How to choose the right kettlebell weight

Choosing the Right Kettlebell Weight

When CrossFit exploded in the fitness arena and so did the kettlebell. While a kettlebell is not as effective in the home as it is in the gym, it is well-utilized in popular workout facilities. That is because the user of the apparatus requires a fundamental understanding of how to use it in both powerlifting and Olympic lifting activities.

Therefore, using the kettlebell requires training by a certified instructor. The weightlifting device is an excellent way to weight-lift and stay fit, provided you know the proper form to use. Therefore, when picking a kettlebell weight, you need to consult with an instructor who is well-versed in the use and various weights of the kettlebell.


Kettlebells – Weights for the Gym


Kettlebells are not adjustable and take up more room than a set of dumbbells. Therefore full sets of dumbbells are usually used at home while kettlebells are utilized, as indicated, more often at the gym. Dumbbells permit more in the way of isolated movement, thereby requiring less ROMs (range of motion movements).

Lifting Weights and Strength Training


Most people associate lifting weights with strength training. In this activity, the goal of the exerciser is to increase his ability to lift heavier loads, whether he is utilizing machines, barbells or dumbbells. In turn, the result is muscle growth and strength.

The exerciser chooses a weight level that provides a good amount of resistance while not being too heavy as to possibly cause injury. You then practice a set number of repetitions before moving up to the next weight and progressing accordingly. Your strength training regimen is therefore associated with choosing the right kettlebell weight.


Conditioning Exercises

Besides strength training, conditioning factors into the equation too. For example, if you are working out with 15-pound kettlebells and you find that you are tiring after a circuit training session (exercises conducted in quick succession), you may need to choose a lighter weight. While you want to be challenged, you don’t want to use a weight that tires you too fast, which can lead to injury.


That is why it is essential to receive proper training in the right form to use when using the kettlebell. Once you learn the correct form, you will enjoy working out with this kind of weightlifting device. People like to train on kettlebells because they offer exercisers the chance to practice both strength training and conditioning. Having a set of kettlebell enables you to have the opportunity to excel at both types of activities.

Therefore, if you want to know how to choose the right kettlebell weight, you need to consult with a certified instructor as well as test out your own skill level and current weight-lifting capacity. Again, if you are tiring too fast when using kettlebell weights while circuit training, you need to reassess your training needs.

While 16-pound weights may suffice for conditioning workouts, they may be too heavy for circuit training. Circuit training involves doing a series of exercises in fairly rapid succession with about a 20 to 30 second rest in between. As you can see strength training and conditioning may require the use of different weights.


Kettlebell Weights for Men

Kettlebell Weights for Men

For controlled movements, men who are active should determine what kettlebell weight between 8 kg 18 lbs.) and 12 kg (26 pounds) is the most comfortable. Athletic men can typically begin with a 12 kg or 26 lb. kettlebell, up to a kettlebell that weights 20 kg or 44 lbs. Men who are inactive or out-of-shape should start an exercise program with a kettlebell that weighs about 8 kg or 18 lbs.

Kettlebell Weights for Women

Kettlebell Weights for WoMen

Most women will begin with a kettlebell that weighs too light. That’s because they are worried that the weights will add bulk to their muscles and make them look larger-framed. However, when they learn the proper form, they find what kettlebell weight will give themthe body they have always wanted to possess.

For controlled movements, women who are active should begin with kettlebell 6 kg o13 labs in size, up to8 kg or 18 lbs. Athletic women should begin with kettlebells between 8 kg. (13 lbs.) and 26 kg. or 26 lbs. If a woman is out-of-shape, then a kettlebell should weight in the range of 4 kg (9 lbs.) to 6 kg (13 lbs.)


Learn the Proper Form First


A mistake that most men and women make when using the kettlebell is choosing a weight that is too heavy before they learn the proper form. Use lighter weights to perfect the form and you will more easily obtain the kettlebell weight you need.

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