Rogue Ohio Bar 2S

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Ohio bar was the very first barbell that was manufactured in Rogue’s headquarters in Ohio, and it quickly earned the top spot as one of the best barbells to hit the market.

The sequel, the Rogue Ohio Bar 2S, hits all of the marks as the original with a few key updates that hit it out of the park. The biggest improvement made to this bar is that it is considered to be 50 percent quieter than the original.

If you have even dropped a deadlift from the top of your lift, you know just how loud it can be when it hits the ground. If you want to reserve more of your sound space for a killer playlist and last of clanging plates, this is a great option.

It is also offered in Rogue’s new sleeve finish that infuses the steel with corrosion-resistant materials rather than simply coating it with a finish that can be prone to chipping. It provides lifters with the same quality knurling and grip and offers an impressive 190,000 PSI of tensile strength.

Whether you are powerlifting or weight training, the Rogue Ohio Bar 2S is one of the best bars that money can buy.
Rogue Ohio Bar 2S Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Great for powerlifting or CrossFit
Infused steel is resistant to rusting and chipping
Reduced metal-to-metal contact is 50 percent quieter than other bars
Modest whip
190,000 PSI tensile strength


Slightly expensive

Key Features


The Rogue Ohio Bar 2S is composed of insanely strong steel that can handle some serious powerlifting weight. While the steel is made tough, it’s what Rogue places on the outside of this bar that makes it really shine.

The shaft boasts a black cerakote that is 100x more resistant to rust than classic zinc. In fact, cerakote is often used in the manufacturing of guns, so you know that it has to be built tough.

The sleeves on this barbell are also composed of a proprietary material the Rogue has rolled out just for the Ohio Bar 2S.

Instead of coating the sleeves on this bar, Rogue infuses the steel with a proprietary compound that is more resistant to corrosion than those treated with a topcoat.

Due to the fact that this chemical penetrates deep into the steel, it also means that this bar will maintain its sleek matte look even after years of loading and unloading your bar.


The size of this bar is your standard weight lifting bar. It measures to be about 86 inches long and boasts a diameter of 28 inches. It also weighs in at 45 pounds, which is the standard weight of your average weight lifting bar.

It boasts a 16-inch loadable sleeve that gives users plenty of room to load up plates and even allows enough room to load it up with bumper plates. Compared to other standard barbells out there on the market, the Ohio Bar 2S hits all of the marks that lifters need out of their barbells.


Until I discovered the Rogue Ohio Bar 2S, I didn’t realize that it was even possible to purchase a quieter bar. I work out with a group of friends, and one of my friends drops 400+ pounds at the top of his deadlift that sounds like a freight train just bust through his home gym at the end of every lift.

The Ohio Bar 2S is built with improved components and advanced features that cut down that classic clanging by up to 50 percent!

Rogue has a demo video on their website comparing a transition barbell with the Ohio Bar 2S, and the difference in sound is quite impressive!

Another big improvement made to this bar is that it foregoes a top coat to the steel that makes it resistant to rust. Rogue’s bars are typically resistant to rust, but they can become cracked or chipped if you are especially hard on your workout equipment.

The Ohio Bar 2S fuses a corrosion-resistant compound right into the steel that won’t crack or chip, and it also will not rust over the years. The Rogue Ohio Bar 2S is the very first bar to utilize this style of steel, and it likely will not be the last.


It’s important to note that this bar does not have a central knurl, which is ideal for CrossFitters to spare ripping up their hands. For movements such as bench presses, deadlifts, and other CrossFit workouts, the central knurling serves more harm than it does good.

The only benefit to central knurling is to provide a little extra friction on your back when engaging in squats. If you love squats but miss the central knurl, I would recommend purchasing the Rogue Safety Squat Bar to take your beloved squats to the next level!

The knurling on this bar is aggressive, but it won’t rip your hands to shreds. It provides just enough friction to confidently hold the bar in your hands without digging deep cuts into your palms.

It’s perfect for 1RM, or multiple reps at higher weights. It also boasts dual knurl marks to help you achieve your desired hand position without a lot of extra guesswork.


The whip on this bar is fairly modest. For deadlifts, it provides that perfect amount of lift to really let you dig into the lift. I feel that this bar really shines when used for bench presses or weighted squats. It’s strong and rigid with just a little bend under heavyweight. It’s technically classified as a bar with a modest whip, but many lifters feel that this bar is more rigid than expected.

For clean and jerks, some lifters found that this bar is a little on the stiff side. If you need a bar with just a little more whip, I would recommend the Ohio Powerlifting bar. This bar offers the same design and strength as the original with just a little extra whip.


Overall, I would recommend this bar to just about anyone. It boasts a versatile design that makes it perfect for powerlifters as well as CrossFitters.

The modest whip feels good under heavy deadlifts, and it is rigid enough for snappy cross-training sets as well. With so many different styles of bars out there on the market, it can be hard to narrow it down to a bar that is perfect for your style of lifting.

What I love most about the Ohio Bar 2S is that it boasts a very versatile design that is built for just about anything.

There is a very good reason as to why the Rogue Ohio bar is one of the most popular bars by commercial gyms as well as home gyms. When in doubt, you can go wrong with this barbell!


The Ohio Bar ran in the middle of the road in terms of price. It wasn’t the most budget-friendly bar that money could buy, but it wasn’t the most expensive.

I was a little shocked to discover that the Ohio Bar 2S boasts cutting-edge improvements in the overall construction of the bar, and comes in at a price point that is just a little less expensive than the original.

If you want a multi-purpose bar that can keep up with your wide variety of lifting routines, the sequel to the classic Ohio Bar is the overall better value.

Comparison to the Ohio Bar

Performance-wise, these two bars are interchangeable. They are composed of the same high-end materials that are able to take quite a beating. They have the exact same size specifications and strength level, but there are a few very unique improvements made to the design of this bar that is worth a look.

The most notable feature of this bar is the new and improved sound-dampening features that make this bar 50 percent quieter than other designs out there on the market. It achieves this with new bushings, improved end caps, and a design that limits the metal-on-metal contact so that failing under a heavy deadlift won’t rattle the windows!

The Ohio Bar 2 is one of the first bars from Rogue to feature their new process in corrosion resistance. Instead of using a top coat on top of the steel to right off corrosion and rusting, Rogue infuses the metal with a proprietary material that will keep your bar looking like new. It won’t crack or chip and will look new even after years of wear and tear.


If you are on the hunt for one of the best and most versatile barbells that money can buy, the Rogue Ohio Bar 2S is an excellent choice. The Ohio Bar has proved to be one of the most popular barbells out there on the market due to the fact that it is built like a tank, and designed for both powerlifters and CrossFitters.

The Ohio Bar 2S builds upon that solid foundation and offers a few extra advanced features such as a more resilient loadable sleeve and sound-dampening features that won’t rattle the windows.

The best part? While it provides users with more advanced features compared to the original Ohio Bar and it comes in at a slightly lower price point!