PRx Performance 3×3 Folding Squat Rack

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Editor’s Conclusion
Squat racks have undergone very little innovation over the years, until the release of the PRx Performance 3x3 Folding Squat Rack.

This design is just as strong and tough as other racks out on the market with one key feature: it can be folded up to sit flush against a wall. As a powerlifter, I often raise an eyebrow when I come across foldable exercise machines and equipment because they aren’t built as tough as their non-foldable counterparts.

However, this beast of a power rack can comfortably hold up to 1,000 pounds (making it perfect for powerlifters or general strength training), and included additional features to round out your workouts. It’s also compatible with a host of accessories and hosts 1-inch laser-cut holes for easy adjustments.

This rack is made from the same quality steel uprights as high-end racks, and it is also available in a wide variety of color options as well.

If you just don’t feel that you have enough room for a squat rack in your home workout space, the PRx Performance 3x3 Folding Squat Rack is worth checking out!
Editor's Pros & Cons

Made from 11-gauge 3x3 steel
Folds to sit flush with the wall
Includes a pull-up bar and a kipping bar with purchase
1-inch hole spacing with lasered numbers
Compatible with a wide variety of accessories
1,000-pound weight capacity
Perfect for powerlifting


Requires a lot of ceiling clearance
Catch bars are sold separately

Key Features


Don’t let this design's compact features fool you into thinking that it isn’t built tough. This frame can hold up to 1,000 pounds of weight on the frame, making it perfect for powerlifters.

It provides users with 1-inch spaced holes that run all the way to the floor that are ideal for deadlifts, bench presses, and squats. For bench presses, you will need to pull up your own bench to the rack.

For bench presses, the rack sits a little too close to the wall, which will make it difficult to fit a spotter behind you. If space is a big obstacle for you, PRx also offers a foldable bench from their store that tucks up under the rack for a complete workout space that folds against your wall!

What I love about this rack is that it also provides users with numbered holes. This is a small feature, but I really appreciate it when it is included on squat racks. The numbered holes make it easy to make quick adjustments to the placement of your J-hooks (included with purchase). This is super helpful when working out with a group or moving from bench presses to squats.

The only downside to the rack is that it doesn’t quite hit the mark on safety features. While other racks include a pair of catch bars that run from the front to the back of the rack, these bars are missing in this foldable design.

However, you can purchase an additional pair of spotter bars for a reasonable price from their store. These bars are great for bench presses, but they may be a little too shallow for squats.


This rack is composed of 11-gauge 3-inch by 3-inch steel posts that are strong and durable. Compared to full-size racks from the big brands such as Rogue or Titan, the construction is very similar.

The J-hooks that are included with purchase are composed of solid steel with padding along the top to prevent scraping on your barbell, as well as hold the bar firmly in place before you engage in your lift.

The foldable features on this rack also mean that the unit's base will continuously be moved on and off your floor. To prevent damage to your garage or basement flooring, PRx provides plastic feet on the bottom of the rack to prevent scraping or scuffing to your floors.


The PRx Performance 3x3 Folding Squat Rack also offers many high-quality accessories that are made for much more than squats!

The compatible accessories offered from their store are made for the same high-quality materials as their rack and are built to last. Some compatible accessories include a dip post, catch bars (which I feel are a must-by!), and a battle-rope anchor.

The battle rope anchor is also perfect for resistance band training for deadlifts or bench presses as well. I suggest purchasing your accessories from the PRx store, but the 1-inch classic spacing accommodates many accessories from other brands as well.

I also love that this rack also includes a pull-up bar on the top of the unit. This pull-up bar is fairly simple and provides users with a slim grip that is perfect for a wide variety of pull-ups. It also includes a kipping bar with hammer-style grips to activate multiple muscle groups in your upper body. The kipping bar is a great addition for CrossFitters!


Overall, I found that assembling this rack is fairly easy, especially if you have a little bit of help. The folding mechanism comes completely assembled, so all you need to do is assemble the frame and then mount it to your wall.

For proper installation, you will need a socket wrench and a stud finder. If you don’t have a stud finder, you will need to borrow one!

The most important aspect of installing this rack is to ensure that it is mounted securely to the studs on your wall. If not, you risk ripping the rack right off your wall, along with most of the drywall.

Users found that the most difficult part of mounting this rack was lifting the heavy frame in place. It only weighs around 50 pounds but holding it in place to mount it is a little challenging.

I suggest bribing a friend with pizza to help you install your unit. Overall, it took most users around an hour to install their rack.


Traditional squat racks take up a lot of space in your home workout area. They aren’t big a bully necessarily, but the open cube design requires quite a bit of floor space. Singular adjustable racks can save on space, but they are very unstable and not ideal for handling powerlifting weight.

What makes the PRx rack so special is that it has the strength and performance of a larger design, but it barely takes up any floor space at all! When completely folded, the frame only sticks out 3 inches from your wall.

The downside of this design is that you will need much more ceiling clearance than traditional racks. This unit requires that users have at least 8 feet and 11 inches of ceiling clearance to fold their rack up against a wall.

You can angle the gas shocks down closer to the floor if you don’t have enough ceiling clearance, but your rack will unfold closer to the wall (which means that it may not work for bench presses).

Overall, this rack really only works in garages where ceiling clearance isn’t much of an issue.


Squat racks are expensive, and the PRx rack is no exception. It’s hard to make back-to-back comparisons to other squat racks on the market because this rack is truly unique. However, this rack is much more expensive compared to standard racks from high-end brands such as Rogue or Titan.

It is made from the same high-quality steel, and it can hold up to 1,000 pounds which are comparable to high-end designs.

This rack is much more expensive because it can be folded flush against the wall to save on space, which the higher-end brands cannot do.

If you are short on space in your home gym, this rack is well worth the extra cost!


If you feel that you don’t quite have enough room in your home gym for a powerlifting-grade squat rack, the PRx rack is a great choice!

It may cost a bit more than traditional racks, but it will shave you quite a bit of room in your home workout space. This unit is so slim and compact that you can mount it in your garage, and still have plenty of room to pull in your car.

If you feel that you have to choose between a functional gym and a functional garage, this rack gives you the best of both worlds. Plus, PRx also includes similar benches and accessories that also mount to your wall that offer you a fully functional foldable gym in your garage.

While this rack is foldable, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t built tough. The high-quality frame and gas-shock hinges are able to comfortably hold up to 1,000 pounds.

It’s easy to install, including a host of accessories such as a pull-up bar and a kipping bar, and locking it back into position is just as easy.

If you have limited space in your home gym and need something that is built tough, the PRx Performance 3x3 Folding Squat Rack is one of your best options.