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Editor’s Conclusion
If you spent all of your money on home gym equipment and are left with very little extra spending money for gear, you may want to check out the Puma Fuse. This cross-training shoe does a little bit of everything while keeping the price tag surprisingly low for a brand-name shoe. What I love most about the Fuse is that it transitions well from plyometrics to powerlifting, and even dabbles in a little running.

Overall, I found that it really shines when lifting weights or even powerlifting due to its high stability design, responsive midsole, and grippy rubber outsole. The super-wide toe box allows your toes to naturally splay inside of the shoe for added stability and comfort, and the high-top design is both breathable and supportive when engaging in a wide variety of lifts.

Below, I wanted to take a dive into some of the more advanced features that make the Puma Fuse a well-rounded budget-friendly cross-training shoe.
PUMA Fuse Cross Trainer Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Grippy rubber outsole
The high top design is great for stability when powerlifting
Wide toe box
Stiff heel counter for added stability
Affordable price point


Not great for running over 3 miles
Limited durability
Narrow forefoot

Key Features


The midsole on this design is both strong and supportive. It provides users with a strong foundation for heavy compound lifts, or light and snappy bodyweight exercises. It is important to note that this midsole is a bit on the stiff and rigid side, so it won’t offer that nice and squishy step-in feel like other cross-trainers that favor comfort over performance. The stiff nature of this midsole gives slightly when engaging in heavy lifts, which gives you an excellent launching pad for compound lifts.

What I also like about the midsole in this design is that it offers a shallow 4 mm drop. For weight lifting, I prefer a drop that gives me a modest platform to really dig into my lifts without sacrificing ground-feel, and the 4 mm drop on the Puma Fuse accomplishes this perfectly. A modest drop is ideal for powerlifting, but it also gives you a slight edge when engaging in quick and snappy movements such as plyometrics or WODs.


The upper on this design may look like an art installation, but it is actually packed with high-end performance features that are incredibly versatile for a variety of workouts. It has a strong and stiff TPU heel counter that is great for providing additional stability in your heels which helps a great deal for powerlifting as well as plyometrics. The upper is composed of a blend of mesh and synthetic materials that allow your feet to breathe while synthetic overlays provide additional stability where you need it most.

I also love that this upper is made with stretchy materials that contour to the shape of your foot for an excellent fit. It boasts a reinforced toe cap that protects your toes from dragging, and stretchy laces that help increase lockdown for a strong and secure fit that is necessary for all of those fast and snappy movements.


To me, the outsole is where the Puma Fuse really shines. For fast floor work, you need an outsole that is springing and responsive, and the PUMAGrip rubber compound really delivers. This modest layer of rubber provides users with excellent energy return that helps to protect their knees and joints and has a good deal of flex for quick movements. Despite its high-performing design, the outsole of this shoe is surprisingly light and flexible- a hallmark of any good cross-training shoe.

What I love most about the construction of this outsole is that it boasts a really grippy finish. Many brands often skimp on the traction on their cross-training shoes, assuming that you won’t need it when working out indoors. Whether the floor is slick or wet from sweat, the grippy outsole of this design is made to stick to the ground under your feet so you can zip around the gym with confidence.


While the Puma Fuse is marketed as a shoe that can do just about anything, there are a few areas where this shoe really shines. If you are looking for a great weight training or powerlifting shoe on a budget, this is it. Many of the support and stability features, such as the TPU heel cap and 4 mm drop on the stiff midsole, is designed with lifters in mind. It provides you with a strong stable base without limiting your overall ground feel that is ideal for compound lifts. Plus, the high-top design offers extra stability in your heel for heavy squats and deadlifts as well.

It’s built for weightlifting, but it can also easily transition to quick floor work as well. The grippy outsole offers excellent traction when engaging in quick and snappy movements such as WODs and CrossFit. The outsole of this design is perfect for really gripping the ground, and provides a good deal of flex to help you pick up the pace when needed.

If you like to supplement your high-intensity weight training with light runs on your off days, this shoe may not be ideal. The stiff nature of this shoe, as well as the TPU heel counter, makes even short runs a little uncomfortable, and makes your gait cycle feel a bit labored. While some users found that they were able to tackle a few miles in this shoe, they weren’t high-quality miles, unfortunately.


Users ran into a few issues when it comes to the overall fit of this shoe, but these issues are easily fixed. While the toe box is wide and gives your toes plenty of room to naturally splay, the forefoot tends to fit a little snug. It may be in your best interest to buy about a half size larger than you normally would wear to ensure that your foot has plenty of room to move. Plus, the construction of the stretchy upper and dynamic laces help to craft the perfect lockdown.

If you have the option, I would recommend heading to your local shoe store to give these shoes a spin before you take a chance on them. Some users found that the fit is a bit peculiar, especially if you have a wider foot. If you can’t make it to the shoe store, be sure to take accurate measurements of your foot and compare it to Puma’s sizing chart to save yourself a trip to the returns counter!


Personally, I love the style of this shoe but realize that it may not be right for everyone. I get a slimmed-down Air Jordan vibe from this shoe. The high-top design, slightly flared heel, and exaggerated tongue are comfortable but may be a little too loud for some users. The modest midsole and outsole sit low to the ground, which makes the overall silhouette slightly slimmer than other stability cross trainers out there on the market.

The color options on this design are unique but lack the loud and punchy colors that some users love. Color options include a simple black and white design, but their most popular opinion is the black design with a fire engine red heel counter.


The Puma Fuse isn’t the best cross trainer out there on the market due to a few design flaws, but you cannot beat that price point. If you are looking for a stylish and affordable cross-trainer that won’t break the bank, this design is worth checking out. If you have been lifting or powerlifting in your running shoes and want to give shoes built for weight training a try, this is a great place to start. The Fuse allows you to find the features you love most in a dedicated cross-training shoe without draining your bank account!

It’s also important to note that this shoe just isn’t as durable as other trainers out there on the market. The low price point makes this shoe a great test run to help lifters determine what they really want out of their cross-training shoes, but won’t quite hang in there in the long run.


Overall, I would recommend this shoe to weight lifting newbies that want to give a dedicated cross trainer a try. It boasts a strong and responsive midsole and outsole that keeps you light and snappy on your feet, and it is able to transition easily from powerlifting to cross training without skipping a beat. The breathable yet supportive upper works to keep your feet cool and dry, and the TPU heel counter provides a little boost of stability where you need it most. It’s stylish, affordable, and it gets the job done.

The only downside to this shoe is that it isn’t quite as durable as other cross-trainers out there on the market, and the midsole isn’t as soft as some users prefer. However, the sleek and modern styling of this shoe can easily transition into a sharp casual sneaker if you feel that it just doesn't quite work for your workouts!