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ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Reviewed and Rated Review Facts

With the SMART 2000 home gym treadmill, Proform seems to be pulling out all the stops to get you to sign up for a paid iFit membership. iFit has quite a few features making it a good use of money, like workouts led by trainers in real-time. But this is the first Proform product we have reviewed where, going by the ad copy, the machine itself is secondary to the iFit capability built into its console.

We have covered iFit elsewhere and will talk about some of its features later in this review. But our main focus is on the Proform Pro 2000 Treadmill. We aim to give you enough information to help you make a purchase decision. We also want to make it clear that you can purchase, use, and benefit from the treadmill without subscribing to iFit. There are pre-programmed workouts, with the ability to have different user profiles for everyone in your household. The run deck is large and will fit you even if you have long legs and a big stride. Any treadmill will help improve your heart health and build muscular strength, but not every treadmill is as comfortable or easy to use as the ones Proform offers.

Editor's Pros & Cons

The least expensive treadmill of Proform's PRO line, but still full-featured

Motor and belt are quiet even at higher speeds

The speed goes up to 12 MPH; many residential treadmills top out at 10

Incline up to 15%, and incline adjustment is fast and easy from the console

The machine folds to take up less space when not in use

You can replicate the terrain and course of any run using Google Maps and iFit

Includes a chest strap for heart rate, without having to grip handles


Cushioning is a bit lacking compared to more expensive Proform treadmills

The touchscreen is small, but still bright and easy to read or navigate (7 inches, so there are phone screens almost as big)

The Rundown

Rather than a training tool for a serious veteran runner, or a bare-bones unit for those of us who just need to keep up our energy level, the Proform Pro 2000 tries and mostly succeeds at being something for everyone. If you regularly run intervals, you will be happy with how quickly you can shift into hard intervals as high as 12 MPH. And if you need low impact steady-state cardio, because of joint pain, experience level, or personal preference, the Pro 2000 will be great for you as well.

Part of the appeal is in the motor that drives the run belt and forms the heart of any electric treadmill. The Pro 2000 has a 3.5 CHP motor. That is continuous horsepower, meaning lab tests have confirmed that the motor will run at that power level for as long as you need without burning out or slowing down.

What that means in daily practice is a smooth, fluid, consistent movement that replicates outdoor running without the jarring impact of concrete. You don't have to worry about losing speed while the motor transitions from 6 to 10 MPH or from 0 to 5% incline after you make a console selection. All the controls are on the touchscreen, except for a power switch on the frame. There is also a key you can use to start manual mode--the same key you would pull to instantly stop the treadmill in an emergency situation.

If you go up the Proform scale, you will get to the Pro 9000 which costs more than the 200 and has a 4 CHP motor. The bigger motor adds to the weight of the unit. Will the extra .5 horsepower make a difference? If you run sprints and use the treadmill to back up your frequent track runs, then yes. You may feel the less expensive treadmill does not adjust speed fast enough for you. But this company wanted to make something for those of us who use running or fast walking as the backdrop for other activities; daily walks can do things like lower blood pressure and boost the immune system. So, for most of our readers, the quiet and long-lasting motor of the Proform 2000 will be more than enough.

Tech Specs

We checked on the company product page as well as the owner's manual for this section. There is always conflicting information when we look at multiple reviews, so this is how we ensure accuracy and help ensure you are making the purchase decision that is 100% best for you or your household.

You get iFit with this treadmill. If you are interested, you should check the product page frequently as Proform often runs special deals that can save you significant amounts. At the time of this writing, the company was offering the Pro 9000 for free with the purchase of a 3-year iFit subscription. As we have pointed out before, even the top tier iFit subscriptions cost roughly the same as a gym membership. So you can, if you wish, have access to virtual cardio and strength training, in your own home, and pay for the first 36 months upfront. As we said, Proform really wants to get you into iFit without resorting to misleading claims to get you there.

The seven inch HD touchscreen is a bit small for everyone's liking, but you can still swipe and navigate easily to the different onboard and iFit workouts. It goes back to compromise and getting a treadmill at a price you can afford. Another possible con is that the console frame, where the screen sits, is much bigger than the screen itself which looks like a drink coaster in the center of a bare coffee table. The touch screen is responsive, though, with adjustable brightness. The 50 onboard workouts (not including iFit) include options for calorie burn, HIIT, incline/hill, heart rate, and more focus areas. Plus, you always have the manual option if you want to take a brisk 45-minute walk on a rainy or cold day.

Heart rate comes from sensors in the grip handles, but you can also use the wireless strap that ProForm provides. This will be more accurate, but still not as accurate as a high-end strap monitor like those provided by Polar and others. They do not say the 9000 is compatible with third party chest straps, so we can conclude that it is not.

The run surface is 22 by 60 inches, and features fixed cushioning. Proform calls their cushioning ProShox. This means your every step lands on a run belt that is backed by air pockets. The air softens the impact and is responsive to your body weight and gait--some of us will need more cushioning than others, which is why maximalist running sneakers exist. With the Proform 9000, you can preserve your high end, $100+ running shoes for the outdoors; almost any supportive trainer, even ones you got on clearance, will be sufficient along with the cushioning.

Another feature you cannot really see, but that makes a big difference, is the oversized rollers they built into the Pro 9000. Rollers are what the belt moves on and are connected to the motor--one roller in front, one in back. Bigger rollers actually mean less wear and tear on the motor, because the motor is not having to work as hard to move the belt while you run with your weight on it. The belt has a tighter grip on the big rollers, and you will not notice any slip as you move from one segment of your workout to another. Though rated only for home use, Proform cardio machines are pretty close to commercial gym quality.

The Proform Pro 2000 does require in-home assembly, and you will want to have a friend help you. It is not the hardest assembly we have seen but will be time-consuming. You also have the option of hiring a certified assembly technician for 200 dollars or so.


Rounding out the features and bonus perks, we have the shock unit that helps you in folding the treadmill almost in half when you are done using it. It is not easy to move, and not portable, but the footprint is smaller than the Pro 9000 and the folding part is helpful for keeping the equipment out of the way. To fold, you basically just dismount the treadmill and push in a certain spot.

There are two adjustable fans, with multiple speed settings, to keep the air flowing and keep you from overheating. You also have a tablet holder, and space for your water bottle, phone, and after workout snacks if you like. The speakers are Bluetooth compatible, and you can also keep your music or media private with the earphone jacks if you prefer to not disturb those around you.

If you have been reading our reviews for a while, you may have seen us complain about the term "integrated tablet holder." What does it mean? Product descriptions imply everything from a hole for a charging cord to an adjustable angle. We have yet to find a single working definition for an integrated tablet holder. But, to their credit, they do elaborate on their tablet holder by saying the holder is adjustable and secure thanks to a clamp with plastic contact points. You can place your tablet at just about any angle or height that works for you, keeping the controls and screens in easy reach.

The user weight capacity is 300 pounds. Proform offers a 10-year warranty with all their treadmills (please look at the fine print, though). The exact footprint, minus a safety zone on the sides and front, is 39.15 by 79 by 71.4 inches (L x W x H). At that size, the Proform 2000 is a sweet spot between bigger, heavier units and those low-cost models that are truly portable and best suited to a small apartment.

Stick With It Factor

"Stick With It Factor" is the likelihood that you will want to keep using a piece of equipment. We determine it by viewing comfort, features, ease of use, conveniences (like Bluetooth), advanced features and, of course, what we glean from other consumer and commercial reviews. We are confident saying that, once you learn the easy-peasy features, you will want to keep using the Proform 2000 daily or nearly daily. It is durable enough to withstand that much use, including harsh HIIT workouts if you choose. This is a treadmill you will look forward to using, especially when you see results throughout the day and begin to feel healthier or even lose weight. The Pro 2000 is not the best choice for, say, a marathon runner, but it is positioned to offer some benefit to everyone who encounters it. The large run deck, ample cushioning, and the ability to call up programmed workouts all mean that everyone in your house or friends group can enjoy and benefit from the treadmill.

The Final Word

We are happy to recommend the Proform 2000 Pro SMART treadmill for home gym use, because of its basic and advanced features, versatility, value, and durability. No matter what your main athletic pursuit is, the 2000 will enable you to cross-train and get stronger. And while this company strongly encourages you to pay for iFit, they will not try to coerce you if you are happy without the streaming service. So whether you are looking for a treadmill that helps you reach your fitness goals or that does all of that with the added technology, this treadmill will be the perfect addition to your home gym.