Rogue 25MM IWF Olympic Weightlifting Bar

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Editor’s Conclusion
If you’re serious about powerlifting, it’s time to retire that old busted bar that came with your bench and graduate to a serious Olympic weightlifting bar.

The Rogue 25mm IWF Olympic weightlifting bar is the perfect option for women looking to smash their previous PR. This bar is made from the same high-end materials and performance specs as the men’s bar, but it is built slightly differently to accommodate a woman’s frame. The grip is slightly narrower, and as someone with tiny hands, I really appreciate this feature.

The weight of the bar is also lower so you can warm up with under 45 pounds of weight. It also boasts a smaller sleeve to cut down on the overall weight, which won’t be too much of an inconvenience unless you love training with bumper plates. As a woman that primarily trained with men’s bars, this bar was like a breath of fresh air.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into the specs that make the Rogue 25MM IWF Olympic Weightlifting Bar worth checking out.
Editor's Pros & Cons

The narrow grip is perfect for smaller hands
Lower weight allows you to warm up with less than 45 pounds
Excellent knurling provides a confident grip
Consistent whip
Single-piece sleeve construction offers a smooth spin



Key Features


While this bar is geared more for a women’s frame, Rogue knows that women can often lift just as much as men. It is composed of strong steel materials that provide excellent whip and overall weight capacity.

This bar offers 215,000 PSI tensile strength, which is right on par with the men’s bar. While it’s a bar that is designed for women, it is still just as tough as the men’s bar. It’s important to note that by opting for this bar, you are not sacrificing weight capacity in the slightest.

What I also love about this bar is that it boasts a bright zinc coating. The coating prevents the bar from becoming chipped or scratched while in use. The design will look exactly the same 5 years later as it did the day that it came in the mail.


While it is certainly smaller than the men’s bar, it is built just as tough. Overall, I would recommend this bar for female lifters that need just as much durability and strength as a men’s bar with an overall build that is geared more towards a smaller frame. It has a more narrow circumference that allows smaller paws to really grip the bar with confidence.

Its insanely strong frame with a modest whip is perfect for any style of strength exercise. It’s the perfect option whether you are pushing for a new PR, or you need something durable for speedy CrossFit workouts.

It provides users with a modest whip that is perfect for deadlifts, and the top-notch knurling provides a sure-fire grip.

If you are unsure of the type of bar that you need for your workout routine, or you are just constantly floating between powerlifting and CrossFit, the Rogue 25MM IWF Olympic weightlifting bar is built for just about anything you can throw at it.


What makes this bar stand out from traditional Olympic bars is that it is built slightly smaller.

Your standard bar measures to be about 86 inches long, while this bar measures to be 79 inches long. A shorter bar provides more control over the movement when you have a smaller frame and places the plate closer to your grip, which is ideal for lifters with a smaller frame. It’s a small change in design, but it can make a really big difference.

It’s also important to note that the weight of this bar isn’t quite as heavy as other designs out there on the market. While your standard bar weighs in at 45 pounds, this bar weighs only 33 pounds.

This lower weight allows you to warm up with under 45 pounds of weight, which will help you ease into your weighted sets or PR.

The spinning loadable sleeve is built just as tough as standard bars, but it’s a little bit shorter. If you love to fill out your bar with bumper plates, the 12.5-inch loadable sleeve may prove to be a little on the shallow side.

However, if you opt for standard Olympic-size irons plates, the sleeves will provide more than enough room to load up your plates!


One of the biggest differences in this bar when compared to men’s bars is the overall grip. While it maintains that same high-quality knurling as other bars, the diameter of the grip is slightly more narrow. While traditional bars measure to be 28 mm in diameter, the Oly bar measures to be just 25 mm.

At face value, this doesn’t seem like a big difference, but for lifters, with smaller hands, these few millimeters mean the difference between a confident grip and a grip that is a little wide.

The difference may be small, but the slightly more narrow bar allows lifters with small hands to confidently grip the bar.

What I also love about the knurling on this bar is that it is aggressive without being overly aggressive. Rogue knurling just feels great in your hands, but won’t rip them to shreds after multiple sets.

It also boasts a knurl-free center with a single Olympic knurl that is adjusted to accommodate the slightly shorter overall design of the bar. It has the same function as the standard men’s bar but is abbreviated for smaller frames.


The reason that Rogue is the gold standard in weightlifting bars is that they are built to last. The barbell that comes with your budget-friendly weight benches are great when you are just starting out, but often become chipped, bent, and rusted over time.

The zinc finish on the Rogue 25MM IWF Olympic Weightlifting Bar is completely resistant to chipping, rusting, and corroding.

I have a similar style bar, and even after 5 years, it looks just as new as the day that it arrived (sans the blood, sweat, and tears).

There is a reason that you will never find a Rogue barbell at a second-hand shop or a yard sale. These bars are built to stand the test of time, and lifters are reluctant to give them up. If you want a Rogue bar, you won’t find them at any second-hand shop!


This barbell is built for serious lifters, and therefore reflects a serious price point. Overall, this is one of the more expensive barbells out there on the market. Is it the most expensive barbell that money can buy? No, the Rogue Pyrros Barbell or the American Barbell SS Pro wins that title.

When comparing this barbell to other high-end options out there on the market, this design is slightly higher than average in terms of price.

However, if you need something that is built to last, it is worth every penny! It’s likely the last barbell that you will ever need to buy.

Comparison to Rogue Men’s Olympic Weightlifting Bar

I was very curious to see how this bar stacks up against the men’s weightlifting bar offered from the Rogue store. Is a woman’s bar just a gimmick? I did some back-to-back comparisons and the short answer is: No. This is a serious bar that is built much in the same way as the men’s bar with a few key changes.

The only difference between the women’s and men’s bars is the size. Both bare offer lifters that have the same level of strength and durability, and are made from the exact same materials. Where these bars differ is in the size of the bar and the overall weight.

This bar is a little lighter than your average 45-pound barbell, which allows users to warm up with just 33 pounds. The diameter of the bar is narrow for smaller hands, and the length is slightly shorter while still being able to fit on an average rack.

It may be smaller, but it is just as mighty.


I always grow a little skeptical when I discover workout equipment geared for women. Often, companies slap on a coat of pink or purple paint and hike up the price tag, and claim that it is designed for women. That’s not the case at all with the Rogue 25MM IWF Olympic weightlifting bar.

Women can be just as powerful as men, but the truth of the matter is that our body type is a little different. Our build is often more narrow (which translates to a more narrow grip on the bar), and our hands are smaller.

This bar takes all of that into consideration and crafts a powerlifting bar designed for our slightly smaller frame. It provides just as much tensile strength as your average barbell, but the diameter of the bar is geared more towards smaller hands.

For female powerlifters that grow tired of accommodating men-inspired workout equipment, the Rogue 25MM IWF Olympic Weightlifting Bar is worth checking out!