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Asics Gel-Noosa Tri 11 Reviewed and Rated Review Facts

It’s hard to find a good running shoe today. The market is saturated with so many choices that you can’t tell what’s good and what’s not, especially if you are new to running. Luckily, ASICS creates some of the best running models out there, and the Gel-Noosa Tri 11 is one of them. This well-rounded running sneaker will help you achieve your goals and more! Read on to discover why we love the Asics Gel-Noosa Tri 11 so much, and whether you want it around your feet!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Colorful and exciting lightweight mesh upper

Very breathable

The DURASPONGE outsole is durable and grippy, even in wet conditions

The midsole has gel inserts that improve support and responsiveness

Elastic lacing system

Lightweight Solyte midsole

DUOMAX support system


Narrow toe box


Not True to size


Right off the bat, the upper of the Noosa is something else. You will either love it or hate it, but we can't say that we're not intrigued by all the splatter and super bright colorways! If you want to shine bright while you run and attract some attention, the Noosa will make that happen. The extremely vivid overlays hide a true marvel inside - the mesh. The synthetic mesh upper makes the shoes breathable and very comfortable, making your next run an exhilarating experience. The overlays are not all the same. If you look closely, you will notice that some of the overlays are sewn on, while most of them are just printed on the mesh. This reduces the weight of the Gel-Noosa 11 and saves the material which would have otherwise been used to create the upper, so in other words, it reduces the price as well. The elastic lacing system is very easy to handle, making the on/off lightning fast. If you decide to use the sneakers for a triathlon, changing into them will be as quick as a few seconds, saving you precious time.


The midsole is what gives the Gel-Noosa its name. The forefoot and the heel are filled with gel inserts. These gel inserts absorb shock and reduce the impact when your feet make contact with the ground. The gel inserts are also very responsive, helping the Achilles tendon do its job. But the gel inserts are not the only things making up the midsole. The midsole is consisted out of ASICS Solyte, which is a lighter alternative to EVA foam. This foam also bounces back to its original shape much faster, and it's able to retain its shape for much longer than standard foam. The Duomax Support System and the Impact Guidance System also reside in the midsoles, and they improve general support and stability.


The outsoles have to be durable and strong to survive the constant abuse from repeatedly banging your feet on the ground. The outsoles of the Gel-Noosa are very sturdy, and they are made out of AHAR rubber. AHAR is an acronym, and it stands for ASICS High Abrasion Rubber. This rubber is infused with carbon fibers that boost durability and grip. The carbon fibers are concentrated around the heels and toes, the two areas most susceptible to wear and tear damage. The surface of the outsoles is covered by Durasponge, a proprietary blend made by Asics. It's placed on the forefoot, protecting the balls of the feet and the toes.


The Noosa 11 is an extremely lightweight shoe. You will definitely notice a difference once you put them on! The Men's Noosa weighs 9.3 ounces, while the Women's Noosa weighs 8.1 ounces, which is considerably less than most running shoes, and most sneakers in general! The weight is reduced thanks to the printed overlays, and thanks to a specialized system called Trusstic System. This technology connects the heel and the forefoot, without the extra weight. The Gel-Noosa was specifically designed for competitive running and triathlons, so it's no surprise that Asics keeps trying their best to reduce the overall weight! The Noosa 11 is the lightest shoe of this line.


A good running sneaker has to be breathable. You will sweat a lot when you run, and that sweat has to have a way to escape. If it stays trapped in the shoe construction, it will heat your feet, make them moist, and all that moisture and heat is an excellent breeding ground for fungus and blisters. Plus, a moist sock creates a lot of friction, and a lot of friction means irritation and blisters. Blisters are the last thing you need when you run! So, is the Noosa 11 breathable? The engineered mesh that the upper is constructed out of definitely says yes. The cool air will be sucked in as you run, while every slam to the ground will expel the hot air, leaving you with a cool and fresh environment. The mesh will keep this airflow constant, so you'll always remain cool, no matter how sweaty you tend to be. The midsoles have perforated insoles that allow moisture to drain away from your soles. The sock liner also has perforations. This means that you can use the shoes comfortably without wearing socks, and that can save you a lot of time on a triathlon!


The Noosa 11 is a lightweight shoe, as we mentioned above, made out of materials that can be compared to a feather. One is quick to assume that lightweight sneakers are flimsy sneakers, but the Noosa 11 is there to challenge your views. The rubber outsoles may be lightweight, but the carbon fibers strengthen the integrity of the outsoles without adding weight. The mesh upper is protected by the synthetic overlays, while the responsive midsole holds off compression like a champ. You can expect a lot of challenging runs and triathlons with the Noosa strapped to your feet!


The Noosa 11 has all the right features to keep your feet happy and healthy. The very first thing the Noosa 11 will protect you against is fungus and bacteria. Athlete's foot is a very common ailment, usually caused by sneakers that are not breathable. If you remember what we wrote about in the breathability section, the Noosa 11 has a mesh upper which is specifically designed to promote airflow, removing stale and moist air from the inner of the sneakers, which the fungus does not like. The Noosa 11 even has a bunion window on the side if you suffer from this condition, lowering irritation and pain other sneakers cause. The perforated insole and midsole drain away any sweat from the socks, leaving you as dry as the desert. This will create a healthy environment for your feet where you will be happy to place them again. The Duomax support system aligns your feet with the rest of the body and helps the runner keep his or her natural body stance. The gel cushions protect the feet from impact and shock, reducing the stress the joints suffer when you run. Plus, the shoes are extremely bright, keeping the runner safe when the sun goes down!


The midsoles of most Asics shoes are very responsive. Most of their models are equipped with a Speva midsole. It will generate bounce back while keeping the construction of the shoe intact. The Speva midsole is lighter and stronger than most midsoles found in running sneakers. The Noosa 11 kicks it up a notch with the Solyte midsole! The Solyte is an upgrade to the Speva, providing the same benefits while being as light as a feather. The Solyte midsole is also more responsive, and it's even sturdier than the Speva, making it the best midsole model Asics ever came up with!


The Noosa 11 is named after one of the most famous triathlon events, so you shouldn't be surprised that it was meant for rough terrain and general outdoors use. The Noosa 11 will survive long competitive runs, but it's also a great partner for daily running. The wet grip outsole will generate a lot of traction even on surfaces that have just been exposed to rain, so a downpour shouldn't stop you from enjoying what you love the most. The wetter the surface is, the more traction this lightweight compound will create! Don't let the rain surprise you or ruin your run!


The Noosa 11 is a very lightweight shoe, but it can still provide an amazing amount of support and stability. These features make it a good choice for a large population of runners that suffer from mild over-pronation. If you have really exaggerated over-pronation, the Noosa 11 will still stabilize you, but it won't do such a good job. The main component which acts as a stabilizer is the dual-density Duomax midsole. A single-density midsole will feel as soft as a pillow, but your heels won't have a stable surface to rely on. A dual-density midsole cushions the forefoot and gives it room to flex while giving the heels a proper surface to drive into.


The Gel-Noosa 11 is one of the best triathlon trainers out there, so don't be surprised to see a hefty price tag attached to it. We believe that the Noosa 11 is worth every penny, as it will make running an experience to remember. The sneakers are highly specialized, with a lot of technologies particularly developed for this model, This takes time, experience, and money, and still, you will get much more than what you pay for. Save up a little bit to try out one of the best running sneakers on the market today!

The Final Word

The Noosa 11 is one of those sneakers where we had to look hard to discover even a single flaw. This well-rounded shoe is just made to improve running, protecting your feet from shock and impact. We can't wait to see how Asics plans to improve this line, as we think you can hardly find anything better than this! The very loud upper is breathable and flexible, protected by synthetic overlays which give it structural integrity. The midsoles filled with responsive gel inserts cushion the feet and help them move naturally, while the perforated insoles and midsoles drain every last drop of sweat away from the soles of your feet. The very grippy outsoles work even better in the rain, and they are able to withstand a lot of wear and tear damage. The only problem some users reported was the fit, as the Noosa 11 does not run true to its size, and it could be said that they are more narrow than not. We also found people complaining that the padding could be better, but we are willing to forgive the Noosa 11 for these flaws as it makes up for it more than enough!