Nike Metcon Review | Nike Romaleos vs Nike Metcon

updated January 1, 2019

Nike Romaleos vs Nike Metcon

The Nike Metcon sold out faster than flat screen TVs on Black Friday sale when it hit the market a few months back. Since then word has been consistently positive about this moderately priced shoe and we’re here to find out what all the fuss is about.

First we’re going to put Metcon under the microscope to see what makes it tick and then we’re going to see if it holds up in a side by side with the workhorse of Nike weight lifting shoes, the Romaleos 2.

Nike Metcon Trainer

The Metcon makes no bones about trying to be all things to all athletes. The amazing thing is that it very nearly succeeds.

  • Looks - The Metcon is just a great looking shoe. From sole to laces and everything in between it’s a marvel of contemporary athletic footwear design.
  • Weight - The Metcon is a bit heavier than the Nano Crossfit but most of the additional weight can be explained by the comfort-inducing, inch thick insole.
  • Body - The “hyperfuse” material in the toe box and upper enhances flexibility and breathability while the flywire system anchoring the lacing loops to the sole buttresses structural integrity, creating a constant ‘freshly laced’ feeling.
  • and Sole - The sole of the Metcon is the stickiest you’ll find this side of a rock climbing shoe. Great on indoor surfaces and rope, Nike calls the responsible material “004 Sticky Rubber” and that sounds about right.
  • Overall comfort - What separates the Metcon from other Nike weight training shoes is the fact that they’ll be just as comfortable at the end of your workout as they were at the beginning. No small thing that.


Whether jumping, climbing, running or lifting, the Metcon delivers bespoke-style fit, heavy-duty stability and damage resistant detailing. If you’re serious about getting the most from your workouts you can’t go wrong with the Metcon.

Nike Metcon Vs Nike Romaleos 2: Review and Comparison

Nike Romaleos 2
Nike Metcon Trainer

So which are the best Nike shoes for weightlifting? The Metcon with their dazzling looks and affordability or the Nike Romaleos 2 weightlifting shoes with their hard-earned reputation and Olympic pedigree?

Best Value

While our Nike Metcon review shows it to be one of the top CrossFit shoes available it’s often called one of the best Nike weight training shoes as well due to its:

  • Incredible gripping power
  • Lateral stability to beat the band
  • Firm heel with 4mm drop

So why is it then that so many people are diehard fans of the Romaleos weightlifting shoes? Well, it could be the:

  • Elevated heel for improved positioning
  • Interchangeable soles
  • Contoured TPU heel wedge
  • Efficient upward force projection

Though the lower price of the Metcon makes it a tempting value selection the Romaleos simply does a better job helping you get the weight up. And isn’t that the point?


Nike Romaleos 2

Best Styling/Flexibility

While looks never lifted anything most folks nonetheless want a shoe that isn’t going to embarrass them in public and both the Metcon and Romaleos are some of the best looking weight training shoes Nike makes.

The Metcon’s many stylistic virtues include:

  • An incredible variety of styles and colors
  • Sleek 21st century profile
  • Abrasion resistance

No slouch in the design department itself, the Romaleos 2 boasts:

  • Simple, bold design
  • Dual tarsal strap for visual balance
  • Standard or customized color scheme

Conventional wisdom says style and affordability don’t mix but the Metcon might be the shoe that disproves that theory once and for all.


Nike Metcon Trainer

Our Recommendation

The Metcon and the Nike Metcon for women are some of today’s great CrossFit shoes but in a straight-up contest to determine the best Nike shoes for lifting weights the Nike Romaleos 2 weightlifting shoes carry the day. There’s simply no substitute for the increased range of motion, improved positioning and enhanced muscle activation you’ll get with the Romaleos’ raised heel.

Click here to read our 2019 latest review of Nike Metcon 3 and learn why it is the best bang for your buck.

Final Thoughts

If after reading the Metcon and Nike Romaleos 2 review and comparison you still aren’t sure you need weightlifting shoes ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I performing Olympic lifts on a regular basis?
  • Have I been having trouble nailing an effective technique?
  • Am I resisting simply because of price?

If you answered “yes” to any two of those questions it’s probably time you took the plunge. But if you’re still not sure have a look at this video:

The best Nike weightlifting shoes are sculptures that you wear. They confidently cradle your feet in leading edge materials employed in thoughtful designs that reflect the needs of the real world gym. You can’t really lose with either the Metcon or the Romaleos but if you’re a budding Oly star you’ll no doubt want to make the financial stretch and pick up a pair of Romaleos 2s: simply the best Nike weight training shoes you can buy. We're also big fans of the Do Win weightlifting shoes, you can learn more about this shoe at our DoWin weightlifting shoe review article.

They are a great shoe that should always be considered when looking at weightlifting shoes. We have to say that Adidas Adipower weightlifting shoes are also fantastic, why not check them out?

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Nike Metcon

Our #1. Recommendation

​Nike Metcon

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