Under Armour Charged Assert 9 Running Shoe

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Editor’s Conclusion
If you are looking for a great neutral runner that doesn’t break the bank, the Under Armour Charged Assert 9 is worth checking out. What I love most about this shoe is that it is made to tackle just about anything. It has a soft EVA foam midsole that provides excellent cushioning for those long miles, and the lightweight knit upper contours to the shape of your foot for excellent lockdown. The Charged Assert 9 doesn’t set out to necessarily reinvent the wheel, which means that if you are looking for cutting-edge running shoe tech, you may have to look elsewhere.

This shoe really shines in its comfortable and supportive features that comfort your foot in any area of your local gym, and it clocks in at a super affordable price point. Whether you are a runner, hiker, lifter, or cross trainer, this is a great pair of neutral shoes that can keep up with your versatile training schedule.

Below, I want to dive into all of the great features that make the Under Armour Charged Assert 9 worth a look.
Under Armour Charged Assert 9 Running Shoe Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Charged midsole cushioning is very responsive
Lightweight and breathable upper
EVA sock liner
Solid rubber outsole for enhanced energy return


Limited durability
The fit of the upper can cause hot spots

Key Features


The midsole of this design is composed of compression molded foam called UA Charged. The feel of this midsole is a little bit stiffer than expected and doesn’t provide users with that plush step-in feel found in many trainers. However, the firm feel of this midsole really shines when you start to pick up the pace. It offers a springy and energetic ride that also works to absorb the shock to your joints when running on hard surfaces.

While the midsole won’t provide you with that soft and cushioned step-in feel, the EVA foam sock liner will boost the overall comfort level of this shoe. This sock liner is incredibly soft and comfortable, and contours to the shape of your foot over time.

It’s important to note that Under Armour provides the same level of Charged cushioning throughout the entirety of the shoe. If you are a heavy heel striker, or if you have pronation issues, you may notice that this shoe will wear down unevenly over time.


One of the things that I love most about this shoe is that it boasts a pretty beefy and solid rubber outsole. The use of 100 percent rubber makes this shoe a little bottom-heavy, but the solid construction increases the overall durability and performance of this shoe. If you are looking for a super energetic ride, the outsole of this shoe will certainly put an extra pep in your step!

As far as traction is concerned, the lugs on the bottom of the rubber outsole are modest and built for just about anything. They are designed to be worn on the roads or as a gym shoe, but the modest traction also makes them a great choice to take out on the trails.

Overall, the construction of this outsole is really made for the gym. The thick rubber outsole with flex grooves for heightened flexibility provides lifts with a strong base for ground down through complex lifts such as deadlifts and squats.


The upper of this design is lightweight and breathable but suffers a bit in the durability department. It is composed of a blend of mesh materials with synthetic overlays in key areas to provide extra support and stability. It also boasts a leather toe guard, and a sculpted heel to help lock your feet securely in place.

One of the glaring downsides of this upper is that it lacks durability over time. Many runners report that the lightweight mesh material wears down quickly in spots that rub against your foot. Also, this blend of materials for the upper is not water-resistant. This means that if you like running in the dewy grass, or if you get caught in the rain, be prepared for your compression socks to get wet!


This shoe is built to tackle just about anything. It boasts a very versatile and flexible frame that allows for quick and snappy movements during HIIT or CrossFit. For me, however, it really shines in the weight room. It provides supportive features that help to cradle your foot in energetic materials and really helps to promote lockdown for those compound lifts. It doesn’t get bogged down in a lot of extra stability features that add to the overall weight and fit of the shoe, which is why it is so great for weight lifting.

Overall, I would recommend this shoe for those that are engaging in compound lifts such as deadlifts or squats. The thick rubber outsole offers lifters a stable foundation to really dig into those lifts, and the lightweight upper and wide frame allows your feet to naturally splay inside of the shoe.


One of the Hallmarks of Under Armour trainers is that they have a wider fit than many of the other brands out there on the market, and that is certainly true with the Charged Assert 9. If your feet are a little on the wide side, or you just hate shoes that fit too tightly to your foot, this is an excellent choice. One of the best features of this shoe is that it is also offered in X-wide sizing options. I suggest taking ample measurements of your foot and comparing it to the sizing chart provided by Under Armour.

According to previous users, this shoe runs true to size. If you wear a 9 in most trainers, that is likely to still be true with the Charged Asset. The only downside to the fit of this shoe lies with those with feet that run a little narrow. If your feet are narrow, you may find them swimming inside of this shoe, and the shallow laces offer limited adjustments to the overall fit.


If you like bright and punchy colors that can be seen from space, you may find yourself a little underwhelmed with the color options of this shoe. It is only offered in basic black with bright white accents in the logo and on the rubber outsole. Despite its limited color options, I love the silhouette of this shoe.

It boasts a low profile that sits well below your ankle bone and just looks sleek and modern. It’s not exactly breaking any new ground in the style department, but the classic design of this shoe is something that won’t go out of style any time soon.


Sure, the Under Armour Charge Assert 9 has a few drawbacks, but you can’t beat that price point! If you are in the hunt for a great neutral trainer that comes in at a super affordable price point that won’t break the bank, this shoe is worth checking out. It’s important to note that this shoe doesn’t have the same level of overall durability as some of the higher-end neutral trainers out there on the market. You will notice this shoe starting to break down over time, especially when racking up the miles. But if affordability is a big factor for you, this is a great choice.

Comparisons to Previous Versions

Many of the changes made between the Charge Assert 9 and previous versions are primarily cosmetic. Previous shoes still utilize the same rubber outsole and Charged compression-molded EVA midsole, so overall the performance between these shoes remains the same. The biggest changes made to this updated model are mostly cosmetic but worth a look.

Overall, the updated version boasts a slimmer and more sporty look than previous versions. The Charge Assert 8 is a little chunkier and sits a little higher up on your foot. This updated version sits lower on your foot for a more sleek finish, as well as heightened flexibility and movement. Surprisingly, there is little price difference between these shoes, which gives you no reason not to opt for the latest version of the Charged Assert.


If you are looking for a great neutral trainer that can easily transition from the weight room to the track to the basketball court, the Under Armour Charged Asset is certainly worth a look. While it may not be the greatest running shoe due to its lack of supportive features or overall durability, it really shines in the weight room. You just can’t beat that super-solid rubber outsole when engaging in compound heavy lifts such as squats.

It’s important to note that this shoe does have its issues. Many users feel that the upper tends to rub their feet raw in certain areas, and the rubber outsole can start to separate from the midsole over time. What it lacks in overall durability and comfort features, however, it far makes up for in value. If you wanted to give a pair of neutral trainers a try for your next heavy lifting set but don’t want to dish out the big buck, the Under Armour Charged Assert 9 is a great place to start without breaking the bank!