  • 2 year warranty


  • Requires manual to add food codes

#4. Spirit Digital Multifunction Digital Pocket Scale

Spirit Digital Multifunction Digital Pocket Scale

The Spirit Digital Multifunction Digital Pocket Scale is a fantastic scale in miniature that allows you to track your nutritional intake on the run. It features a clear backlit display and a clear LCD screen. The scale weighs in at just 3kg and is able to be carried with you in your pocket, gym bag or briefcase. It is fitted with high precision sensors to give extremely accurate weight settings.

The Spirit Digital Multifunction Digital Pocket Scale is able to be used as a postal scale, jewellery scale or a medicine scale. You are able to instantly convert between grams and ounces. Counting, tare and auto-off functions are convenience to your measuring tasks. This scale runs on 2 AAA batteries.

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  • Compact
  • Backlit display
  • High precision sensors


  • Display may be covered by food plate

#5. Zerla Digital Kitchen Scale

Zerla Digital Kitchen Scale

The Zerla Digital Kitchen Scale is a compact, lightweight scale that is compact and portable enough to be used anywhere. The Zerla digital scale is able to measure foods and liquids up to 11 pounds in weight. The accuracy of the scale allows you to measure foods to an accuracy of 0.05 oz or 1 gram.

A precision tare button calculates with precision the net weight of your food item by automatically subtracting the weight of the container. The LCD display is very clear and large enough to be read by the elderly. Unlike many digital scales it used 2 x AAA batteries rather than hard to replace lithium batteries. Zerla Digital Kitchen Scale item weighs in at just 1.1 pounds.

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  • Compact and lightweight
  • Accurate to 0.05 oz (1 gm)
  • Clear LCD display


  • Food may cover display

#6. Eat Smart Precision Elite

Eat Smart Precision Elite

The Eat Smart Precision Elite digital scale is a professional grade display with a very stylish stainless steel platform. It also features a large, easy to read LCD display. This scale has a maximum measurement weight of 15 pounds, which is the most we have come across. Food weights are displays in both ounces and grams.

The tare feature on Eat Smart Precision Elite allows you to instantly know the net weight of your item by eliminating the weight of the plate. A 3 minute shut-off allows you to prepare ingredients without wasting battery life. Rather than lithium batteries, this scale uses easy to replace AAA batteries. It comes with a 100% Eat Smart guarantee. You also get a free calorie counters book.

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  • Stainless steel platform
  • Professional grade
  • Tare feature


  • Takes too long to power up


Our favorite food macro calculator is the Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale, providing a database of more than 1000 foods and measuring your proteins, fats and carbs as well as fiber, sodium and cholesterol. We also loved the Wasserstein Nutritional Scale, which calculates all of your micros and micros and is extremely accurate.

Rounding out the top 3 is the Perfect Portions Digital Scale, with its 2000 food database, professional grade quality and 2 year warranty.

Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale

Our #1. Recommendation

Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale

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