The Best Barbell Collars Reviewed

Updated January 11, 2019

Lifting weight can be dangerous. When you’ve got hundreds of pounds of cold steel hovering over your torso, you need to know that those plates are safe and secure. That is why the most important piece of training equipment in your home gym is also one of the smallest and least expensive – barbell collars.

We’ve all used collars that don’t work. Halfway through a set, they loosen and the plates begin to slide. When you’re doing barbell curls that’s an annoyance. But, if it happens during the bench press, it could result in a major injury. In this article, we reveal the 9 best home gym collars to keep you safe when you’re smashing it in the gym.

The Top 9 Barbell Collars at a Glance

ProductProduct NamePriceDurabilityOverallProduct Link
Aluminum Barbell Collars#1. OSO Barbell Collars4/55/55/5
Olympic Barbell Collar#2. Lock-Jaw Hex Barbell Collar5/54/54/5
2" Olympic Barbell Collars#3. Ritfit Pair of 2” Pro ABS Locking Olympic Barbell Collars4/54/54/5
Spring Clip Collars#4. CAP Barbell Olympic Barbell Collars4.5/54/54/5
Barbell Clamp Collar#5. YYGIFT Quick Release Locking 2” Barbell Collars3.75/54/55/5
ABS Locking Collars#6. KYLIN SPORT Pair of 2” ABS Locking Barbell Collars5/55/55/5
Barbell Clamps#7. Greententljs 2 Inch Barbell Collars5/55/55/5
ABS Locking Clamps#8. Iron Lab – Olympic Barbell Collars5/55/55/5
Weightlifting Barbell Clamp Collar#9. Power Guidance Barbell Collar5/55/55/5

The Top 9 Up Close

#1. OSO Barbell Clips

Aluminum Barbell Collars

The OSO Barbell collar provides you with a very stylish metallic colored safe fastening system. It makes use of the lockjaw system to provide you with a very secure spring controlled snap lock. This collar slips on fast and secures instantly, which is just what you want when you’re changing plates between sets. They are made with 6061 Billet Aircraft Grade Aluminum material, providing you with superior durability. This very lightweight device (each collar weighs .4 pounds) will fit onto any 2-inch lifting bar.

OSO Barbell stands behind this product with a full 2-year warranty. These collars are more expensive than most, but keep in mind that you are getting premium grade aluminum, not plastic. They also work well on dumbbell bars.


  • Made from aluminum
  • Solid lockjaw system
  • Very durable


  • Expensive

#2. RitFit 2” Olympic Barbell Clips

2" Olympic Barbell Collars

The RitFit Olympic barbell collar features a spring controlled snap lock guard that allows for easy and secure on/off adjustment. The inner part of the collar that makes contact with the bar is made from a nylon gum casing and an infusion formed weight cushion. The hardened nylon resin frames and injection molded pressure pads. That makes these collars virtually indestructible.

The easy operation means that you can use this collar with one hand. They are lightweight, easy to use, carry and store. This collar will work equally well on cast plate, cast grip plate and rubber grip plate weights. They come in yellow, red, black and blue.


  • Very strong
  • Can be used by one arm at a time
  • Hardened nylon resin frame


  • Will begin to lose strength over time

Olympic Barbell Collar

#3. Lock-Jaw Hex Barbell Clips

The Lock-Jaw Hex collar features a patented quick locking latch along with a maximum gripping area to ensure that the weight stays securely in place during your workout. This is an extremely durable, lightweight collar that looks and feels very secure. Better still, it is reliable. Even after months of regular use, it will remain securely locked in place.

The Lock-Jaw Hex collar will fit all 50 mm 2 inch bars. It is suitable for both home and commercial gym use. The collar is a breeze to secure in place and will give you the protection that you need.


  • Quick release
  • Very durable
  • ABS plastic


  • A little wide

#4. CAP Barbell Olympic Barbell Collars

Spring Clip Collars

The CAP collar is a chrome coated spring clamp that you squeeze to slide onto the barbell and then release to tighten. We have found the CAP collar to be the fastest to get on and off. Which is a critical factor, especially when you are changing plates between sets. They have black plastic grasp handles which make them comfortable to use and very functional. These collars are very simple, but they work.

Unlike many clamps out there, the CAP collar will not lose its spring over time. That gives you peace of mind that it will keep doing its job of keeping you safe year after year. The compact nature of these clamps also makes them convenient to throw in your gym bag.


  • Comfortable grips
  • Fast on / off
  • Retains spring


  • The coating may flake off over time

#5. YYGift Quick Release Locking Clamp Collar

Barbell Clamp Collar

The YYGift is a strap collar that slides on quickly and secures firmly in an instant. The clamp opens by expanding and is then enclosed like an ‘O’ when you secure it against your weight plates. It will fit any Olympic size bar (2-inch width). You need to apply a small amount of force to open them, yet they will hold very securely. After about 9 months of regular use, this collar will begin to lose a bit of its secure hold, but it will still hold the weight firmly. They are made from reinforced ABS plastic. The inside lining of the collar is made of rubber.

The YYGift 2 inch Barbell collar comes as a set of two.


  • Secure hold
  • Quick release
  • Rubber lining


  • A little bulky

#6. KYLIN SPORT ABS Locking Collars

ABS Locking Collars

The Kylin Sports ABS locking collar is a very durable collar that will stand up to some tough gym treatment. The extra strength of the ABS snap on the collar will give you peace of mind even when pushing your one rep max. They will hold securely even up into the 600-pound weight range and beyond. Unlike some other collars, the rubber material used in the lining does not produce a toxic smell.

Your purchase of the Kylin ABS collars comes with a black drawstring carry bag. They come in a range of colors including black, red and lime green.


  • ABS plastic material
  • Fast release
  • Comes with carrying bag


  • May result in warping at connection point over time

Barbell Clamps

#7. Greententljs 2 Inch Weight Collars

The Greententjls collar is made from solidified nylon pitch material and reinforced ABS plastic that is durable and reliable. They come in a range of cool colors and feature a quick lock snap on fastening system. You will get long term reliability from this product. They are a little bulky but are very lightweight.


  • Reinforced ABS plastic
  • Secure Hold
  • Range of colors


  • A little bulky

ABS Locking Clamps

#8. Iron Lab Olympic Weight Collars

Iron Lab Olympic Collars are made from high strength nylon using casting and high-pressure processing. They feature a simple clamp system which locks securely in place. A durable cast body ensures that this clamp will be able to withstand any treatment you give it. High-pressure grip pads keep a secure hold, time after time.

Iron Lab collars are quite wide, taking up about 2 inches of real estate on your barbell.


  • Very quick change
  • Durable
  • High-Pressure Grip Pads


  • A little too wide

Weightlifting Barbell Clamp Collar

#10 Power Guidance Weight Clamps

The Power Guidance Weightlifting Barbell Clamps features a lockjaw design that goes on fast and securely clamps to the bar. The one click lock format allows you to get the collar on and off with just one hand. It is constructed from very hardy ABS plastic so that it can withstand the toughest home gym treatment. An elastic lining helps support the longevity of the collar.

With the Power Guidance collar, you can feel safe throwing around up to 500 pounds.


  • ABS Plastic
  • Fast On / Off
  • One Hand Operation


  • A Bit Bulky


There are some very good home use barbell collars on the market. Keep in mind, however, that these weight clamps are designed for use by individual home users. In a commercial gym setting, they would end up being overused and would soon lose their hold.

The best barbell collar for his use on the current market is the OSO Barbell collar, which provides you with an aluminum body, solid lockjaw system and is very durable. You will pay quite a lot more than the plastic collars out there, but you won’t regret it.

Our second favorite collar for home use is the RitFit Olympic Barbell collar, with its hardened nylon resin frame and the easy on/of ability that allows you to use it with one arm at a time. Rounding out our top three home use collars is the L-Fine barbell collar, which is made from hardy and durable ABS plastic and features a very efficient and fast on/off the system.

OSO Barbell Collars

Our #1. Recommendation

OSO Barbell Collars

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