Rockay Blaze Calf Compression Sleeves

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Rockay Blaze Calf Compression Sleeves Review Facts

Running is a pretty tiring exercise, and your feet are not the only part of your body that will feel the fatigue. When you run, your calves also absorb a lot of the impact, and they also propel you to move forward, which is why it’s important to keep them protected at all times – and there’s no better way to do that than strapping on a pair of compression sleeves! Rockay is a company that is known for taking good care of enthusiastic runners. And they have the right products to do so, and the Rockay Compression Sleeve is one of them. Scroll down and read on why we think you should seriously consider guarding your calves with this sleeve!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Great design and plenty of color choices

Environmentally aware company

Sleeves made out of recycled plastic - a mix of polyamide and elastane

Treated with Polygiene that keeps away sweat and bacteria

Special ventilation zones and mesh

Graduated compression levels, ranging from 16 to 23 mmHg

Super comfy, stays put

Lifetime guarantee



Who is it for?

The obvious answer here is for people who love to run. But that's not the only application of this amazing sleeve! Some users love to have the sleeve around all the time. They just slap them on and all of their troubles are gone! Say you like to travel often, and you see yourself sitting on a plane on a regular basis. What you already know is that your feet do not like to stay motionless up high in the air, and your body certainly needs a helping hand to keep it flowing. Compression socks are certainly helpful, but you can't take them off if they become uncomfortable that fast, which is what makes compression sleeves a better choice.

This magical sleeve is also welcomed by pregnant women, and by people who have leg or knee injuries. The enhanced blood flow will lessen the aches you may feel from time to time or all the time, and they will keep fatigue at bay. Shin splints will be a thing of the past, and spider veins will never give your legs any trouble if you decide to give the Rockay Blaze a chance. You can use this sleeve no matter how hot or cold the weather is, and don't let the rain or snow stop you either! It's ideal for every occasion, and you should definitely wear it whenever you have the chance.

What is it made out of?

What your sleeve is made out of says a lot about it. The Rockay Blaze is mostly made out of polyamide, with a little bit of lycra there to give it a stretch. Polyamide does the moisture-wicking and helps it remain durable. Being green is all the rage these days, which it should be because of the state our planet is in, so you're probably aware that these materials originate from plastic. Well, Rockay found a way to fix that problem by making a little deal with fishermen and a company known as SEAQUAL that instructs them to collect every last bit of plastic found in the oceans. This plastic is then used in their products, so you're not only going to help your body, but you'll help the planet as well! Not all of the plastic is reusable though, but they're working on that as well. This plastic is not inferior to regular plastic though, and it will still protect you from the elements and from your own sweat like a champ. It's soft and pliable and gentle towards your skin.


Next to being effective, compression sleeves also have to be comfortable. The reason why is very simple - when you're going about your day or participating in strenuous activities, the last thing you need is an article of clothing rubbing you the wrong way. Compression sleeves will be comfortable if they are supportive, and the Blaze is definitely supportive. When socks and sleeves shift around and bunch up, they stop doing their job properly, and they force you to stop what you're doing to readjust them. Plus, your skin could develop a rash! The Blaze has a special graduated compression top band that keeps the sleeve where it's meant to be. It will feel a bit too tight at first, and you will struggle to put the sleeve on, but you will get used to the notion, and soon enough putting them on will be as simple as getting out of bed.

The graduated compression featured throughout the sleeve helps here too. The compression level ranges from 16-23 mmHg, which is excellent for people who exercise, and for people who work on their feet, like nurses. If you have medical issues, you may find that the compression is weak, but these sleeves were designed for exercising. This specialized compression lowers fatigue levels, enhances blood flow, and helps you run effectively and with a lot of comfort!

Sweat And Smell Resistance

There's not a single person in this world that doesn't sweat when they work out, and sweat invites bad odors and bacteria. Rockay knows that, which is why most of their products are equipped with anti-odor properties. Polygiene is their secret weapon. This treatment has been developed to enhance the airflow through the sleeve, which then makes you sweat less. Plus, Polygiene also makes never washing the sleeves a possibility. We know that this sound very unhygienic, but you should know that washing and drying do indeed affect the environment, and it degrades the product faster. With polygiene, all you need to do is hang the sleeve to air-dry, and once the sweat and moisture have dissipated, put the sleeve on again and you're good to go! You should wash the sleeve now and then, but not as often as you would wash a regular one.

The Rockay Blaze also has specialized ventilation zones. These zones mingle with mesh, and they provide you with the perfect fabric that breaths like a true pair of lungs. This, combined with Polygiene, means that you are less likely to sweat and feel moisture as you exercise, and you will be able to wear the sleeve for longer periods of time. The excess water will never reach your skin, and you'll only know the sleeve is wet if you're out in the rain and you see it get wet, or if you touch the surface and discover the moisture leaving the sleeve.


Breathability is heavily related to comfort, and if your skin is not able to let go off all of that built-up heat and sweat, you will not be comfortable. This is why it's vital to find a compression sleeve that has been engineered in a way to let your skin breathe, and Rockay Accelerate is one of those sleeves. This sleeve has a combo of specialized ventilation zones and mesh inserts that do the job really well. This combines well with the anti-odor and anti-bacteria technologies present in the sleeves. Plus, the moisture-wicking is also quite helpful, as it pushes away the built-up sweat to the surface and lets it evaporate. So if you're looking for a breathable sleeve, you've found one!


Finding the right shoe size is simple, albeit you can still have trouble with this, but finding a good calf compression sleeve match is even more troubling. You can't abide by the standard shoe size rules here, so you will need to grab a measuring tape and get down to business. Having the sleeve constrict your movement and cause tingling and pain are undesirable, but having it dance around your calves is something you should not yearn for either! Rockay offers you plenty of choices, starting from small to extra large. They think about people in need all around the world, which is why charts in both centimeters and inches are present.

Now it's time to make use of that tape we mentioned. You will need to measure the widest part of your calf and write it down somewhere. This is all you need to do, but you need to do it right. Do not round up the number, or choose a size that is half-an-inch smaller than what the number says just so you can feel good about yourself. Be true to what the number says, and the sleeve will be true to you. If you're somewhere in between sizes, go for the larger one. Users report that the sleeves are true to their size, so you should have absolutely no issues here, although it can feel a bit too tight at the top, it will loosen up after a few uses. The sleeves offer a tight hug all up to your knees.


We can like a product so much until we glance at the price, ultimately running away in fear. The price point of many products was their doom, as people are likely to turn away if the value is not the same as the price. The Rockay Blaze is a pricier product, with most compression sleeves out there sitting lower on the price scale. But, you must consider everything else before you let the price dictate your choice. First, remember that you get a lifetime warranty if you purchase this sleeve. This tells you that not only is the customer service absolutely perfect, but that they care about your performance, and promise you that if anything goes wrong, you always have a replacement. Second, you must consider how much effort was put into creating a single pair of sleeves, and what the materials of choice were. And lastly, it's commendable when you find a company that cares about the environment, and this is sadly an expensive choice, so the value you'll be getting for this price is much greater than what will leave your wallet!

The Final Word

The Rockay Blaze Compression Sleeve is truly one of the best sleeves out there. Graduated compression helps keep things balanced, lessening the grasp of fatigue while enhancing blood flow. The materials are made out of recycled plastic, and they are gentle to your skin while being supportive at the same time. Polygiene keeps away sweat and odor-producing bacteria, while mesh and special ventilation zones keep you cool and moisture-free. The sleeve may feel a bit tight at first, but it will loosen up. You have a multitude of colors to choose from, and the sleeve comes in a neat package, as soon as possible. There's a lifetime guarantee, and they are definitely durable enough to survive a lot of abuse. You may need to pay a little bit more than what the standard sleeve costs, but we assure you, it's more than worth the cost!