ProForm Hybrid Trainer

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Editor’s Conclusion
There is a lot to love about the Proform Hybrid Trainer. If you feel that your cardio workouts are becoming a little stale, this unique hybrid machine will keep your cardio days both engaging and intense.

It boasts a recumbent bike seat that protects your lower back and joints on recovery days and a standing elliptical that is ready to go when you are ready to turn up the intensity.

With a large LCD display, tracking your progress is incredibly easy, and it also provides a media rack and a free trial of ProForm’s iFit membership that offers customized and unique workout programs that will get you excited to lace up your workout shoes.

Plus, with plenty of resistance levels and new ways to train, this is a machine that is able to grow with your ever-increasing fitness level.

If you are on the hunt for a great cardio machine that never gets boring, the Proform Hybrid Trainer is worth checking out.
ProForm Hybrid Trainer Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

A low-impact and high-impact device in one machine
Easy to assemble
16 levels of magnetic resistance
Runs quietly
Compatible with iFit app
350-pound weight capacity
Affordable price point
Easy-to-read onboard display


Large footprint
Cumbersome to move
No built-in heart rate monitor

Key Features


What I love most about this hybrid exercise machine is that it blends high-intensity with low-intensity. Sometimes, when your muscles and joints are screaming, you need something that is low-impact.

The recumbent bike built into this design offers an effective workout that sheds calories and works up a sweat while taking it easy on your joints.

For days that you want to suck the sweat right out of your body, the elliptical machine provides a killer high-intensity workout to build muscle and burn fat.

This machine is a great choice for users that like to incorporate low-intensity and high-intensity workouts into their weekly training schedule without investing in two separate machines.


What also makes this design great is that it offers up to 16 levels of effective magnetic resistance. To adjust the resistance, simply adjust the tension of the line on the central console to amp up the intensity or lower it. Many users found that even at higher resistance levels, this machine ran perfectly silently.

If you love to fit in early morning workouts, this machine is a great choice that won’t wake up the entire neighborhood at higher intensity levels.


The recumbent bike on this design provides a functional and comfortable seat that helps support your back as you train. Users can adjust the position of the seat by sliding it up and down a guide rail, and securely locking it into place.

The seat on this design boasts a vented back design to help keep you cool and dry and has a curved frame that cradles your back comfortably in place. It also has a nice padded seat that is perfect for those long training sessions.

To use the elliptical rails as pedals, simply pull the pedal from the locked position and place it on top of the elliptical pedals. When you are finished with your workout, or simply want to switch to the elliptical, lock the pedals back in place and you are ready to go.


While the bike is designed for low-impact workouts, the elliptical trainer dials up the intensity. It is equipped with super grippy pedals that keep your feet grounded down to the pedals to prevent slipping.

The moveable arms provide rubber grips to keep your hands locked in place and help to provide a full-body workout that not only engages your lower body but your upper body as well.

What’s great about ellipticals is that they provide the exact same motion as running on a treadmill, but without the hard impact with the ground.

Your body gains all the benefits of running long distances, but the motion of the pedals eliminates your joints crashing to the ground. If you suffer from knee or joint pain, an elliptical is an excellent alternative to running.


The onboard display is simple, but it really gets the job done. It allows users to track their time, RPM, distance, and calories burned on the large easy-to-read screen.

The dashboard allows users to adjust the resistance levels, and switch between elliptical apps and bike apps. Without the iFit app, the console on this bike provides you with everything that you need to keep tabs on your progress.

If you decide not to invest in iFit, the display screen on this design provides enough targeted information to keep tabs on your overall performance.

The only downside to this console is that it does not provide a built-in heart rate monitor. To ensure that your heart rate is in that calorie-shedding zone, you will need to invest in a fitness watch or a dedicated heart rate monitor chest strap.


A free 30-day trial of ProForm’s iFit app is included with the purchase of your machine. Typically, I’m not a fan of subscription apps, but I feel that the iFit app is well worth the monthly fee. After your 30-day free trial, you will be asked if you want to continue your membership.

For an individual, this app will cost you around 180 dollars per year. To subscribe to a family plan, the cost almost doubles.

Overall, this breaks down to around 15 dollars per month for an individual, which is far less than most monthly gym memberships.

So, what is it about this app that is worth the monthly fee in my option? This app brings the studio gym feel right into your home. It offers personalized workouts that are geared towards your fitness level, and constantly push you to your limit.

It’s hard to push yourself at home when you only have a vague workout plan, and this app is designed to keep you engaged all the way to the end of your workout.

It offers over 16,000 unique workout plans, and the app even automatically adjusts the intensity of the resistance as you travel through your workout.

Just like Peloton, this app also offers live streaming workouts and provides leaderboards to inspire all of those competitive athletes out there.

As a competitive person, I will wring my muscles to the brink in an attempt to top any leaderboard!


One of the downsides to this machine is that it will take up quite a bit of room in your home gym.

However, when you take into consideration that this device is two machines in one- it suddenly doesn’t seem so larger. It measures to stand 60.5 inches tall, 24.5 inches wide, and 70.5 inches long.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds (which is quite impressive) and weighs in at around 145 pounds. It’s important to note that this machine is quite heavy, so I suggest finding a permanent place for it to live to avoid the hassle of moving it around frequently.

It may be heavy and cumbersome, but Proform offers a few ways to make moving this machine a little bit easier. The base is equipped with a pair of wheels for easy transport. Simply lift up the unit from the rear base, and use the wheels to move it into a new location.


The price tag of the Proform Hybrid Trainer is super affordable when you take into consideration everything that is included with this machine. There are certainly more affordable cardio machines out there on the market, but nothing quite matches the versatility and performance features of this hybrid machine.

For the price of your run-of-the-mill treadmill, you get two very different machines for the price of one. While the iFit subscription app adds to the overall cost of the machine, I feel that this extra fee is well worth every single penny!

Plus, you can use this fitness app on and off of your machine as well.


If you want to add a low-impact and high-impact cardio machine to your home gym, this device is a great option. The recumbent bike provides a great heart-pumping workout while taking it easy on your joints, while the elliptical is a great way to fit in a great compound cardio workout all in one machine.

What I love about this machine is that it is super simple to jump from bike workouts to elliptical workouts without making a lot of adjustments to the bike. While it’s a great machine on its own, it really shines when you pair it with the iFit membership.

IFit requires a low monthly fee, but it is well worth every penny. When you receive your machine, ProForm includes a 30-day free trial to get you hooked. Working out from home is a little uninspiring, and sometimes it’s hard to push yourself to your limit.

With live fitness classes, leaderboards, and personalized training, hitting your fitness goal with the Proform Hybrid Trainer and iFit is engaging, fun, and kind to your joints.