Rogue Echo Bike

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I was a little shocked by the price tag of the Rogue Echo Bike – in a good way. Rogue has a reputation for rocking a price point that is much higher than competitors, but that price tag is well worth it for a superior product. The cost of this bike is pretty competitive when compared to similar brands such as ProForm and Airdyne. When you compare the specs back to back, the Rogue bike is considered to be a better value!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Insanely stable
Programmable workout routines
Narrow footprint makes it ideal for smaller spaces
Great for short, high-intensity workouts
Accessories are optional to help keep the price down


Very heavy-weights 130 pounds
Slightly expensive
No pedal straps

Key Features

Rogue allows you to adjust the price of your overall product by adding or removing accessories that you may not want nor need. For instance, you may like the feeling of the wind rushing on your face while your pedal, so Rogue gives you the option to add or remove the wind guard. If you find that this bike is a little too pricey, removing accessories will help bring that overall price down a bit.

There is nothing worse than increasing your intensity on a bike that has a serious case of the wobbles. My favorite feature of his bike (or any piece of Rogue equipment, honestly) is that once they are assembled, it feels like it was built directly into the floor. Once assembled, this beast clocks in at weighing just shy of 130 pounds! While the strong steel frame helps hold the machine in place while in use, the added weight of the bike really helps anchor it to the ground.

This machine was built for incredibly high-intensity workouts, and few machines are quite as strong and stable as this beefcake of a bike!

For the price, you may be expecting a full-color LCD screen, but that’s just not the case with the Rogue Echo Bike. While the screen may look simple, it is surprisingly complex in terms of what it can do. What I love most about the display is that it allows you to construct your own custom workout based upon what you want to gain out of your time spent.

For instance, if you want to burn massive calories, simply plug in how many calories that you want to burn and it will alert you when you hit your goal! Alternatively, if you want to hit a time or distance goal, those options are available to you as well.

If you don’t want to bother making your own custom workout, this display also comes with some pre-programmed HIIT options as well that help to track your progress. The display always offers a heart rate monitor to ensure that you are in the sweet spot to burn calories and build muscle, as well as track your time, calories, and RPM.

I think what makes this design from Rogue so unique is your ability to add or remove features that you may not want or add those that you cannot live without. What makes the accessories a little more enticing is that if you select the three available accessories (the wind guard, phone holder, and holder for your water bottle) they all will ship for free. The only accessory that I found users have problems with is the phone holder. It is a very narrow frame that may not accommodate all sizes, and it also holds it vertically, which is not ideal for watching videos.

For an additional cost, you can also add some more high-end replacement parts to the original structure. If you aren’t a fan of the basic pedals, you can actually swap them out for higher-end Shimano pedals (equipped with cleats). You can also swap out the basic heart rate monitor such as the Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor.

One of the biggest features that make this design stand out from the rest is that it is virtually maintenance-free. The stainless steel fan is encased in an open frame design that won’t generate dust or require much cleaning. It also uses band resistance other than chain resistance, which cuts down on overall maintenance.

Unlike chains that need to be cleaned or greased annually, the band in this option requires no ongoing maintenance throughout the life of your machine!

This serious machine isn’t built to take you on a comfy joy ride, but it should still offer some comfortable features to make your workout more enjoyable (albeit sweaty). I like the addition of what I like to call the “granny seat”. The seat on this design looks just like the standard seat on your average bicycle. It is composed of water-resistant materials with double stitching that hold up well over the years.

Users also appreciate that the seat is able to be adjusted in a few different ways to accommodate various users. Most bikes adjust the seat up and down, but the Echo Bike is also able to be adjusted back and forth as well. As someone that shares a bike with a very tall person, the numbered seat markers make it a lot easier to get the right seat adjustment the first time!

Of course, it’s important to note the overall size, especially if you are working with limited room in your home gym. The Rogue Echo bike stands 52.75 inches tall and 58.875 inches long. It also is just shy of 30 inches wide, making it easier to fit into tight areas.

Despite its massive weight and incredibly large fan, this bike is surprisingly small and compact when compared to competitors.


One point worth noting is the pedals. Higher-end fitness bikes opt for those strap-in pedals that really lock your feet in place. I was surprised to find that this bike from Rogue comes equipped with very basic pedals without the foot straps, much like you would see on an average mountain bike. These feet straps are primarily used for bikes that are built to travel long distances, so it makes sense that Rogue opts for a more simple pedal design, since you likely won’t be on this killer HIIT trainer for more than 20 minutes at a time.

However, if you feel lost without straps to lock your feet in place, all hope isn’t lost! Rogue offers users high-end Shimano pedals (equipped with straps) for an additional price. Be sure that you scroll down the page to the add-on content to swap out your pedals.

This machine works in a full-body workout in a relatively small amount of time. Previous users report absolutely dripping with sweat even after 10 minutes of use! The simple pedals provide immediate resistance and increase in intensity the harder that you pedal. It also has a pair of arms that help to work your upper body and back with the same level of resistance as the pedals.

One feature that I think is really great is the simple pair of footpegs at the front of the unit. If your legs are exhausted after a set of deadlifts but you still want to work your upper back body, simply place your feet on the pegs and simply use the handlebars!


The Rogue Echo Bike is on the higher end of the price spectrum, but it is by no means the most expensive bike out there on the market. I love that it boasts a strong and sturdy base that feels almost like it is bolted to the floor so you can really kick it into high gear. Plus, it boasts helpful features that allow you to program workouts to reach your personal goals.

I feel that it is important to note that this bike isn’t built for everyone. If you are simply looking for a great cardio machine to get you moving and is made for long distances, this isn’t the machine for you.

Binging a show on Netflix is a little more difficult on this bike as the sweat pours in your eyes! The fan design requires a lot of extra push from users, and most can only stand to ride it for under 20 minutes. Overall, it's a great HIIT machine to help build muscle and burn fat in a small amount of time!