ProForm 440R Rower

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Editor’s Conclusion
The ProForm 440R Rower is a great machine for those that want something that is built tough while keeping the price tag low. When compared to other budget rowers out there on the market, this design is a little more durable and solid, but it’s a little bulky and will take up quite a bit of room in your home gym.

What I love about this design is that it is super easy to use and adjust, comes with a large LCD screen to track your progress, and just feels strong and stable while in use. It has an oversized track that accommodates a wide variety of users, and a central flywheel offers up to 8 different levels of resistance by simply turning a knob. Plus, the entire unit folds in half to free up some floor space as needed.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the features that make the budget-friendly ProForm 440R Rower a great cardio machine to add to your home gym.
ProForm 440R Rower Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Easy to use LCD display
The oversized track is great for tall users
Folds compactly
Solid pedals with foot straps
Easy to adjust the resistance


Bulky design
Weak resistance
The seat is smaller than expected
Difficult to assemble

Key Features


The ProForm 440R Rower isn’t without its issues, but there is a lot to appreciate about this strong and sturdy machine. Some users found that the resistance is a little weak, and the seat and handles aren’t the most comfortable or ergonomic designs out there on the market. However, this machine is built like a tank. It boasts a durable aluminum frame that holds up quite well over the years of continued use, and the thick frame and oversized track provide a solid and wobble-free ride from start to finish.

If you are looking to build strength, you may need to invest a bit more money and invest in a water or fly-wheel resistance design. For those that want a simple machine designed to burn calories and elevate your heart rate on recovery days, this is a really great choice.


To adjust the resistance on the central line, you simply need to turn the bright red dial to find your ideal resistance level. This machine offers up 8 levels of resistance by turning the knob below the LCD screen. One of the downsides to this machine is that the resistance levels are not labeled on the knob, which means that you won’t have any indication of what level you set your machine.

Reviews from previous users indicate that the resistance offered on this machine is fairly weak. If you want to invest in a rower to build strength, this may not be your best option. However, if you simply need a machine that gets your heart pumping to help shed pounds, the modest resistance on the line won’t be as much of an issue. In fact, the weaker resistance makes this a great option for beginners or for those looking for a simple machine to use on nice and easy recovery days.


As far as the LCD screen is concerned, this is one of my favorite screens on all of the budget-friendly rowers out there on the market. It only needs a set of 2 AA batteries to power on, and it automatically shuts down when you stop rowing to save on overall battery life. This screen is mounted at the center of the unit at eye level to easily check your progress as needed. It details time spent rowing, calories burned, distance, and strokes. It also provides a scan feature so you can toggle through all of the settings to gain an overall picture of time spent rowing.


Overall, the size of this unit is slightly larger than many of the other budget-friendly designs out there on the market, but not by much. It measures to be 75.59 inches long, 20.08 inches wide, and 37.4 inches tall (when folded). While these dimensions are larger than other similar styles, it is still much smaller than fan or water operated designs. If you need something small and compact for a smaller workout space, this rower is a great option, albeit not the best option in terms of overall size and bulk.


Weighing in at just over 61 pounds, this machine hits that sweet spot of being heavy enough to provide a strong and stable ride, but not so heavy that it is difficult to move as needed. Unlike some of the other rowers out there on the market, this design doesn’t have a set of wheels along the base that allows you to easily move it to a new location. While the rowing track folds up against the base for compact storage, you will have to drag the unit across the floor if you ever want to move it.


This rowing machine boasts comfortable features in the seat and handlebars, but it just falls a little short. The seat is made from a high-density foam that works to wick away moisture and offer up a little bit of cushioning, but it has no ergonomic features that contour to the shape of your body. Additionally, many users find that the seat is just smaller than they expected.

The handlebars are also a bit of a problem. Many users find that they are just a little too small and narrow, and aren’t coated with any soft materials like EVA foam to cut down on blisters. Personally, I prefer handles that are slim and narrow because I feel that they are easier to grip firmly, which is super beneficial as you start to fatigue, but I realize that a hard narrow grip may not be for everyone. If you are worried about blistered hands, a good pair of gloves may be your best option while using this machine.

One of the things I love about this machine is the pedals. It boasts large oversize pedals with a grippy finish that provides you with a strong and stable base, whether you have large or small feet. It also includes a pair of velcro straps to anchor your feet to the machine so you can focus more on rowing, and less about your feet slipping off of the pedals.


I don’t often talk about the style of workout equipment, but the style of the ProForm 440R Rower is worth mentioning. While this is one of Proform’s newer designs, it boasts a blocky and slightly outdated design that looks like it’s straight out of the 1990s. Newer cardio machines often boast small frames, modern color choices, and sleeker lines, and this rower just looks a little old-fashioned.

These features are simply cosmetic, but if you are building your gym to look aesthetically pleasing and modern, this machine may stand out a bit from modern equipment designs.


Sure, the ProForm 440R Rower has a few issues (most of which aren’t real deal-breakers), but you can’t beat that overall price point. This machine is made of a strong and stable aluminum frame that holds up quite well over the years, and the thick and durable track offers up a strong and supportive ride that feels easy and natural while keeping the price tag low.

If you are in the market for a solid machine that is built to get the job done without draining your bank account, the ProForm 440R Rower is worth a look.

Comparisons to Other Versions

This is a review of the ProForm 440R Rower, but there are two other ProForm rowing designs worth looking into, which include the 550R and the 750R. One of the biggest differences between this rower and the other versions is the overall price tag. This design costs almost half as much as the other two rowers in the ProForm lineup.

These two designs offer up a few more extra features and a more complex LCD screen when compared to the 440R, and they are also bigger and bulkier and are unable to fold up to clear floor space as needed. Plus, they are much heavier than the 440R, which makes moving them to a new location a little more difficult. If you want a good quality cardio workout without breaking the bank, the Proform 440R is your best option.


Sure, the Proform 440R rower has some minor quality-of-life issues, but they are nothing that will affect the quality of the workout offered. What I love most about this machine is that it hosts a strong and stable base that is wobble-free so you can really work to shed pounds and elevate that heart rate. The large LCD monitor tracks your progress and offers large and easy-to-read numbers, and only requires 2 AA batteries to power on.

It is composed of a strong aluminum frame that holds up quite well over the years, and the glide track folds up to clear up some floor space as needed. It may be a little limited in resistance options, and the seat isn’t the most comfortable in the world, but you can’t beat that affordable price point!