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Nike Lunarglide 7 Review Review Facts

We’ve all heard about Nike, and we all probably had one of their amazing running sneakers. This worldwide famous brand is well-known for its shoes and other sports apparel, and they have truly mastered the craft of creating great fitness gear. The Nike Lunarglide 7 is what every runner needs to have in their dresser, as it has outstanding features that are sure to make running a more enjoyable experience. Read on to discover everything about this pair and whether it deserver to be wrapped around your feet!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Flyknit And Mesh upper

Lunarlon responsive midsoles

Very lightweight and breathable

True to size

TPU heel cage

Dynamic arch support

Soft and seamless inner bootie



The inner sleeve may cause rubbing or irritation

Outsole tends to peel


The upper of the Lunarglide 7 is created to give you optimal support and comfort. The upper is made out of very thin Flyknit, and seamless mesh that contours to the shape of your feet. Flyknit can be seen in many Nike sneakers, and its amazing construction gives support without the additional weight. The breathable mesh is placed in the front, promoting breathability, while the Flyknit guards the sides of your feet and the heels. The upper has a 3M reflective strip that alerts people of your presence when you run in the dark. The lacing system is traditional, but it has stretchy eyelets that make the shoes more stable. The tongue and collar are padded for extra comfort and stability.


The midsoles of the Lunarglide 7 are supportive and protective. The Lunarglide has a midsole with a very similar name, called Lunarlon. Lunarlon is a proprietary foam designed by Nike. This foam absorbs the shock and disperses impact throughout every stage of running, removing stress and fatigue from the joints and surrounding tissues. The midsole is technically injected molded EVA foam that keeps its shape no matter how hard you go. The front of the midsole has flex grooves that promote flexibility and natural motions of the feet. The midsoles are responsive and durable, ideal for all types of runners, be it daily running or long-distance.


The outsoles of every running sneaker have to be durable, resistant to abrasion, and grippy, to keep the wearer safe. The Lunarglide 7 has an outsole that is pressure-mapped. This means that the outsole follows the points of the feet that suffer from the most pressure and impact, keeping them safely protected. You can see the concentric rings around the forefoot, where you land while running, and a bit more protection around the heels. The grooves and ridges also create suction, keeping you safe in slippery conditions. The rubber the outsoles are made out of is high-abrasion, so don't worry about worn down outsoles any time soon!


Running sneakers absolutely have to be lightweight. When you run, you will not benefit from any extra weight dragging your feet down, so sneaker manufacturers developed many ways to lower the weight without harming the construction and durability of the shoe. The Lunarglide 7 is a lightweight sneaker. The women's Lunarglide weighs about 7.9 ounces, while the men's version weighs 10 ounces. These sneakers are not among the most lightweight sneakers we had the chance to review, but they are still lightweight enough to not cause any issues. This running shoe is lightweight thanks to the construction of the upper, the proprietary midsole, and the durable outsoles. The upper is a blend of mesh and Flyknit without any overlays, which considerably brings the weight down. EVA foam is generally lightweight, and the rubber outsoles are as light as they can be!


A good running sneaker needs to be breathable. If not, the warm and moist air becomes trapped inside the shoe, exposing the runner to bad odors, bacteria, and annoying fungus. The socks may also become moist, increasing friction and causing blisters, which are the last things you need when running. Luckily, this running shoe happens to be extremely breathable. The Flyknit and mesh blend of the upper will maximize breathability, as the perforations are strategically placed to allow the warm air to escape, leaving room for cool, refreshing air. The midsole is gel-injected EVA, which also promotes breathability. As the sneakers are lightweight, you are less likely to sweat, so don't worry about wet feet when wearing the Lunarglide 7!


Running sneakers absolutely have to be comfortable. There are plenty of aspects that can affect comfort, but two of the most important ones are padding and fit. This running shoe is true to its size. The toe box is not too narrow nor too loose, and you won't have to downsize or upsize to find the right fit. It's very likely that you will be perfectly fine with your own shoe size! The fly knit and mesh upper comfortably wrap around the foot, while the responsive midsole guards the feet from rugged terrain and stress. The internal bootie of this shoe is seamless and plush. A seamless bootie has no friction points, and no friction means no blisters! The Lunarglide 7 has no wide shoe size options, but the toe box is wider than the one found in previous models.


Although not a lot of people think about fashion while they run, it still feels nice when we have a good-looking shoe that is also very functional. This running shoe is a good looking shoe that caters to the needs of men, women, and children alike. The women's versions feature bright, vivid colorways that are sure to bring attention. The men's version is a bit calmer, but they can also be very vivid, so it's up to you to decide what you want to show off to the world. The children's versions are not as colorful, but they are still fun to wear!


A good running sneaker must be able to survive the constant abuse created when the wearer repeatedly slams their feet on the ground. The outsoles and midsoles must be able to survive the most damage. The Outsoles of the Lunarglide 7 are similar to the ones of the Lunarglide 6. The mapped pressure points and the high-abrasion rubber is sure to withstand the test of time. The Flyknit upper may seem flimsy, but it can deal with a great amount of damage! Just make sure you avoid wet conditions and extreme weather. If you want the sneakers to remain usable for a long time, do not wear them all the time. Choose to sport them only when you run, and you'll be able to use them for a year or so!


Your running sneakers must offer a good amount of protection, as your feet suffer a lot when you run. These running shoes are comfy and sturdy, but the padded collar and tongue envelop the ankles and arches, stabilizing the feet and preventing injuries. This is an important aspect to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect pair of running shoes. The Lunarglide 7 is ideal for neutral runners, but it can also fix mild overpronation. The heel area has a TPU cage that grasps the heels tightly, stabilizing and protecting them in the process.


When a shoe is responsive, it means that it returns the energy spent to run back to the wearer with plenty of speed. This running shoe is very soft and cushy, but it's responsive enough to keep you safe. The Lunarlon midsole has two pieces with different density. The front of the midsole has a softer foam center that cushions the balls of the feet, while the back portion has a firm center that supports the heels and keeps them in place. This means that this shoe is lightweight, yet very supportive and responsive. The midsole will absorb the impact as you run and distribute it evenly around the feet to keep them safe from injuries and keep you running longer.


The woven Flyknit upper, no matter how flexible and lightweight offers a good amount of support. By wrapping itself around the foot, it helps keep it in place. The padded collar and tongue help stabilize and support the ankles, while the stretchy lacing system allows the user to adjust the fit until they find the amount of support they need. The dynamic arch support this pair of shoes has does help with arch pain, which is imperative when you run because any type of arch injury can keep you off of your feet for a long time. This running shoe is ideal for neutral runners and slight overpronators.


It's important to consider where you're going to take your running sneakers. Some running sneakers are ideal for the trail, while others work well only on pavements and roads. The Lunarglide 7 is made for the road, not for the trail. However, the outsole has carbon fibers that strengthen the construction, and the mapped zones create traction even on slippery and uneven terrain. This means that you can comfortably wear this running shoe to all kinds of terrain! Just make sure you avoid the rain and snow, as the mesh upper will leave you soaking wet and cold.


Running sneakers are highly specialized tools, made with innovative technologies that help keep runners happy and healthy. This is why their price is higher when compared with most shoes. The Lunarglide 7 is not so expensive, yet it offers a lot of features many pricier sneakers have. The Lunarglide model is one of the best running models out there, so we firmly believe that it's well worth the price!

The Final Word

Lunarglide 7 is an excellent running sneaker. The Flyknit mesh upper is breathable and supportive, while the midsoles are responsive and comfortable. The inner bootie is seamless and plush, although some users report some mild rubbing and irritation at the back. The outsoles are durable and grippy, although sometimes the rubber compound tends to peel. This running shoe happens to be a very stylish shoe that is responsive and very lightweight. The fit is true to size, but there are no wide options, which is one of the few downfalls of this running shoe. If you wish to wear good running sneakers that are affordable, then this product will be the perfect fit for you!