Best Exercise Bikes Review 2019

updated January 1, 2019

With new forms of cardio equipment constantly coming onto the the fitness market, the humble exercise bike remains the top seller year after year. The reason is clear - cycling is one of the most efficient ways to lose weight, get fit and strengthen your lower body that exists. And it’s fun. Finding the right bike, though, can be a challenge. In this article we take a close-up look at the Top exercise bikes of 2019.

A Quick Overview of the Top Exercise Bikes

Our overall favorite best stationary bike for home use is the Sunny Pro, an extremely solid, reliable and durable home spin bike at a great price. We were also very impressed with the Body Rider fan bike, which gives you a dual upper and lower body workout and a variable fan wheel resistance. Rounding out our top three is the Xterra recumbent cardio bike, providing a high level of back support, and offering an amazing 24 levels of resistance.

Top 10 Exercise Bikes

To make is easy for you to compare the best home bicycles on the current market, we’ve rated each of the Top rated exercise bikes in terms of price and durability. Then we’ve given them an overall rating out of 5. In the following section we’ll break down each product in detail.

The Best Bikes In-Depth

#1. Sunny Health and Fitness Pro

Sunny Health and Fitness Pro

The Sunny Health and Fitness pro comes with an impressive 40 pound flywheel to give you an extremely smooth, natural ride. The flywheel is the driver of the bike and it is rare to get such a quality one at this price range. The heavy duty steel frame is another impressive feature, allowing you to feel very safe and secure as you ride.

A heavy duty crank and smooth chain drive provide a very fluid cycling motion. With fully adjustable exercise bike seat and handlebars, this unit is able to accommodate all user shapes and sizes. The pedal resistance is fully adjustable. The Sunny Health and Fitness pro has a quiet operation and is free of the jerkiness that you often get with bikes at this price range.


  • 40 pound flywheel
  • Heavy duty crank
  • Smooth chain drive


  • Heavy

#2. Body Rider Fan Bike

Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan Bike...

The Body Rider Fan exercise bike is a fan wheel unit with dual handles, allowing you to work both upper and lower body at the same time. The fan wheel produces a cooling breeze as you exercise, while the easily adjustable tension knob provides variable resistance. The seat is fully adjustable to accommodate different heights. The digital monitor presents a bright readout of your distance, time, speed and calories consumed.

The Body Rider Fan exercise bike has a solid, durable steel frame It features a large, padded seat and ergonomic handle positioning. The cycle operation is very smooth and is whisper quiet. The Body Rider comes is priced well, and comes with a one year frame warranty, making it a great overall purchase.


  • Fan wheel
  • Dual handles
  • Elliptical and cycling workout
  • Combined exercise bike with arm workout


  • Seat not that comfortable

#3. Xterra Recumbent Bike

Xterra Recumbent Bike

The Xterra recumbent bike provides 24 levels of electronic resistance to provide a truly progressive workout. You also get a 22 pound heavy duty flywheel to power the smoothest of pedal revolutions. This compact unit is made from heavy duty steel framing and is finished in a stylish metallic black. It has an impressive on-board computer, which 24 different workouts, 12 of which are pre set and 4 of which are heart rate based.

The Xterra recumbent bike features a quality 3 piece pedal crank. Combining this with the hugh spec poly V belt and heavy duty fly wheel gives you a quality riding experience that you normally don’t see at this price point. You even get a 5 year warranty on the frame!


  • Heavy duty fly wheel
  • Poly V Belt
  • 5 year warranty


  • Heart rate monitor not accurate

#4. Sole Fitness SB700

Sole Fitness SB700

The Sole Fitness SB700 exercise bike is a top of the market light commercial bike. It features a heavy duty 48 pound flywheel, to give you one of the smoothest riding experiences of any home bike we came across. This is combined with top of the line Kevlar brake system to produce a great simulation of outdoor riding. The magnetic resistance allows for a fluid natural transition between levels.

The Sole SB700 frame is made from heavy duty steel tubing, finished in an aluminum shroud that gives a stylish appearance. The seat is fully adjustable and the display monitor is large and easy to read, allowing for connection of a wireless heart strap. The LCD display is backlit for ease of viewing.


  • 48 pound flywheel
  • Kevlar braking system
  • Heavy Duty Construction


  • Heavy

#5. Marcy Air 1 Fan Bike

Marcy Air 1 Fan Bike

The Marcy Air 1 Fan Bike is a more heavy duty version of the Body Rider fan bike. It features dual arms to provide an elliptical riding experience, with an air resistance system. The faster you pedal the more resistance you generate. At the same time, the fan keeps you cool. The high density foam seat is fully adjustable, accommodating riders of all heights. The bike also features transport wheels.

The Marcy Air 1 Fan Bike offers a very smooth level of resistance that is free of stuttering or jerkiness. It provides an easy knob adjustment that allows you to transition smoothly between levels. The onboard computer provides constant readouts of your essential training data which is presented on a large format LCD screen.


  • Dual arms for elliptical training
  • Air resistance exercise bike
  • Very smooth resistance level


  • A little noisy when in operation

#6. Kettler Giro R Recumbent Exercise Bike

Kettler Home Exercise Fitness Equipment

The Kettler Giro R Recumbent sit down exercise bike is a stylish black and white unit that features a comfortable seat and back support. It has a magnetic resistance system that produces a very fluid wheel motion without stiffness and virtually no noise. You get 16 levels of variable magnetic resistance, making this model ideal for all members of the family. The built-in computer provides 8 different workouts to challenge you.

The Kettler Giro R comes with heart rate control monitoring that automatically adjusts the intensity of the training to keep you within your target heart rate zone. It has a 17.5 pound flywheel that provides smooth revolutions.


  • Very stylish appearance
  • 16 levels of variable magnetic exercise bike resistance
  • 8 computer programs


  • Power adaptor plug poorly designed

#7. Sole 94 Upright Bike

Sole Fitness B94 Upright Bike

The Sole 94 Upright Exercise Bike provides a challenging, comfortable workout. It features a seat that is both vertically and horizontally adjustable to allow for precision customization. Ergonomically designed extra length handles allow for ideal positioning. The indoor bike computer provides ten different programs, including two heart rate workouts. A user design feature even allows you to design your own workout. The pedal design features a unique two degree inward cant, which prevents joint ache.

The frame of the Sole 94 is constructed from heavy duty steel tubing and covered in a light aluminum shroud. This makes the bike strong enough for light commercial use, which remaining lightweight. It features two wheels for easy transport. This bike has a 300 pound user weight limit.


  • Functional, ergonomic design
  • Heavy duty frame
  • 300 pound max user weight


  • A little noisy when cycling

#8. Epic AR17 Recumbent Bike

Epic AR17 Recumbent Bike

The Epic AR17 Recumbent Bike is a very cool looking unit with curved edges and a stylish grey finish that is also a great performer. It features a comfortable, high back seat with arm support and an easy slide seat adjustment. The 17 pound inertia enhanced flywheel provides a smooth, jerk free pedaling motion and the pedals feature adjustable straps to secure your feet in place.

The Epic AR17 seated exercise bike exercise machine has an adjustable angle console which features a large LCD screen. It provides a clear readout of such training data as speed, distance, time and calories consumed. You also get a full complement of built-in workouts as well as having the freedom to create your own.


  • Very stylish appearance
  • 17 pound inertia enhanced fly wheel
  • Smooth pedal motion


  • Noisy

#9. Exerpeutic Folding Upright Bike

Exerpeutic Folding Upright Bike

The Exerpeutic folding upright bike is a lightweight bike with a heavy duty frame. Constructed from heavy duty steel tubing, and equipped with leg stabilizers for extra rigidity, this bike can take user weights up to 300 pounds. The large seat cushion makes for a very comfortable riding experience. A centrally located knob allows you to adjust the tension over 8 settings and dual handle pulse sensors take a reading of your training heart rate.

The Exerpeutic foldaway features a large screen LCD display, which provides a continuous readout of all of your vital training data. A great feature of this unit is its collapsible design, allowing it to fold up like an ironing board for quick and convenient storage.


  • Heavy duty frame
  • Folds up compactly
  • Max user weight 300 pounds


  • People under 5’3” may not be able to reach the pedals

#10. Fitleader FS1

Fitleader FS1

The Fitleader FS1 is an indoor spin cycle with a magnetic, bi directional flywheel. It features a durable but lightweight frame that is able to take some serious punishment. You get 8 levels of adjustable resistance controlled from a central knob. The seat and handles are fully adjustable to allow you to set up for an intense spin session. A dual action safety brake and resistance adjustment lever provide smooth action.

The FS1 magnetic resistance spin bike provides you with a quality LCD console that gives constant readouts of all of your vital training stats, including RPM and hand pulse readouts. This is well priced home spin cycle that will allow you to push your training while staying stable on the bike.


  • Bidirectional magnetic flywheel
  • 8 levels of adjustable resistance
  • Max user weight of 290 pounds


  • Uncomfortable seat

Recumbent Bikes

If you suffer from knee or lower back injuries, you know how painful using a regular upright bike can be. Fortunately, there’s a whole market segment just for you; the recumbent bike. These home bicycles allow you to it in an upright position with your feet angled towards the horizontal. This outs you at a far more advantageous ergonomic position, taking the pressure off your spine and knees.

Using a recumbent bike also provides a much more effective workout for your hamstrings and glutes. This makes it great for ladies who are trying to lose cellulite through the butt region.

Check out our exhaustive review of the best recumbent bikes on the market with our Best Recumbent Bikes Review 2019 - you back will thank you!

Schwinn Exercise Bikes

Schwinn Exercise Bikes

When it comes to the home exercise market, Schwinn have established themselves as a top market player. Schwinn established themselves in the outdoor cycle market before launching into home fitness. They have been in the industry for over 100 years and are the true market innovators. In fact, their revolutionary exercise bike, introduced in 1966, was a pioneer in the home fitness space.

Over the last 50 years, Schwinn have perfected their craft to bring out some of the most respected home fitness bikes the market has seen. Discover the best that Schwinn have to offer with our Schwinn Exercise bikes Review 2019 to find out if the reality matches the reputation.

Desk Pedal Exercisers

Finding the time to exercise is an ongoing challenge for all of us. Desk pedal exercisers help to overcome this problem by allowing you to combine your workout with your work. These compact pedal machines are portable enough to be able to be placed under your desk while you’re at work or at your home office. This allows you to get in an effective fat burning cardio session while you’re engaged in your business activities.

While desk pedallers are a great idea, the market is flooded with cheap, inferior quality products that simply will not do the job that you expect of them. Avoid the junk and go directly to the best priced, high quality models with our investigation of the best pedal exercisers you can use at your desk - it’s essential reading before you buy.

Spin Bikes

Spin bikes have become hugely popular as a group exercise option at commercial gyms. In recent years, however, a range of high quality spin bikes for home use have emerged onto the market. Some of them are so good that they can also be used for light commercial use.

Spin bikes differ from upright bikes. They feature a heavy duty flywheel which is connected to the pedals mechanically. That means that when you stop pedalling, the pedals will continue turning as a result of inertia. The look and design of a spin bike is more like a road bike than other exercycles. You body will be in a less upright posture and there will be times when you will be standing when riding.

To find the very best spin bikes for home and light commercial use, don’t miss our Best Spin Bikes Review 2019 - we’ve rated the top 10 to make your choice easy.

Proform Exercise Bikes

Proform Exercise Bikes

Proform have established themselves as a leading manufacturer of exercise equipment, with a complete range of treadmills, ellipticals, rowers and hybrid trainers. Proform are committed to providing the tools needed by athletes and homes trainers alike in their quest to be their best. Their range of bike exercise machines provide the highest quality componentry with advanced computer technology to keep you motivated as it provides the best ergonomic workout possible.

Proforms bike range includes the Tour de France series, which puts you in the middle of the world’s most famous race by way of high def views n a 10 inch touch screen. Discover the best that Proform have to offer with our Proform Exercise Bikes Review 2019, an in depth investigation of just how good the Proform range really is.

Compact Exercise Bikes

An exercise bike is an essential addition to any self respecting home gym. Sometimes, however, finding the space to fit it in is a real challenge. Fortunately, there is a solution - the folding exercise bike. When you have one, you are able to pull your bike out when you need to use it, and then fold it up be stored under a bed or in a closet at other times.

While it’s easy to find a huge range of compact, foldable exercycles, finding high quality foldables it a great deal more difficult. Fortunately, we’ve gone deep into the compact foldable market segment to provide you with our Best Compact Exercise Bikes for Small Spaces Review 2019 - don’t miss it!

Sunny Health Exercise Bikes

Sunny Health Exercise Bikes

Over the last few years, Sunny Health and Fitness have forged a name for themselves in the highly competitive home fitness market. Sunny are based in Los Angeles and carry a huge complement of training gear which they sources from top quality manufacturers in China and Taiwan. Because they deal directly with the manufacturer, Sunny are able to bring to market the best prices - and they stand behind everything they sell!

Our in depth analysis of the Sunny bike range makes up our Sunny Health Exercise Bikes Review 2019. It’s got the inside scoop on the best that Sunny has to offer.

Indoor Cycling Bikes

Indoor cycling bikes have become a popular home training bike segment in recent years. Indoor cycling bikes differ from other exercycles in that they provide the rider with a more forward leaning position that is more akin to the real riding experience. They will typically also have a heavier flywheel than upright and recumbent bikes.

We’ve gone deep into the indoor cycling market to bring you the best in our Best Indoor Cycling Bikes Review 2019 - check it out to find the best indoor cycling bike for your needs.

NordicTrack Exercise Bikes

NordicTrack Exercise Bikes

NordicTrack have been a key player in the fitness industry even since they introduced their famous skier a quarter of a century ago. In the late 90’s, they expanded their home fitness line with a range of exercycles and rowers. The NordicTrack flair for comfort, performance and style have combined in the form of a range of high spec home exercycles that are second to none.

Check out the best that NordicTrack offer in our NordicTrack Exercise Bikes Review 2019 to discover whether NordicTrack is the right for for you.

Stamina Exercise Bikes

Stamina Exercise Bikes

Stamina Products manufacture a range of home fitness equipment. They are committed to bringing to market the best mix of quality and value that exists. Stamina products are available all over the world and have established a reputation for unbeatable value for money. Their range of bikes is competitive both in terms of price and overall quality.

Check out the best of the Stamina exercycle range with our Stamina Exercise Bikes Review 2019 so that you can make the smartest choice to suit your training needs.

Diamondback Exercise Bikes

Diamondback Exercise Bikes

Diamondback is a long established, trusted American fitness equipment manufacturer. Providing training equipment for home and light commercial use, Diamondback have been standards setters in many markets. Their line of exercycles combine an unrivalled mix of value, durability, quality and functionality.

Go in depth into the Diamondback line of exercycles with our DiamondBack Exercise Bikes Reviews 2019 to see exactly what Diamondback can offer you.

Finding the right exercycle is the first step to gaining maximum exercise bike benefits, especially when it comes to losing weight. The second is learning how to perform the best calorie burning workouts torch the fat. Check out this quick fat burning workout to get you on the right track . . .​

Body Sculpture Exercise Bikes

From its origins in the United Kingdom in 1965, Body Sculpture has grown into a major international company. Their highly regarded fitness range currently represents the largest single global market for sporting goods. Committed to providing quality for value, Body Sculpture have an impressive range of exercycles that cover the entire market.

Discover the best of the Body Sculpture range with our Body Sculpture Exercise Bikes Review 2019 to find the ideal exercycle for your home gym.​


The best indoor exercise bike that we rated is the Sunny Pro, a budget priced spin cycle that will provide you with a commercial gym riding experience. We also loved the Body Rider fan bike, which offers an elliptical riding experience with dual arm movement and a variable fan wheel resistance. The Xterra Recumbent bike was our third favorite exercise bicycle, providing a huge range of resistances and built in workouts at a great price.

Sunny Health and Fitness Pro

Our #1. Recommendation

Sunny Health and Fitness Pro

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