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Stamina Inmotion Compact Strider Review Review Facts

Elliptical machines are excellent tools to build your strength and tone your muscles. They can also help you work on your cardiovascular health, making them very versatile. But the biggest problem people have with ellipticals is their size. These machine s can be very massive, leaving a large footprint and weighing well over 200 pounds. This makes it hard to fit them in your home! Luckily, the Stamina Inmotion Compact Strider is extremely small, and it can fit neatly under your desk. Plus, it’s very lightweight so you can carry it with you even to your workplace, and if you have a job where you often sit, you can give your muscles and joints a good shakedown to remain healthy! Scroll down to see whether the Stamina Inmotion Compact Strider deserves to help you become a better version of yourself.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Sturdy steel frame

Supports users up to 250 pounds

Very small and lightweight

Elastic resistance cords for arm training

Wide and comfortable non-slip pedals

Can be pedaled backward

Small, simple console with one button

Silent and smooth ride

Quick and easy setup


Short stride

Can become squeaky


When an elliptical machine is so small, you have to wonder whether it can survive constant use. The Stamina Inmotion Compact Strider is compact, but it's also constructed very well, so you can count on it even when you want a strenuous workout. This compact strider has a sturdy steel frame. The bar on the rear base and the front plate where the rollers of the arms are attached to are also steel. Because the strider is mostly steel, the base is padded with rubberized feet to keep your floors safe, while the front of the base has foam padding that stabilizes it. The strider relies on a flywheel, protected by a sturdy plastic casing. A handle on top of the flywheel allows you to easily move the strider around.

The axle and the crank are both made out of steel. The lateral arm bars have a steel construction as well. The pedals on the Stamina InMotion are wide and comfortable, plus they are non-slip, so don't worry about losing your grip when you start to pedal faster. They are made out of tough polyurethane. The pedals are lifted about 7" from the ground. Some users report that the stride is not long enough for their comfort, while others say that the stride is just right, so you'll have to try it out to see whether it works for you. The metallic arms where the footplates rest are completed with silicone rollers, which are built to survive years and years of use. The Stamina InMotion can withstand users up to 250 pounds, and as long as you don't exceed this weight limit, you'll be able to use the strider while standing up. If you are heavier than 250 pounds, we recommend you use the Stamina InMotion while sitting down.

Drive System

As we said, the Stamina InMotion relies on a flywheel to power it. The friction resistance system is made out of a felt pad which rests on a tension knob. By turning this knob one way or another, you can easily adjust the resistance level to your liking. When you tighten the knob, the felt pad comes in closer contact with the flywheel, making it harder to spin it. You won't know which resistance level you are selecting, as there are no specified levels, so you'll just have to tune the knob until you find what you're looking for. The flywheel weighs about 9 pounds, and it makes up half of the weight of this compact strider. This makes the strider very balanced, and you'll have a smooth and steady ride. The pedals connect to the flywheel via a heavy-duty belt resistant to stretching. You will probably have to buy a new belt after a year or so, but if you take good care of it, you should have zero issues. The belt does not require any lubrication, and it's much more silent than a chain-driven system. The mobile parts of the elliptical are connected with sturdy sealed ball bearings, designed to survive a lot of repeated use. The InMotion can be pedaled in reverse and the RPM and distance console will still count the stats as long as you keep going.

One more feature we have to mention is the cords. The handles connected to the cords make the strider much more versatile, and you will be able to target more muscle groups with just one machine. You can pull them all the way to challenge your heart, or you can just lightly tug them to activate your whole body. The cords are made out of latex, and the handles have adjustable straps finished with rubber, comfortable grips.


The Stamina InMotion features one very small console. This console is quite basic, but it can accurately track your distance, stride, the time, and even the amount of calories you burned. Since the display is small, you won't be able to see all of the stats we mentioned at once - instead, they will cycle every six seconds. You can choose which stat you want to see all the time if you wish to follow only one specific number. The console has one simple button. This button is used for navigation, as an on and off button, and as a reset button. The console needs a battery to be used, and the battery is included in the order. This compact strider also comes with a handy DVD. If you have never used an elliptical machine before, the DVD will show you how to get started. The DVD also has more advanced exercises.

Setup & Maintenance

The compact strider is very small, so the assembly shouldn't take longer than 15 minutes or so. The assembly is straightforward and easy, and a manual that shows a detailed step-by-step process is included. The tools needed for the setup are also included, so all you really have to do is put it all together. The flywheel and the belt are already assembled when you get them, as are the lateral armbars. You just need to attach the footpads, the steel plates and the rest of the frame, and that's it! Maintenance is quite simple too. Just make sure you wipe down any sweat residue from the machine, and if it starts to squeak, lubrication may be needed. Large ellipticals can take anywhere between two to four hours to assemble, and you need the helping hand of others to do so, so the quick setup of the Stamina InMotion is a big plus!

Noise Level

As we mentioned above, this compact strider is powered by a belt. Belt-driven ellipticals are much more silent than chain-driven ones. If you ever listened to the rattle of the chain on bikes, you'll know what we're talking about! Yes, the belt might have to be replaced more often, but the minimal noise level will allow you to use the strider in your workplace without bothering anyone in the process! Many users report that they can comfortably use the elliptical in their work environment without affecting their productivity. Sometimes the strider might start to squeak. This squeaking is either caused by a lack of lubrication, or by loose screws. Once you hear the squeaks, just check whether the pedals turn normally and whether there are any loose bolts and screws. Fix the issues and you'll have your silent elliptical back!


Of course, the best part about the Stamina InMotion is it's small, compact size. Once fully assembled, the strider leaves a 24″L x 18″W footprint! This is minuscule compared to other elliptical machines which can span as long as a room. The strider is also very lightweight, weighing only 24 pounds. Anyone should be able to grab the elliptical by its handle and move it wherever they want! You can even take it with you to your job, or move it to any room you desire without worrying about the floor space. With that being said, when you use the elliptical you can still damage the floor, so make sure you place a mat underneath the base.


The stride of the Stamina InMotion is rather short, and the peddle motion can seem too small. Users that are above 5'9", or with a long inseam should be careful when purchasing the elliptical. If you decide to use the strider when standing up, know that there are no handles to give you balance. You will need to be very stable on your feet if you want to remain safe! Of course, you can always move it coles to a chair or a stable surface to get your balance back.


The Stamina InMotion is a relatively cheap machine. It does not cost over 100 dollars, which is considerably less than most elliptical machines cost! But the small price tag is related to the small size, the simple console, and the lack of handles and handlebars. We're not saying that the Stamina InMotion is a flimsy device, but you do get what you pay for!

The Final Word

The Stamina InMotion is an excellent compact elliptical machine. It's very small and lightweight, and it has a handle that allows you to move it around with ease. The pedals are wide and non-slip, while the cable arms are smooth and silent. The strider is powered by a sturdy flywheel, supported by a steel frame and a belt-drive. The stride might be too short for some people, but the small price tag makes up for it. The strider is very quiet, although it may begin to squeak after some time. All in all, the Stamina InMotion is one of the best compact elliptical machines we reviewed, and if you lack the space in your house, we highly recommend you get it!