Under Armour Project Rock 3

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Editor’s Conclusion
I will do my best to not make any ‘can you smell what The Rock is cooking’ jokes while breaking down why I love the Under Armour Project Rock 3. This trainer is one of the newest additions to the Project Rock lineup and is an overall great training shoe for those that want a weightlifting or gym shoe the offers a good deal of cushioning.

Many weight training or cross-training shoes aim for low cushioning and low weight to keep you light on your feet while still offering support. Project Rock 3 doesn’t care about weight, and it doesn’t care about overall bulk. This shoe is built with a super thick and supportive midsole that feels beefy but offers up the maximum support offered in Under Armour training shoes. Think of this shoe as a stability trainer for the weight room. While it may be a bit on the heavy and bulky side, it also has smart design features on the outsole that help ground you down to the floor as well as boost your agility for snappy drop sets.

Below, I wanted to dive into all of the features that make the Under Armour Project Rock 3 a really great gym shoe.
Under Armour Project Rock 3 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Offers maximum cushioning in midsole and outsole
Breathable upper
Stretch mesh in the upper offers great lockdown
Secure heel counter


Unusual sizing
Very bulky and heavy
Not ideal for distance running

Key Features


The midsole in this design utilizes Under Armour’s HOVR midsole cushioning throughout the entire length of the shoe. What I love most about this midsole cushioning is that it is thick and beefy, which offers a good deal of support and impact absorption. What makes the HOVR tech unique is that it gives back what you put it. It has been described as a zero-gravity midsole because it offers insane energy return that makes quick and snappy movements feel almost effortless.

What I also like about the HOVR foam material is that it helps mitigate the impact on your joints. If you train on hard surfaces at the gym that sends shockwaves of pain up your legs and into your lower back and hips during a particularly brutal workout, this very thick HOVR midsole material works to absorb that impact to help decrease pain. It may be a little thicker than most, but once you take them for a spin you’ll be sold on the level of support that it provides.


Big improvements were made to the construction of the upper on this latest release. Previous models had an upper that sat a little lower on the foot and had more overlays the increased stability, but just felt a little too stiff. The Project Rock 3 boasts a lightweight and breathable mesh upper that really enhances lockdown so that these shoes stay put on your feet, even during those fast-paced drop sets. The collar and tongue omit big and bulky padding and utilizes a stretchy sock-like fit that reduces the chance of rubbing your feet raw and causing blisters. The improved design of this shoe eliminates that long and uncomfortable break-in period found in many weight lifting shoes.

This updated design also boasts an improved heel counter. It has a thick layer of EVA foam along the back of your heel, much like a back in a car. This contoured heel counter helps to not only stabilize your foot for a more secure fit but is also incredibly comfortable without feeling too heavy or bulky.


While the midsole feels a little big and bulky, the design of the outsole is really made to move. While the specs of this shoe scream ‘weightlifting shoe’, the design features found in the rubber outsole shift it over into the cross-training category as well. It is composed of UA Tribase technology that has strategic cuts in the rubber that help boost agility, as well as provide an excellent ground feel to keep you in tune with the ground under your feet.

It’s called Tribase because there are three areas on the outsole that offer excellent movement. These key movement areas lie right under your big toe, pinky toe, and heel. When engaging in snappy circuits, the cut of this shoe allows your foot to move naturally. It also helps when engaging in heavy compound lifts such as squats or deadlifts because it allows you to tap into all four corners of your feet for heightened stability.


This shoe shines pretty much anywhere in your gym. Whether your like to take a nice and easy tempo run on the treadmill on a recovery day, the ample cushioning and stability features make for a great cardio shoe. If you love engaging in heavy lifts, the support and cut of the rubber outsole provide a firm and stable base to really generate a lot of power from your feet up through your legs.

While it’s great when running or powerlifting, this shoe really shines when engaging in HIIT or CrossFit. It has high-end cushioning in the midsole that feels like you are training on tiny little trampolines. They won’t actually make you jump higher, but you will feel like you are jumping higher in these shoes. Plus, the HOVR midsole cushioning maintains its bright and springy responsiveness throughout your entire workout, and won’t squish down into a pancake by the end of the day.


It’s important to note that if you are a size 10 in other Under Armour shoes (or even the Project Rock 2), that may not be true when it comes to the Project Rock 3. Many users that opted for their normal size down that these shoes ran a little small. The reasoning for this size discrepancy lies with the improved heel counter. One of the bigger changes made to this shoe is an extra thick layer of cushioning along the back of the heel, which pushes your foot forward. I would recommend buying at least a half size bigger than you normally would wear in Under Armour shoes to prevent your toes from jamming against the tip of the shoe.


The styling of these shoes caters to a very specific audience. You either love the design of this shoe or you don’t. Personally, I think this shoe is sleek and sporty and has small design details that really make it stand out from the pack. It has a very modern silhouette with a higher profile that is just shy of being classified as a high top. It also has a thick and beefy midsole and outsole that is very trendy right now, but some users just don’t like the look of thick and blocky trainers. It’s a modern design, but it may not be for everyone.


One of the downsides to this shoe is the overall price. While the materials and durability are to-notch and made to really perform, the price tag is just slightly higher than some users are willing to pay for a high-cushioned cross-trainer, especially when you compare it to other similar cross-trainers out there on the market. The slightly higher price point is likely due to The Rock’s input in the design and performance of this shoe, which may make the price tag well worth it for some.

Comparisons to Previous Versions

There are a few changes made to Project Rock 3 that are worth discussing. One of the most notable changes made to this shoe is the overall construction of the upper. It ditches stiff and heavy overlays and replaces it with a super breathable and lightweight upper. You lose a little bit of stability, but you gain higher lockdown and enhanced breathability. The style of the upper is just a little bit more modern and edgy when compared to previous versions.

Another big change made to this design is the construction of the heel counter. Previous versions of this shoe had a very basic and minimalistic heel cup that didn’t offer much in terms of support and stability. What makes this shoe unique is that it has an added padding in the heel counter that comfortable and cradles your heel in place to boost stability.


Personally, I love the overall performance of this shoe when working out at the gym. When running, I often gravitate to stability shoes to help with pronation issues and mitigate impact absorption. This shoe feels like a stability running shoe that is built for the weight room. The only downside I found to this shoe is that it is slightly heavier and bulkier than many cross-training shoes, and it comes in at a slightly higher price point.

However, It offers a good deal of energetic cushioning and support throughout the entire midsole, and the cut of the outsole makes it a little more flexible for HIIT or CrossFit. If you are on the hunt for a great gym trainer that offers maximum cushioning, sleek styling, and great lockdown, the Project Rock 3 is well worth a try!