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Saucony Guide ISO Review Review Facts

Finding a proper pair of running sneakers can be a daunting task. Especially if we consider that no one has the same running style, nor the same issues, and one user’s review might not be true for you. As daunting as it may be, any runner knows the importance of finding a high-quality running shoe that offers the perfect combination of comfort and support. Saucony has been creating amazing running sneakers for a long time, and their Guide sneaker line is very popular – for a good reason. The  Saucony Guide ISO is the latest model, and we believe that it’s close to perfection. If you want to see what makes the ISO Guide so great, scroll down to see the answer!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Lightweight and breathable mesh upper

The unique ISOFIT lacing system

Lightweight FLEXFILM

8mm heel drop

Comfortable and padded midsoles

High-abrasion durable outsoles

Flexible construction


Narrow fit

Feels flimsy

Not so lightweight


Saucony Guide shoes have been around for a while, but the ISO has an upper that is a complete change when compared with previous models. The upper is made out of stretchy mesh that molds to the shape of your feet, offering a comfortable and secure fit. The upper has a rubber overlay across the toes that prevent the mesh from tearing. The rest of the mesh has a print-on rubber that gives the ISO style. The Guide ISO is unique thanks to the lacing technology. The system is called ISOFIT, and it has a mesh sock liner that wraps the feet combined with overlays that hug the foot when you tighten the laces. This way, you can create the optimal fit without feeling constricted!


One of the most amazing features the Guide ISO has is the midsole. The EVERUN midsoles are made out of a material that offers the same level of padding throughout the exercise, and it's very responsive, helping you run efficiently. Every runner knows that effectiveness is what keeps you moving in the right direction and hitting your running and fitness goals. The Guide 10 also had this midsole, but the change is seen in the level of padding, as the ISO has more cushioning. The EVERUN layer of foam is topped with PWRFOAM, padding the user's feet even more. This makes the sneakers extremely comfortable and protective, which is just what you need when you run!


The outsoles of running sneakers are very important, as they protect the feet and help keep you upright in slippery conditions. This running shoe has a very interesting outsole. The TRI-flex pattern present on the outsoles not only looks cool, but it also helps absorb impact while evenly distributing the pressure around the foot. This type of technology not only helps keep your feet comfortable, but it also helps protect your feet from injury. The forefoot of the outsole has flex grooves that improve flexibility and allow the foot to move naturally, allowing for a more effective run. The rubber compound is durable and abrasive, meaning that it will grip the surface you're running on even when it's wet, allowing you to wear the sneakers in all kinds of weather.


Running sneakers must be lightweight. If they're not, all of that extra weight around the ankles will tire you down and mess with your results! This running shoe is, surprisingly, not a lightweight sneaker. The men's version weighs 10.5 ounces, while the women's version weighs almost 9 ounces, so they're pretty heavy. But this shoe does offer amazing padding, plus it's very flexible, so you probably won't even feel the extra weight! We usually wouldn't praise heavier running sneakers, but the Saucony Guide ISO makes the extra weight irrelevant thanks to other amazing features.


A good running sneaker pair has to be breathable. When you run, you will sweat a lot, and if that sweat has nowhere to go, it stays trapped inside the shoes, causing bacteria buildup and bad odors. Plus, the socks will remain wet, and wet socks increase friction, potentially creating blisters. Blisters are not on the wish list of any runner, so sneakers must be breathable! The upper of this running shoe is made out of mesh, which tells you that they are very breathable, which means your feet will stay dry and comfortable during your entire run. The lacing system improves breathability too, thanks to the mesh liner. The FLEXFILM in the upper of the sneakers lowers the number of layers on the upper, preventing any kind of overheating.


We usually don't pair fashion and sports, because it's much more important to perform well than to look well, but it's still nice when you can find an excellent sneaker that also looks amazing. The Guide ISO has a sleek, streamlined design that makes it very versatile. They are not outstanding, but you can't exactly say they look bad. Both the men's and women's versions come in different colorways, either attention-grabbing colors or calming, neutral hues., which means that they basically have something for everyone! The sneakers do not look bulky at all, which is amazing considering the amount of padding they have!


Running sneakers are supposed to survive a lot of wear and tear damage. After all, they will be constantly challenged when the wearer runs, as the foot slams the ground with a lot of force. The outsoles are usually the first parts of the sneakers that fall apart, and this running shoe has outsoles that are in stark contrast with that. The high-abrasion durable rubber can withstand a lot of abuse without slacking on protection. A shoe with a durable outsole is imperative because that's where the shoe takes the brunt of the impact. With this running shoe, you can take comfort in knowing that you are getting a high-quality shoe that will not disappoint. The upper, even though it's mesh, will also survive the constant stretching when you run, plus the rubber overlays across the toes help with keeping the upper protected. The midsoles will remain cushy and soft throughout the years thanks to Saucony's innovative thinking.


Running sneakers have to be able to protect you. They have to keep the arches supported and stabilized, the upper has to keep the feet stable and comfortable, while the midsole and outsole must guard the foot soles against all kinds of terrain while lowering the stress on the joints. If a running shoe doesn't offer the proper amount of protection, you will always struggle with reaching your running goals, or even worse yet, end up injured, which could prevent you from running altogether. The Guide ISO is certainly a very protective sneaker. This is why this running shoe weighs a bit more than the predecessors. The padding and the supportive heel both add to the total weight, but the upper is lightweight and protective enough to counter that.


A responsive sneaker will absorb the shock and impact when you run, giving you back a part of the energy you expended to run. Many users report that, while using this running shoe, it happens to feel very soft and flexible when they first put it on. Some people may find this to be a flaw, while others will absolutely enjoy the soft hug this shoe gives. The EVERUN and PWRFOAM midsole is the main contributor to the softness, and it works in unison with the upper to make the ISO feel like a pillow.


The ISO is built for neutral runners, although there's plenty of support the sneakers offer so mild overpronators will benefit from wearing them too. This way the Guide ISO can help a lot of runners reach their goals, as they are an amazing choice for overpronators. The midsole has EVA foam that stabilizes the feet, and the innovative lacing system just locks them down furthermore. The heel cage keeps the heels stable, while the low-profile construction keeps the ankles free to move. This type of design offers the best of both worlds, the ultimate level of support and comfort in one running shoe.


The TRIFLEX outsoles make the Guide ISO ideal for long-distance running and marathons. Although the pair is very hardy, it's not a good idea to wear them on rough trails. They can probably withstand a light trail, but they are best suited for the road, sideways, and for the rubbery surface of treadmills. The outsoles are made out of rubber that is lightweight and flexible, so the user might feel sharp debris when they go on trails wearing them, which is why you should use them only for their purpose!


The TRIFLEX outsoles are built to protect and offer flexibility, but they also create plenty of traction. Although they are not made for harsh terrains, they will create traction on slippery grass and muddy roads, meaning that you can wear them regardless of the weather outside and not have to worry about injuring yourself in the process. This running shoe is ideal for all kinds of weather, although the upper may become soaked in rainy or snowy weather, so be careful about that.


The Saucony Guide ISO is a very flexible sneaker. The upper is made out of mesh, which is flexible on its own, but the ISOFIT and FLEXFILM help improve the flexibility even more, which helps give runners a more natural feel while they are out on their run. The sneakers are heavy, but the flexibility will help you forget about that since it allows your foot to move with the shoe without any unnecessary friction. The chevron pattern of the outsoles improves flexibility in the forefoot, giving feet the chance to move naturally.


This running shoe what designed with overall stability in mind. The ISOFIT lacing system supports the foot and stabilizes the joints and surrounding tissues, preventing you from injuring your feet and ankles. The mesh upper is soft, but it wraps around the feet tightly, keeping them secure and in place. The heel cage is tight and supportive offering the runner the ability to focus on their run without having to worry about the shoe slipping and moving around and their feet hit the ground. The midsoles might be soft and padded, but their construction helps stabilize the feet as well. The EVA foam on the outsoles centers the foot and helps fight overpronation.

Heel Drop

The Guide ISO has a moderate heel drop. The heel is higher than the forefoot, and the difference is 8mm. The heels will help support and stabilize every runner, allowing them to feel comfortable and safe. The heel drop in a shoe really determines where the majority of the stress lands when you are running. A moderate heel drop happens to fall in the middle between a high drop shoe and a low or zero drop shoe. Choosing what works best for you is also another important aspect to keep in mind when looking for a perfect running shoe.


The Saucony Guide ISO is their latest and best model. The price tag is high according to that, but the sneakers really have a lot to offer. Truth be told, these sneakers are not pricier than any other running pair that has fewer features, so they are actually a great choice. They are also durable, so you'll get to use them for a long time!

The Final Word

The Saucony Guide ISO is an amazing pair of running sneakers. The mesh upper is flexible and breathable, while the unique ISOFIT lacing system supports the feet and makes the fit ideal. The midsoles also feature innovative technologies that soften the blow when you run. The outsoles have grippy patterns and flex grooves, while the Guide ISO looks good while doing all of that. Some users have reported that the fit is a bit narrow and that the shoes feel flimsy, but we're willing to overlook all of that because the ISO is simply an amazing pair of shoes!