Stamina X Air Rower

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Stamina X Air Rower has all of the hallmarks of a high-end air resistance rower with one big difference: the price. What I love most about this sleek and high-performing rower from Stamina is that it comes in at a super affordable price point. While it’s not the most budget-friendly model out there on the market, it’s a really great value when you consider the construction of the frame as well as the performance features.

This design has a sleek and slim red and black frame with a powder-coated finish, and a long guide rail to help you execute a full range of motion. It has a slightly smaller footprint than most, which makes it ideal for small spaces, and the wheels along the base make it easy to move when you need to clear up a little floor space.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the features that make the Stamina X Rower a great choice for any home gym.
Stamina X Air Rower Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Affordable price point
Challenging air resistance
Sleek red and black frame
Easy assembly
Comfortable seat and handles
Pivoting pedals


Unable to adjust the resistance
The foldable feature doesn’t save that much space

Key Features


If you are looking for a workout that will help shed calories and build strength at the same time, this is a great option. The air resistance design provides a fairly challenging workout, so this machine might not be the greatest option for beginners. Some have found that even when rowing nicely and slowly, it still feels like you are rowing uphill. Overall, it’s great for strength, not so great for beginners or those that want a nice and easy cardio machine to help raise your heart rate and burn some calories.

Using an exposed fan at the top of the unit, it is important to note that this device can get a little noisy. While the noise isn’t generated from a motor (which means it won’t sound quite as grating on your ears as your Vitamix), you won’t be able to hold a normal conversation while using this device. This isn’t atypical of air rowers necessarily, but the inability to close the fan chamber makes this slightly louder than other air-powered designs out there on the market.


The Stamina X has a few adjustable features, but nothing to really write home about. The entire unit is able to be folded, but the folded function doesn’t save you that much floor space. While other foldable options allow the glide track to fold onto the central chamber, this design only allows for the fan to be folded onto the glide track. While it saves you a little bit of room, it isn’t all that much.

What I do like, however, is the adjustable foot straps. These plates are designed to accommodate a wide range of users, and it also includes a set of straps that allows you to really anchor the pedals to your feet. With a strong and solid foundation, you can focus more on rowing and less on your feet slipping off of the pedals.


One thing that I love about this design is that Stamina did not skimp on the materials used. While it is technically considered to be a budget-friendly design, the strong frame doesn’t feel like it’s budget-friendly. The entire frame is composed of solid steel construction with a sleek red and black powder-coated finish. The finish on the frame not only looks sharp, but it helps to protect against rust and corrosion in damp and musty basements or garages.

Another important feature in the construction of this design is the pivoting foot pedals. These pedals have a textured surface that allows your shoes to really grip on the surface of the pedal, and velcro straps work to really lock your feet in place. These pedals pivot at an angle to help you find the perfect angle to really dig into each and every stroke that feels natural.


The frame is small and compact, but it doesn’t fold up very well. More than likely, you will never utilize any of the foldable features on this design. What I do like, however, is that this unit only weighs in at just over 60 pounds (while still offering a 250-pound capacity). It has a set of wheels along the base that allows you to easily pick it up and move it from location to location with just one hand.

Unlike other rowers out there on the market, this design has a very small frame, so moving it around in your home gym may not even be an issue.


One of the best features of this design is that it is packed with super comfortable features that make those long rides just a little bit easier. The seat boasts an ergonomic design that contours to the shape of your body for added comfort as well as support. It is mounted on a solid steel frame that glides smoothly up and down the track, which also provides a full range of motion to activate your muscle groups like a Christmas tree.

The handlebars are also coated with a modest layer of EVA foam for a more solid and secure grip. These handles help to wick away moisture and contour to the shape of your hands to help prevent blisters and calluses.


While the foldable features are a little lacking, you may not even need to utilize them. The size of this design is one of the smallest designs out there on the market, which makes it great for smaller spaces. It measures to be 78.5 inches long, 18 inches wide, and stands to be 29 inches tall. When compared with similar air rower designs, the Stamina X Rower is one of the smaller and most compact designs out there on the market. Plus, the frame is very small and slim and adds a sleek pop of color to your home workout space.


The screen on this design is fairly small, but it makes checking your progress incredibly easy. This screen requires just 2 AA batteries (not included with purchase), and it automatically shuts off when you finish moving to conserve battery life. The screen is able to detail your strokes per minute, stroke count, distance traveled, and speed. A central mode button allows users to easily toggle through the features of this LCD screen as well.

What I also like about this screen is that it is incredibly easy to use. It comes with an instruction manual to help you get started, but many users don’t even need to crack the cover to be able to easily track their progress as they work out. It may not have a lot of extra bells and whistles, but it gets the job done!


What also makes this design great is that it is super easy to assemble. The small and simple frame comes with all of the bolts needed to put this device together with ease. It also comes with an easy-to-read instruction manual that takes most users under an hour to put it together properly.

As always, if you are a little concerned with your abilities, you can always elect to have the pros assemble your machine for you, for an additional fee. By leaving the assembly to the pros, you can ensure that your device is installed properly so that it holds up well over years of continued use.


The most handsome feature of this machine is that it comes in at a really affordable price point. Many of the other machines out there on the market that boast a similar price point provide magnetic or friction resistance, which isn’t quite as strong or reliable as fan resistance. With the Stamina X Rower, you get the high-quality muscle-building resistance of a high-end fan machine with the price point of a budget-friendly magnetic rower!


Overall, I highly recommend this rower for users that want to fit in a killer workout without draining their bank account. The overall build and construction of this unit offer users a full range of motion that is able to accommodate a wide variety of tall or short rowers. It’s made from strong steel materials with a comfortable seat for a smooth ride. Plus, it is small and compact and won’t take up that much room in your home gym.

However, this rowing machine has a few issues that are worth mentioning. One of the biggest issues I found with previous users is that the introductory difficulty level is just a little too stiff for beginners. If you have a base strength level or a seasoned rower, this difficulty spike won’t be much of an issue. For beginners, you may want to start out with a magnetic rower that offers resistance that is a little bit weaker.