Best Exercise Bike Reviews 2017 – Benefits and Workouts

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

What's The Best Exercise Bike?

What's the Quick Answer?

The Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse stands out hands down as the best exercise bike for your home gym. Some of it's features:

  • It's foldable which makes it extremely portable
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  • Magnetic resistance training

Back in the days when exercise bikes were so popular, it was typically the most used equipment in gyms because of its benefits. Today, with the presence of high technology that utilizes mobile gadgets, it seems that many people are no longer interested in using the exercise bike. Some of them are stacked at the top of the attic in a particular household, waiting for an enthusiast to mount it and being their exercise regimen. But all is not lost. Exercise bikes are still on trend, and they are not fading away from the market, nor from gyms, including other exercise equipment that cannot be replaced by high tech gadgetry. For those who are serious with getting into shape and be healthy, fit, it is time to take a touch again on the ever sought after exercise bike.

Exercise Bike Reviews

Exercise Bike Reviews

Stationary bikes are popular among gym enthusiasts because they provide comfort to the joints, according to a number of exercise bike reviews. For beginners, especially those who are not knowledgeable or do not know how to use actual bikes, can get exercise bike benefits from these stationary equipment. It is even easier to use the bike compared to other gym equipment like the elliptical machine or the treadmill. There are a few different variations of the exercise bike, such as the recumbent exercise bike. Check out this article to learn more about the recumbent exercise bike.

Another exercise bike benefit you can get is that it will never inhibit you from doing your daily exercise bike routine. Unlike outdoor exercises, exercise bikes will let you do your daily exercises without being interrupted by the harsh weather conditions such as the rain, coldness or hotness. Since they are indoors, you do not have to worry about the sudden changes of the weather. You do not also have any other excuses to make and will have to do your daily routine. Confused about the difference between spin, recumbent, and folding exercise bikes? Check this out.

Exercise Bike Technique

Exercise Bike Technique

Do not get fooled by this stationary bike, but it can get challenging if you adjust its level way too high that your legs can no longer pedal it right. Just because it is heavier, it makes you burn more fat. Many have claimed, especially some of the pros, that the indoor cycling exercise bike workouts is not easy as many thinks. If your only purpose for going to gyms and getting on that exercise bike is to socialize, you might want to change your session with a spinning fitness class. If you are looking for a more portable bike, check out these foldable exercise bikes.

Before riding on your bike or before you start to pedal, adjust the stationary bike properly. Not many rookies know this, but by properly adjusting the settings of the bike, it will affect the calories you burn, preventing injury and the comfort from using it. Start adjusting the bike by standing next to it. Set the height of the seat even with the height of your hip. You also need to make sure that the seat is a bit tilted forward in order to maximize its push and the power that you are going to produce. Set the handlebars aligned so that they are higher than your seat. You also want your shoulder, arms and lower back, relaxed when you stretch out to the handles when you grab them.

Resistance – when you ride the bike, the resistance level is all up to you. There is no fundamental rule or a guide to make you follow what resistance level should you start with, but as much as possible, it is recommended to start with something you can easily do. If the resistance level is high, try not to force your legs too much or you will get muscle aches after your session. This means that you only get to ride at your own level and pace. It is advisable never to raise the resistance level too high that you can no longer pedal. This will not only bring muscle aches in your legs and feet, but may break into serious knee injuries. When you ride the bike, start with the lightest resistance like you are pedaling a bike backwards. By that level, try raising the level higher until it gets a bit on the harder side, but not enough that you can no longer pedal. Check out this link for a great workout

Safety – the exercise bike is among the safest equipment you can find in the gym as long as you follow the protocol properly. If you are taking up spinning classes, try to make sure that the instructor is certified to teach you about the class, especially when it comes to teaching you about the exercise bike. Also, make sure that you have the proper equipment added to your session such as the shoes, and athletic shorts.

Additional cardio machines to consider:

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