Best Ankle Braces for Sprain and Injury

Updated January 11, 2019

The ankle braces market is wide and varied. Within that range are some very good products that provide relief for sprains and injury, and others that are less than ideal. Sorting the good from the bad is vital if you’re going to get the protection your ankles deserve. In this article we zoom in on the best ankle braces for sprains and injuries on the 2019 market.

A Quick Look at The Best Braces for Sprain and Injury

The best ankle brace for sprains and injuries is the Shock Doctor 849 Ultra Gel, which features gel cushioning, a non slip silicone footbed and easy pull on finger tabs. Our second favorite brace for sprained ankles is the Active Ankles T2, with its performance hinge design, built in EVA padding and complete range of motion.

The best compression sleeve for ankle sprains is the PES Adjustable Compression Sleeve, which has a fully adjustable low profile design with an open heel.

To help you to more easily compare and contrast the top braces, we’ve rated each one on the basis of price and effectiveness and then given an overall rating out of 5. In the next section we review each product in depth.​

The Top 9 Up Close

#1. Shock Doctor 849 Ultra Gel

ShockDoctor 849

The Shock Doctor 849 Ultra Gel is a lace up brace which provides a high level of compression to allow for faster nutrient and oxygen supply to the affected area. It also features gel packs which have been strategically located around the brace to deliver unprecedented protection for your injured area. You are in control of the tension and compression by way of a compression wrap looping system.

The Shock Doctor 849 Ultra Gel provides an extremely secure footing base by way of a non slip silicone sole. This gives you the confidence to move on the sports field without impedence. You get Maximum Level 3 stability with this brace, so that it is ideal for ligament sprains and joint instability.


  • Gel cushioning
  • Non slip silicone footbed
  • Easy pull on finger tabs


  • Difficult to get constant tension when lacing

#2. Active Ankles T2

Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace, Rigid Ankle...

The Active Ankles T2 brace has a single strap system that provides a high level of tension and support while also providing freedom of movement through the heel and ankle. The bi-lateral hinge design of this brace provides for medial / lateral motion so you can continue to play sport without impairment. At the same time, it provides rigid, secure protection and support. The single strap design allows for fast on and off application.

The Active Ankles T2 features EVA padding which provides a very comfortable fit. The lightweight, durable material has anti moisture properties, as well as the ability to alleviate odor and sweat build up problems. It will not slip down or bunch up during exercise.


  • Performance hinge design
  • Built in EVA Padding
  • Allows for complete range of motion


  • A little clunky to wear

#3. PES Adjustable Compression Sleeve

PES, Adjustable Comfortable Compression

The PES Adjustable Compression Sleeve is constructed from a flexible neoprene material that provides just the right balance of warmth and flexibility. It has a soft internal lining that is very comfortable on the skin. The fully adjustable design puts you in control of the level of compression applied to the foot area. The open heel design makes this a very flexible brace that provides you with a free range of motion. It also makes the brace more breathable and airy.

The PES adjustable brace features fully adjustable velcro closures that give you a secure hold. The low profile design means that this brace will fit easily into any shoe. The one size fits all design makes it easy to get the protection that you need.


  • Fully adjustable design
  • Open heel
  • Low profile


  • A little bulky

#4. Bioskin Trilok Ankle Brace

BioSkin Trilok Ankle Brace

The Bioksin Trilok Ankle brace provides superior support for people who have injured the plantar fascii. A patented Footlok strap design provides a maximum level of protection and support without restricting natural motion. A pair of straps enhance stability around the mid and rear foot. The combination of foot locking mechanism and stability straps prevents foot roll over and inversion and eversion issues when walking or running.

The Bioskin Trilok brace is made from high grade patented Ultima 2 fabric. This is a lace free brace, meaning that you are able to get it on and off far more quickly. The velcro strapping system is high quality, giving you confidence that it will not lose its grip after a few months.


  • Ultima 2 fabric
  • Strong velcro
  • Double strapping


  • A little bulky

#5. ASO Ankle Stabilizer

ASO Ankle Stabilizer

The ASO Ankle Stabilizer is a Figure 8 strap based brace that gives you a high level of tension and compression. This provides you with enhanced blood flow to the area for faster nutrient and oxygen supply to the injured area of the ankle. The brace features an elastic cuff closure that boosts the support it provides. A lacing system adds a very secure closure that allows you to control the tension level provided.

The ASO Ankle Stabilizer has a low profile design and is lightweight and breathable. It is a bi-lateral brace, so you can wear it on the right or left foot. This support has anti moisture and anti-odor properties. The ballistic nylon construction is both durable and strong.


  • Figure 8 design
  • Lightweight
  • Elastic cuff closure


  • No warranty

#6. ACE Ankle Deluxe

ACE Deluxe Ankle Stabilizer

The ACE Ankle Deluxe stabilizer brace is a minimalistic sleeve that is easy to take on and off. It has an open heel design, making it very motion friendly while also being breathable and airy. Side stays are provided to keep the ankle properly aligned as it moves, helping to overcome such common causes of injury as roll over, inversion and eversion. This makes it ideal for playing sport while you are recovering from an injury.

The ACE Ankle Deluxe puts the user in control of the tension level with adjustable closures. This is a form fitting, lightweight support that easily works in with your normal footwear. It wicks away sweat and prevents odor build up.


  • Open heel design
  • Easy on / off
  • Adjustable closures


  • One size fits all not accurate, especially for large footed people

#7. Mueller HG80 Rigid Ankle Brace

Mueller HG80 Rigid Ankle Brace

The Mueller HG80 ankle brace makes use of a dynamic criss-cross figure 8 strapping system to provide the highest level of compression and support to protect and stabilize the heel and ankle. This gives you the same level of tension that you get from applying wrapping tape. This product is made from a unique material known as HydraCinn high performance fabric. This is an extremely flexible yet durable material that is also very comfortable.

The Mueller HG80 features unique interior cushioning aircast cells that provide your injured ankle with superior protection and comfort. This is coupled with the moisture wicking comfort of the fabric, which ensures that the area doesn’t overheat and become sweat soaked. You also get a convenient carry bag when you buy this product.


  • HydraCinn high performance fabric
  • Anti-microbial barrier
  • Interior cushioning aircast air cells
  • Figure 8 strapping design


  • A little tricky to lace up

Aircast Ankle Braces offer a small but focused range of products to suit your support and protection requirements. See how they compare with our Aircast Ankle Braces Review 2019 in which we take a look at the best they have to offer.

#8. Aircast A60

Aircast A60

The Aircast A60 ankle brace features a single strap bracing system. This gives you an easy on / off system that provides you with a very secure level of protection. Side stabilizers have been placed at 60 degree angles to provide the best side support to ensure lateral / medial security. This brace provides Level 2 ankle protection, making it ideal for people with mild to medium ankle injury or those who are chronic over or under pronators.

The Aircast A60 brace has a low profile and is lightweight and breathable. It has an easy feel and allows for air circulation to prevent over-heating and moisture build up.


  • One strap closure system
  • 60 degree side stabilizers
  • Low profile


  • A little tricky to lace up

Shock Doctor have made great inroads into the ankle brace market since 2013. Find out why with our Shock Doctor Ankle Brace Review 2019 feature article.

#9. Osfit Premium Compression Sleeve

Osfit premium ankle brace

The Osfit Premium Compression sleeve is a low profile compressive brace which provides you with graduated tightness up its length. This provides for greater compression, fast tracking oxygen and nutrients to the injured area. The compressive fit will also reduce any swelling that is caused by being on your feet for long stretches at a time. They feature an ergonomic design which hugs your foot just like a second skin.

Osfit Premium Compression sleeve fits seamlessly under your sock and works with any footwear. The velvety soft feel is extremely comfortable against the skin and the neoprene fabric provides a breathable, airy contact. This sleeve is moisture wicking and has anti-bacterial properties. This products comes with a 100% money back guarantee.


  • Graduated compression
  • Minimalistic design
  • Velvety soft feel


  • No side stabilization

For an overview of the premium braces across all categories check out our Best Ankle Braces 2019 mega feature.


The top performing ankle brace for sprained ankles is the Shock Doctor 849 Ultra Gel, delivering superior protection with its unique gel cushioning system and non slip silicone footbed. Our favorite brace for high ankle sprain is the Active Ankles A2, featuring a patented high performance hinge design for maximum mobility and stability. The best compression sleeve is the PES Adjustable Compression Sleeve, which offers graduated compression along with ultra comfortable EVA padding.

Shock Doctor 849 Ultra Gel

Our #1. Recommendation

Shock Doctor 849 Ultra Gel

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