Rogue Froning RML-4100 Power Rack Review

Updated January 1, 2019

Rich Froning is a legend in the Cross-Fit community and one of the most inspirational people in the entire fitness industry. So, for Rogue, who supply all the racks for the World CrossFit Games, to team up with him to produce a signature power rack is a smart move. The Rogue Froning RML-4100 is the result. So, how good is this unit?

Read on to find out.

The Rogue Froning RML-4100 Up Close

Roughe RML 4100

The Rogue Froning RML-4100 starts with the same Westside inspired design as the Rogue R-4 power rack. It is constructed from 3 x 3 inch 11-gauge steel uprights for the ultimate level of structural integrity when you’re squatting with heavy loads. As the Froning name suggests, the R-4 design has been customized to provide the ultimate in what every CrossFitter looks for in a power rack.

At 100 inches, the uprights are taller than the R-4. Rogue Froning RML-4100 allows you to perform a greater range of over the head movements and pull up exercises such as muscle ups. A bare steel single pull up bar allows for enhanced gripping power when performing high rep pull up workouts.

This unit ships with a pair of 43-inch safety straps. These provide a simple but extremely effective way to protect your body and the bar when performing your heavy lifts. This strap set comes with two 5/16 inch thick-formed steel brackets, a ⅝ inch diameter pin and a pair of three inch wide, heavy duty nylon straps. The system is safety rated to 10,000 pounds! These straps can also be set at different heights, allowing the bar to roll away from you.

This Froning Edition Monster Lite rack is compatible with a large range of additional extras, including the Monster Lite Matador, Monster Lite Safety Spotter Arms, and the Monster Lite Landmine. As with all Rogue racks, this edition also features the Westside hole system that varies between 1 inch and 2 inch hole spacing to allow for precision bar placement.​


  • 43-inch safety straps
  • Taller than standard Rogue rack
  • Bare single steel pull up bar
  • Westside hole pattern


  • Height may be a problem in constricted spaces

Rogue Froning RML-4100 Alternatives

Deltech Fitness DF4500 Power Rack

The Deltech Fitness DF4500 Power Rack is a solid, budget priced alternative to the Rogue Froning rack. It is made from heavy gauge steel and feels very solid when you unrack a bar from it. This rack has a max weight of 750 pounds, which should be plenty for 99% of CrossFit trainers. You also get a generous amount of space between the uprights, allowing you to work without impediment.

The base frame of the Deltech Fitness DF4500 Power Rack has been set back slightly to allow you to more conveniently to place a bench between the uprights. The barbell supports feature a quick change pin-lock system. You also get a pair of heavy duty safety rails to keep you safe when spotting alone. The expandable rack design allows you to add such extras as a lat pulldown tower.


  • Heavy duty gauge steel
  • Generous space between uprights
  • Quick change pin-lock system
  • Expandable rack design


  • Weight capacity limited to 750 pounds.
Valor Athletics Hard Power Rack

The Valor Athletics Hard Power Rack is a lightweight cage that provides a surprising level of solidity. It comes with a half dozen plate holders as standard. This provides you with an even greater level of rigidity when they are loaded with plates. This rack has a maximum user weight of 650 pounds.

The Valor rack has dimensions of 47 inches x 63 inches x 82 inches and weighs in at just 135 pounds. The height is not as great as most other racks on the market, which could prove problematic for taller lifters.

The unit comes with two solid steel safety chrome bars and an additional four steel bar supports are provided for a variety of bar adjustment heights. There are 17 bar adjustment holes on the two main uprights. You also get a chrome pull up bar with knurled grips.

The Valor Athletics Hard Power Rack comes with a 5-year warranty.​


  • Strong and robust
  • Six plate holders
  • Chrome pull up bar


  • Limited height
  • Only 17 bar adjustment holes
Atlas Power Rack Squat Deadlift Cage

The Atlas Power Rack Squat Deadlift Cage is a solid unit that provides you with an impressive 1000-pound max user weight. It is made from heavy duty 2 x 2-inch steel. While an inch less than the Rogue Froning pack, this still provide a very adequate level of robustness.

You get a lot of bar placement options with Atlas Power Rack Squat Deadlift Cage. There are 28 evenly spaced holes, with two inch gasp between them. The Westside hole spacing system is not used here. You can enjoy a wide walk-in design with this rack to allow you to perform wide stance squat work.

The wide walk-in design of this rack makes it very user friendly. There is plenty of room inside the rack as well. The height of the uprights on this rack is just 82 inches. Some people will find this to be a bit short for taller people and those intent on doing overhead pressing movements.​


  • Great price
  • 1000-pound max user weight
  • 28 hole spacings


  • Limited height
  • No Westside hole spacing


The Rogue Froning RML-4100 C is a power rack that has been specifically designed in conjunction with the world’s most famous CrossFitter to deliver the extras that CrossFitters need for great training sessions. These include a greater height on the uprights, bare steel pull up bare and 43 inch safety straps. Throw in the sturdiness that you’ve come to expect from the Rogue Monster Lite series and it all combines to add up to an ideal CrossFitting rack.

Of the three alternatives we reviewed, our favorite for a low cost Rogue alternative is the Deltech Fitness DF4500, with its heavy duty gauge steel, generous upright space and quick change pin-lock system.

Rogue Froning RML-4100

Our #1. Recommendation

​Rogue Froning RML-4100

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