Best CrossFit Timer Clocks Review October 2018

CrossFit Timer Clocks Review 2018

updated October 10, 2018

The CrossFit style timed workout has become hugely popular over recent years. The problem for many has been how to time their workout without having to fiddle with the stopwatch function on their phone half way through their workout. A relatively recent fitness innovation has been the CrossFit timer clock. This large, bright, full function timer unit will allow you to monitor your workout time from anywhere in the gym.

In this article, we review the Top 10 CrossFit timer clocks on the 2018 market.

A Quick Glimpse at the Top 10

To make is easy for you to compare the Top 10 Crossfit timer clocks on the market, we’ve rated each one on the basis of price and durability. We’ve then given an overall rating out of 5. In the following section, we provide detailed reviews of each clock.

The Top 10 CrossFit Timer Clicks In Depth

Countdown Timer Review

The Marathon TI030017BK Countdown Timer counts upto 100 hours in up as well as down counting. It comes with a battery and due to its volume adjustability and flashing light features it is also good for people with limited visual or hearing capability. It has LED Visual indicators with contrasting color which makes it easy to read the digits. It also has a magnetic back, so can be sticked to a metal stick or stand.  

The Marathon Countdown timer is capable of recording 2 activities simultaneously. This is ideal for all type of sports and activities.


  • Volume adjustable (High, Medium, Mute)
  • Contrasting color LED for easy visibility
  • Top Class Manufacturing
  • Magnetic Back


  • LED flashes out every 2 second, which could be annoying sometime.
Flex Timer

The Flex Timer is a completely independent CrossFit and gym timer that you control completely from your Smart Phone. It allows you to instantly and easily connect to your LED fitness training clock. You can choose between five popular interfaces including Interval and Tabata. You can also set the timer to either count up or count down.

The Flex Timer features large, clear LED display that is visible from anywhere in the gym. The portability and easy set-up of this unit makes it ideal to take with you to the gym or to set up in your own garage gym. With this device you can fully plan your workout in advance, or save it for later analysis. It provides you with a 100 foot range, so you will never be tethered to the clock. You can even control the timer around corners and through walls.


  • Controlled from Smartphone
  • Five interfaces
  • 100 foot range


  • Multiple users can access it
crossfit timer clock review

The Rogue Echo Gym Timer provides you with a large, single sided LED display, remote control unit and dozens of pre-set programs and programmable interval settings. It can either be wall mounted or paired with a stand which is sold separately. The display shows the numbers in red and the number of rounds in green. The bright four inch numbers can be seen from over a hundred yards away. The timer allows you to save up to 10 custom programs at any one time. It even features several unique preset modes including ‘Tabata’.


  • Pre-set programs
  • Four inch numbering


  • Remote unreliable
Digital Kitchen Timer

The HABOR Kitchen timer is perfect for use during your Crossfit session, P-90X or Insanity workout. It’s also ideally suited to track your time during a boxing or wrestling match. You can even use it to time debate or chess match. Though designed for the kitchen, it has everything you need to time your training, including a loud buzzer.


  • Up and down timer
  • Compact and hardy


  • No set programs
CrossFit Timer

The BTB Sign CrossFit Trainer is a very functional, easy to use clock that acts as a great workout motivator. A ten second countdown to your workout culminates in a powerful beep. However, it is up to you if you choose to use it. This timer is accurate to within one minute per year.

Unfortunately the included remote with this WOD timer is not very durable and breaks easily.


  • 10 second training countdown
  • Accurate to one minute per year


  • Unreliable remote
Digital Stopwatch Timer

The Marathon ADANAC 3000 is digital stopwatch / timer with a large display. You’ll be able to easily see the available time remaining, even at a glance, no matter how brightly lit the room is. This digital stopwatch / timer displays minutes, seconds and 1/100ths of a second. 

Laser tuning ensures that the Marathon ADANAC 3000 is accurate to 1/100th second.


  • Easy to read display
  • Very accurate


  • Can’t save split times
Smart Flex Timer

The Flex Timer gym edition is a beefed up version of the home editio of the Flex Timer. The four inch blue and red digits are visible from hundreds of feet away and the 95 decibel buzzer is very loud. This means that you will never be tethered to the clock. On this timer you can record an unlimited number of custom workouts spanning six different timer modes: Standard, Round, Interval, Tabata, EMOM and Laps.

The advanced options on this gym edition CrossFit interval timer include configurable prelude times, round warnings, and a 3 second segue between rounds. You can also link multiple timers together for commercial gym use.


  • Multiple linking ability
  • 95 db buzzer 
  • Custom workouts recordable


  • A third more expensive than the home version
Digital Timer

The American Hunter 1006692 Timer is designed as a farm feeder but can also be used to time your gym workouts. This robust little unit is made from very hardy materials. It includes a digital timer and is extremely compact at just 4 inches square.


  • Compact
  • Robust


  • No inbuilt programs
Electronics Timer

The Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II provides you with a very clear and easy to read digit display. Two digits display in blue with the other four red. This is a hand held unit with a start button on the side. .

The clock mode of the Pocket Pro II timer can be set to either 12-hour or 24-hour. It is powered by one 9 volt alkaline battery (not included) which will provide you with around 20 hours of continuous use. Your purchase comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Hand held
  • 20 hours of charge
  • 2 year warranty


  • No pre-set programs
Water Resistant Digital Stopwatch Timer

The Marathon ADANAC 4000 Timer is a very sturdy, functional gym timer / stopwatch that you can pick up for a very sharp price point. This stopwatch timer comes with a lanyard so you can hang it around your neck. The four inch digits come in blue and red. You can set either a 12 hour or 24 hour clock format, and has been laser set to 1/100th second accuracy. It displays minutes, seconds and 1/100ths seconds. It also has a time and date feature which displays hours,seconds, months, date and day. 


  • Very accurate
  • Displays 1/100th seconds


  • Cannot set multiple alarms


The best Crossfit Timer Workout Clock of 2018 is the Marathon Counter timer, with its contrasting color for best visibility. We also loved the Flex Timer, Home Edition with its 100 foot range, five interfaces and Smartphone control . Our third favorite Crossfit Timer Interval Clock is the Rogue Echo Timer with it pre set programs and large display. 

CrossFit Timer Clocks Review 2018
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