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Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 Review Review Facts

Exercising can do a number on your body, so finding ways to relieve that pain and muscle cramping is important. People usually choose to stretch once they are done exercising, but you can never really stretch all the way just by reaching your toes or laying down flat on the floor. This is where inversion tables come in handy! These tables are tools where you can strap yourself in and comfortably hang upside down. This way, you stretch out your muscles and joints, experiencing true relief. But you must know when to stop using the table because hanging upside down for too long can create more problems than what you originally had. The Teeter EP 560 is one of the most popular inversion tables, and we will show you just why it’s so favored!

Editor's Pros & Cons

UL Certificate

ComforTrak Backrest for ultimate comfort

Heavy-duty steel frame

Powder-coated for durability

Very adjustable

Supports up to 300 pounds

Easy and safe inversion controls

Five-year warranty


Confusing assembly


When you're buying an inversion table, you have to consider the safety features and the quality of the construction. The mainframe legs of the Ep-560 are made out of tubular steel which is just one piece, making the table safer. The molded corner non-skid footpads hold up well and prevent the table from sliding around once you turn your world upside down. The solid back support is welded together with precision, holding it together no matter how heavy you are. On the top, a flat steel plate acts as a neck support. All the steel parts of the Ep-560 are powder-coated, protecting them from nicks and scratches. Every joint and bend of the table is treated with heat to ensure the table survives years of repeated use. The back support is ergonomically designed, made out of two pieces. It does not have a lot of padding, but you don't need the padding as you won't be laying horizontally on the table. Plus, the Ep-560 does have a frame on the back that supports you, so a thick foam cushion would interfere with that. The ComforTrak system on the backrest is a series of knobs and ridges where you can hang additional tools for relaxation and decompression. The three built-in handles, one above your head and two on the sides, allow you to change your position to achieve a better stretching experience.


The EP-560 is UL certified and FDA approved. This alone should give you peace of mind, but if you're not sure why, let us explain it. Underwriters Laboratory, or UL, is a testing organization that checks just how safe every tool or appliance is. If your device has a UL certification, you can expect it to be very safe and high-quality. You also have to know that for a product to be checked in the first place, the owner must pay for it. So Teeter has gone through the trouble of paying for the tests without knowing whether his tables will pass the tests in the first place! Teeter tables are the only ones today that have a UL certification. When the tables are tested, over 1400 pounds of material is placed on them, and then the tables are pulled, rotated, stretched, and prodded in any way you can imagine to ensure that they can hold up. The Teeter EP-560 is rated at 300 pounds, but as you can see, it can support much more than that.

Now let's talk about which active measures are taken for safety on this inversion table. The EP-560 has ankle straps that wrap around the ankles and safely and comfortably cuff them. They also wrap around the heels and the feet to provide you with maximum security. The ankle cuffs can be placed in two different positions to accommodate your height. Once it's time to use the table, set the footrest to the desired position. Then place your feet in, and pull the release handle and place the cushy ankle supports over your feet, and adjust them to your liking. You can wear shoes or socks, or you can go barefoot when hanging upside down. You will have to experiment until you find what suits you the best. Remember that the steeper the angle is, the more weight your ankles will have to support. If you start to feel pain in your ankles while you're inverted, change the angle until you are comfortable, because what's the point of an inversion table if all you feel is pain?

Inversion Settings

The Teeter EP-560 is fully adjustable, and you can change the angle to whatever you want! The controls of the inversion are consisted out of two parts. A quick-release roller hinge allows you to adjust the angle by releasing one of the hinges. The safety tether strap also allows you to change the angle with ease. The table can support users from 4'8'" to 6'6" feet tall, and users up to 300 Pounds (although the table is rated at 1400 pounds). But because the inversion table relies on angles, different height settings will create different angles, so you will want to experiment with what works for you before you settle on the final adjustment. You will know you hit the jackpot once placing one or both of your hands causes the table to tilt to its original position. When you're done using the table, you will have to lean forward and grab one of the helpful handles to pull yourself back up. If you want to experience a full inversion, you will need to adjust the pivot beforehand, and you will need to experiment whether you can actually hold on when fully inverted. Inversion does require muscle strength and body control, and unless you're experienced at being flipped, we recommend that you gradually build up to being completely inverted. If you're a beginner, an angle between 20 and 60 degrees will work the best for you.


The EP-560 comes with plenty of add-ons, both standard and optional. A detachable headrest pillow is there to make the experience comfier. A set of acupressure nodes and a lumbar bridge are included as well, and they are ways to improve your stretching experience to achieve full relaxation. You can optionally buy a vibration cushion for the table. The cushion has 10 different vibration patterns and two sources of infrared heating that massage you as you hang upside down. The cushion also has neck support. You also get a free DVD which explains how to use the table.


The EP-560 is about 30 inches wide, so it won't take up a lot of space, but it is seven feet tall, so you'll need plenty of ceiling space to use it. Once you're done using the table, you can easily fold it and store it away until you are ready to use it once more. The table weighs a total of 65 pounds when fully assembled, so you'll be able to move it around whenever you want. Each frame has a release-lock that locks the ankle support and back support as one, so you can lift off the whole unit together.

Setup & Maintenance

The EP-560 comes with a user manual that explains just what you need to do in order to set the table up. The manual that comes with the table is universal, meaning that every table has the same manual. This can become confusing to people inexperienced in setting the table up, because the models are not the same, and you will have to think about what you're doing before fiddling with the parts. The front-leg assembly will come premade from the factory, and the main back support will be assembled too. The ankle supports are partly assembled as well, and all you're going to have to do is put all of these pre-assembled parts together. Teeter claims that anyone can put the table together in as little as 13 minutes, but many users report that it took them much longer than that. Maintenance is easy, and all you'll have to do is wipe down the table once you're done using it, and periodically check whether there are some loose parts.


The EP-560 is a very sturdy unit. Every piece of the frame is precision-welded to ensure that it can survive being used constantly. The table itself might feel cheap, but we ensure that it is as strong as some metal options. The handles and addons are all sturdy and durable. Teeter offers a 5-year warranty, promising to fix and replace any part that fails or breaks apart. The warranty covers the transportation and the setup of the parts as well.


The EP-560 is not a pricey unit. It will cost about 400 dollars, which is not that much considering the features it has and how safe it is. The 5-year warranty is also something to consider, as it will cover the cost of any broken part. You can buy additional accessories and parts for the table, which can make it cost more, but if you don't want the parts you don't have to get them, as the table alone functions just fine.

The Final Word

The EP-560 is a very popular table for a reason. For starters, it's a super safe tool that is rated at 1400 pounds, although Teeter says it can support only 300. You can adjust the table to fit your height, and the ankle cuffs are adjustable as well. The table comes with accessories for massaging and making the stretching experience comfier. The frame is sturdy and durable, and Teeter offers a 5-year warranty. Although the setup can be a bit confusing, and it is a bit pricey, we believe that the Teeter EP-560 is worth your time!