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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 Review Review Facts

Brooks is a company that creates excellent running sneakers, and the Adrenaline line is one of their most popular options. The GTS 19 is one of their newer models, succeded only by the GTS 20. The Adrenaline line has amazing features, including but not limited to, mesh uppers and a midsole with BioMoGo DNA technology. It basically offers everything users loved about the GTS 18 here, just without the bulk. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 is a great running sneaker, so scroll down to see what it has to offer!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Breathable and flexible engineered mesh upper

BioMoGo DNA responsive midsoles

Blow rubber outsoles

GuideRails that improve stabilization

Heel loft crash pad

Easy to break-in



Runs small


The upper of this running shoe is made out of precisely engineered mesh that wraps around the wearer's foot. The fit feels snug but not constricting, and the mesh makes the GTS 19 very breathable, which means that your feet won't get sweaty, even during a long, intense run. The lining of the upper is plush and smooth, feeling comfortable against the skin, helping prevent blisters. 3D Fit Print is used for the rubber overlays, combining the heel counter with the midfoot cage to further secure the feet in. This allows for maximum support and comfort, which is what every runner should be looking for when it comes to finding the right running shoes. The collar and tongue are generously padded, gently supporting the top of the foot.


This running shoe has the very same midsole most Brooks models have. It's called BioMoGo DNA - made completely out of recyclable materials, it will shape itself to your feet, giving them support and padding where they need it the most, allowing you to be able to focus more on your run and less on your feet. The padding that results from this is firm and supportive, and the foam itself will keep the shape for a long time. The heels have a DNA Loft crash pad, a combination of EVA foam, rubber, and air. The GuideRails stabilize and support the feet, fixing overpronation issues.


The outsole of this running is made out of blown rubber. This kind of rubber is lightweight and spongy, giving you more cushioning without breaking apart in the process, which, in turn, helps with the longevity of the shoe. The rubber is very grippy, improving your overall traction on wet and slippery surfaces, like grass and mud, making for the ultimate running shoe, regardless of the weather. The outsole is split into five sections, with grooves on the forefoot that improve flexibility. The outsoles are high-abrasion, so don't worry about those patterns wearing down anytime soon!


The GTS 19 is not such a lightweight sneaker. The men's model weighs about 11 ounces, and the women's model weighing 9.6 ounces. This is heavier than most running sneakers, but Brooks has ways that compensate for the weight. The GTS 19 is a stability sneaker, and that extra weight will help support your feet. The extra support overcompensates for the overall weight of the shoe. You will find that many of the users report that this pair of running shoes doesn't feel that heavy when worn, simply because the construction is flexible and supportive!


The upper is made out of stretchy engineered mesh that wraps around the feet, creating a supportive yet flexible fit. But engineered mesh is also very breathable, so don't worry about bad odors, wet socks, and blisters! The mesh does have some overlays, but they don't affect breathability at all. This running shoe has open mesh on all the right places, allowing the hot air to escape, leaving room for fresh air to cool you down. This allows you to stay much more comfortable during your runs and keeps you from having to cut your run short due to your feet getting hot and sweaty. Many users reported that these pair of running shoes feel very cool and fresh, making it the ideal choice when the weather becomes warm!


When it comes to finding the perfect running shoe, comfort should be an important factor. You will never be able to crush your running goals if you are investing in an uncomfortable pair of shoes. The GTS 19 is such a popular model because it does comfort like no other. The midsoles are what makes them so comfortable, because of the BioMoGo DNA construction forms to the shape of the wearer's feet, offering a fit like no other shoe. The crash pad in the heel area absorbs shock and protects the joints from stress and fatigue. The engineered mesh found in the upper wraps the foot and stabilizes it, while the breathability remains unchanged. The inner lining is plush and gentle. The tongue and collar are padded as well, supporting the ankles and arches. The only problem is that this shoe has been known to run small in size, so we suggest you go for half a size up.


The GTS 19 is a very good looking shoe, but the design hasn't changed that much when compared to the previous iterations. The mesh upper is a bit more form-fitting, while the overlays are bigger and pronounced to offer more stability. This model has interesting colorways that are sure to make you look stylish, although previous models had more choices. This running shoe really seems to favor the blue color, with the overlays and logo sporting shades of gold, white, aqua, and more. There are black and white models available too if you wish to wear a calm sneaker that doesn't stand out as much.


The GTS 19 is a durable shoe, as many users report. The outsoles may not have any carbon fibers that strengthen the construction, but the blown rubber is still sturdy enough to survive the constant abuse, which means that you can enjoy these shoes for many runs without having to worry about them falling apart. The midsoles will retain their shape for a long time, offering the same amount of padding as long as you wear them, which only adds to the comfort level as well. The crash pad in the heel area allows the midsoles to do their job even better. The mesh upper may be prone to tearing, but the overlays and good stitching help hold it together, even in extreme weather conditions.


The GTS 19 offers constant protection from injuries and the weather. The rubber compound of the outsoles has a grippy surface that keeps the wearer upright when the surface is slick, and it's soft and padded to guard the heels and toes against pain and blistering. The midsoles offer unique cushioning that absorbs shock and reduces impact, distributing the pressure evenly around the feet, which allows for a more comfortable run. The GuideRails help fix overpronation issues, guiding the feet in the correct position, helping prevent injuries to your feet and ankles. Don't worry about blisters or irritation either because the breathable upper will keep you dry.


The BioMoGo DNA midsole creates a very responsive sneaker. The midsole allegedly offers twice as much energy return when compared to regular EVA foam midsoles. The crash pad in the heel area is what makes this possible. The heels suffer the most when you run, and the crash pad will make sure you don't feel the impact when you land. The mesh upper will allow the foot to move in any direction unrestricted, while the segmented outsoles and grooves reduce the impact even more.


Many users report that this running shoe is a very supportive sneaker. The design of the outsoles reduces impact and absorbs shock, padding the areas that suffer the most when you run. The excellent midsole provides customized cushioning that keeps the feet locked in place and protected. The padded collar and tongue help keep the feet and ankles supported while running. The crash pad on the heel area also improves support. The GuideRails stabilize ankles and support the surrounding tissues. The rails sit on the lateral part of the upper, one on each side, locking down the foot in the correct position.


The GTS 19 is made for the road and pavements. The tread pattern on the outsoles is ideal for concrete and asphalt roads, and slippery grass or mud won't be able to harm you either. The soft, blow rubber may not be able to survive the harsh terrain on the trail, so we advise that you use them only on even roads. Long-distance running may wear the outsole fast, so use them for everyday running and short distance laps.


This pair of shoes also offers excellent traction, similar to what the previous model had. The previous model had a more aggressive pattern, but the outsole of the 19 does an excellent job even with the less pronounced grooves. The grooves are deep and flexible, gripping wet and slippery surfaces without any issues. The outsoles work best on treadmills and road, although some users have tried it out in the great outdoors, and they are happy with what they see.


The GTS 19 is a stability shoe, so we weren't expecting it to be so flexible! The midsoles are actually quite stiff, and the GuideRails lock the feet down in place. The outsoles are what make the 19 so flexible, as the deep grooves allow the foot to move naturally. The engineered mesh upper is lightweight and flexible too, so you can expect to feel supported where it matters the most, without hindering the flexibility of the sneakers!


The 19 is also a sneaker that will stabilize the foot without any issues. The segmented design of the outsole allows the feet to flex, and the hollowed-out heel greatly reduces impact, so you will feel more stable on your feet. The innovative midsoles help with arch support, while the crash loft pad disperses the pressure and keeps the heels locked in place. The GuideRails are mostly responsible for stabilizing the feet. They hug the foot on each side, guiding it gently into the right position. The mesh upper will stabilize the top of your feet without suffocating them!


The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 is definitely a pricey sneaker. You can expect to pay about 130 dollars for a pair, although this is similar to the cost of other specialized running sneakers. Their value and what they bring to the table is well worth the money, and they can survive for a long time too, so don't worry about spending over a hundred dollars on shoes every few months!

The Final Word

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 lives up to its name. Happy users report that they feel comfortable and supported while running in the sneakers. The engineered mesh upper and BioMoGo DNA midsole greatly help cushion the feet while stabilizing and supporting them. The blow rubber outsole allows the forefoot to flex, as it disperses pressure and creates good traction. The loft crash pad on the heel area absorbs shock and stabilizes the heels, and this running shoe does all of that while looking good. The fit does run small, but if you go for half a size up you should have zero issues!