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Octane Q35X Review Facts

Octane Fitness is the only home fitness manufacturer in the world dedicated to zero impact cardio trainers. Founded in 2001, they are solely invested in manufacturing the best elliptical machines on the market. The combination of uncompromised quality, dedicated resources, and personalized customer service have made Octane a market leader. In this article, we review the Q35x, which is one of the best ellipticals Octane has to offer. There are 11 models in the Octane elliptical range. These zero fitness machines are arranged in four categories. The first is the Zero Runner, which features a patented hip and knee joint. The second category is standing ellipticals, which includes the XT1. The Q series line-up includes the Octane Q37e, the Octane Q35, and the Octane Q47. Finally, there is the X-Ride recumbent elliptical series.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Zero impact

Workout boosters

MOM mode for child safety

Resistance Bands and a wider platform optional

Easy-to-read LCD

Smooth and quiet ride

Front-wheel drive

Super sturdy

Great warranty


Quite Pricey


Outdated, but user-friendly, console

Ease of Use

The Octane Q35 is an entry-level elliptical that is easy to get on and off of with its small step-up height. It has a very smooth, natural motion. The close pedal spacing keeps you properly aligned. The handle-bars move in a wide range of motion, allowing for full activation of the muscles of your upper body and increased calorie burn. The Q35x was simply made for people that have injured, or just poorly working, joints. The smoothness of the ride ensures that your joints get a low impact while you still get a full workout, feeling it all throughout your body. The console is pretty user-friendly as well. You can easily choose the exercises you want with just a click of a button, and it's very large so you will easily see what you're doing without having the need to stop. The upper body handlebars are fluid and give you a good range of movement, so you won't feel locked up when using them, but you will feel the burn! The Real Running Motion feature was designed to complement the biomechanics of running, and both the forward and backward motions flow comfortably and still save your joints from impact. The pedals sit close together too, and you won't have to stretch uncomfortably to strap yourself in securely. They will align you properly, and place your body in the right position. The console has eight preset programs which are easily accessed, but there are more complicated programs that will definitely give you a challenge.


The Q35x does look like quite a chunky machine, but it's surprisingly small! Its compact size makes it a great fit for any room in the home. The Q35x measures 26″ x 76″, making it smaller than most elliptical on the market today. The elliptical is quite short so it will fit in homes that have low ceilings with ease. Just to be on the safe side, Octane recommends that the ceiling should sit about 8 inches higher than what the tallest user is, so you don't bump your head when you start exercising! But the Q35x is quite heavy, weighing in at 210 pounds. This means that moving it around is anything but easy, and you will need to find a good spot for it in your home before you actually bring it into your home because once you set it down it's not going anywhere! It does have transportation wheels, however, but you will probably need to find help to roll it around.


The contact heart rate sensors are comfortably located on the stationary handlebars. Octane Q35x allows for easy and accurate heart rate reading. These handles also allow for unique body positioning, providing maximum lower body burn. The Q35 console features a large LED screen that displays all of your workout stats with bright red letters and numbers. This makes it easy for you to track your progress throughout your workout. The keypad features signature workout boosters. The console gives you eight programs to choose from when you begin exercising, the Cross Circuit being one of the best ones, plus you can create your own exercises for your unique needs. There are also some extra cool programs we feel like we should mention, and those are the X-Mode, GluteKicker, and ArmBlaster. They are actually boosters, and they serve to spice up your current workout mode. The Cross Circuit mode adds crosstraining into your regime, as the name suggests. This means that when you turn on this mode, the machine will alternate from cardio and strength training to give your body a complete exercise. But the console has no online mode, and there are only 8 programs, which seems to be much less than what we see on the market today.

The Q35 has 8 workout programs to intensify your training, including adjustable goal programs like calories burn and 10K. When you’re done working out, you can put the Q35 in MOM mode, which disables all functionality to prevent kids from playing on it. This mode, as soon as you decide to engage it, stops all the buttons from working and prevents the pedals from flowing, so your children do not get injured if they decide that the pedals are a good playmate. You will need to connect this machine to an outlet, but the lead is very well hidden under the large base and it will not cause issues when not in use.

The Q35x has a reading rack, an accessory tray, and it's compatible with mp3, although no one really uses them these days so this might be obsolete. The Q35x is heavy-duty, with a frame that is made out of welded steel that is surprisingly durable, plus it has a great warranty that certainly gives you peace of mind.


The Q35x is an extremely safe machine. For starters, the Q35x is quite heavy and wide, and that alone gives it plenty of stability, so don't worry about it toppling down as you step on it. It can support up to 300 pounds, giving everyone the chance to try it out, plus the super sturdy construction can withstand a lot of abuse. The machine is super smooth, and it will not stress your joints, so don't worry about feeling aches afterward either. And finally, the Q35x has a MOM mode, which is a very unique feature. When engaged in this mode, you push the Q35x into a very safe area, as it will be completely safe for children. We do not mean that children will be able to play on it - the exact opposite will happen! The console will shut down, and none of the buttons will work, so your little ones won't accidentally turn on something that might prove to be harmful. Plus, the handlebars and the pedals will lockdown too, and they won't be able to spin or move them around, making this machine safe even when you're not around to look out for what your kids are doing!


The base of the Q35x has many attachments points. Now you may be wondering, why does an elliptical need to have attachment points? Well, it's so you can add on Octane's powerbands to them! This way, you pave the way for even more strength exercises, and you can definitely build muscle with the Q35x. You can also attach optional sideboards which give you even more room to work out on. It should be noted, however, that these are not included in the purchase, and you will need to buy them additionally, which might be a bit of a problem considering the fact that the Q35x is relatively pricey, to begin with.

The powerbands we mentioned are just fancy resistance bands. They add a resistance mode to your exercises, and you'll be able to work on your body even more.


As we said before, the Q35x is a very heavy-duty machine. It's made out of sturdy, high-quality steel, welded precisely to last you for years to come. And it has a good warranty too, although the labor warranty covers only one year. The Q35x is very smooth, and it's all thanks to the front-drive that powers it. The track is powered by two wheels, and that only enhances the smoothness of the ride that this elliptical creates. The pedals are cushioned, protecting your feet from being sore and your skin from cuts and bumps. The front flywheel is also protected by a heavy-duty shell, so there's no need to worry about damaging it!


The Q35x is an excellent machine, as we said many times before, but it is pricey. It's not extravagantly pricey, but it is pricier than most elliptical machines are. You might need to save up a little bit to buy this machine! And the accessories, like the powerbands, are extra, so you'll have to pay more if you want those as well. With that being said, the Q35x has a million of features that make it well worth the price, and it will last you for ages, so don't worry that much about spending more for this diamond in the rough!

The Final Word

The Octane Fitness elliptical range provides a very high spec, zero-impact training capability that is suitable for novices and elite athletes alike. The Octane Q35X delivers a zero-impact workout, along with cool workout boosters and has a MOM mode to make the machine child safe. It's very stable, compact, and it will fit into every home with ease. It is a bit heavy though, but it has transportation wheels to make up for that. The console is very user-friendly, with cool programs and a few features that are a bit obsolete, but useful nonetheless. You can even add resistance bands and a wider platform to this elliptical, but it will come with a higher cost, and the Q35x is already pricey. All in all, the Q35x is an elliptical we believe should grace every home gym!